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Image: PandaBanner.jpg   576x264 53705 bytes 2001.09.05

Just a generic panda I did up for a web banner somewhere on the United Publications webpage. Its there....somewhere.....

Image: CidandSpay.jpg   444x576 59585 bytes 2001.08.13

Bring out your dead!! Enter Cid and Spay. Two wonderfully morbid and totally deceased denzins of the minds of Kris Updike (Spay) and Steve Burt (Cid). They had the decency to let me play off the little "in joke" that often floats around the little grub kitty. Of which being Spay is normaly sans paws...and can often be heard sining the strangely cheerful "I aint got no paws!" song. Tho in this case the tables have been turned, courtesy of some duct tape.

Image: LorienDTcolor.jpg   643x792 114061 bytes 2001.07.28

Hey, an actual SANE picture of the two little lovebirds, what a friggin shock. Rare, but what the hell....I'd say it made her smile ear to ear when she saw it, unfortuantly she was 500 miles away at the time:P Lotta time, lotta effort, WHOLE lotta photoshop.....and DT's still too big:P Oy:P

Image: FelineForce.jpg   495x432 81447 bytes 2001.07.22

Ooooold art trade I did for Candy and her Feline Force team. Still holds up after a while, not well, but it holds up.

Image: Faey.jpg   567x566 52450 bytes 2001.07.22

Baby Faey. Aint she cute? YES!!! you will respond, both enthusiastily and promptly. Lest you armpits become infested by the fleas of a thousand camels.

Image: dttatoo.JPG   523x467 59105 bytes 2001.07.22

A pic Kris had me doodle up which will one day end up to be a tatoo. Could be cool....

Image: Desantes.jpg   455x648 66005 bytes 2001.07.22

Ahhhh, my first picture of Desantes. Love how the bugger came out.

Image: DemekaTiera.jpg   648x476 73052 bytes 2001.07.22

Ahhh, a loving little nightflight for Demeka and Tiera. Came out rather well I think...

Image: CDDWWWest.jpg   504x576 102318 bytes 2001.07.22

Not that great of a moive, but it had a pretty snazzy movie poster.

Image: CDDHalloween2000.jpg   718x544 141805 bytes 2001.07.22

A disturbing picture in its own right, only due to the source of the characters involved.....I almost felt bad doing that to Danny....almost >:)

Image: Carcal.jpg   386x606 68991 bytes 2001.07.22

Damn cool looking critter from the Rogue's gallery of Feline Force. Did it quite some time ago but it still holds up. I love pieces like that ^^

Image: Bunnygirl.jpg   338x504 42557 bytes 2001.07.22

Comissioned piccie done for the cover of a calander.....dont think anything ever came of it....dammit....

Image: bunnie.jpg   216x210 22919 bytes 2001.07.22

Ooooold picture of the kritter I did some number of years ago, sadly this dinky little pic is all that remains o.o

Image: abraxes.jpg   648x385 104629 bytes 2001.07.22

Funluvin critter I created for use on Tapastries when I was having a REALLY bad day. Oddly enough he never got much use, ah well:P

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