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Image: zdagalfin.jpg   440x583 93449 bytes 2004.06.22

a Zafara Double Agent with Galgarrath, of neopets ;P im not that much of a dork, i swear. my very first commission, a friend requested this pic and i surprised myself with how ridiculously well it came out, i believe this is the best piece ive ever done. from sketch to finish in 30+ hrs, grass added later

Image: sphinx.jpg   643x419 52393 bytes 2004.01.20

even the great sphinx needs to stretch out a bit every now and then... graphite

Image: cataurc.jpg   410x433 85202 bytes 2004.01.20

close up of my cat girl cause the background totally sucks, shes slightly green bcause i never intended to finish and sketched in green... her face i funny i know, coloured pencils and pen

Image: bigbad.jpg   375x552 60248 bytes 2004.01.19

the big bad wolf w his latest snack... erm catch... hes a demon so he gets to have tentacles, the blue just makes him so delightfully evil looking, pen and coloured pencils

Image: tat.jpg   252x448 46903 bytes 2004.01.19

a wolf/zombie/goblin type, my tat, my baby :) my own frankensteinein creation, his hand and feet were supposed to be sewn on, as well as the lower half of his face, but its too late to change it and it does look slightly better than my orig drawing, left calf and sometimes when i flex he looks like hes dancing a little... erhm... tattoo ink

Image: blue.jpg   330x499 82652 bytes 2004.01.19

a traitor to his kind, he was imprisoned and his wings burned so he couldnt escape and even if he did, what good is a dragon w out his wings? while trying to add shadows the blue just kept getting more and more bluer so he doesnt really look shadowed at all, the orig is slightly better, pencil, pen, and coloured pencil

Image: drunk.jpg   328x551 80000 bytes 2004.01.19

hes had a bit too much wine to drink... i do apologize for the bad quality of this pic (if there is any) my mouse finally died so i cant really edit these anymore, pen and coloured pencils

Image: bluedragobetter.jpg   586x700 130413 bytes 2004.01.15

blue angry dragon, i wanted to colour something with my big box of crayons so i drew this, and used 5 different blues, i want to add a background but im no good at 'em, one day im sure itll have one

Image: voodoo.jpg   240x443 34284 bytes 2004.01.15

;D thinking of shadows, voodoo, and puppets. little voodoo shaman type werewolf, he controls the dead and the dreaming with that puppet of his, love his smile, dont you? pencil

Image: rat.jpg   377x720 37598 bytes 2004.01.14

ive never drawn a rat before, and after looking at some works by socar myles i thought id try, pencil

Image: grffn.jpg   364x511 63592 bytes 2004.01.14

a werewolf i had a dream about one time... hes been fighting "their" wars for as long as he can remember and hes tired of it, now hes going to fight them until he dies or they leave him be... hes kneeling and i had already inked and half coloured it when i realized i didnt add his other hand... oops... pencil, pen, and coloured pencils

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