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Image: Playdead1.jpg   410x477 56959 bytes 2001.11.26

A long story made short: An elf (played by my ex girlfriend) and her wolfen partner in charge (note the Xena-like armour? This particular wolfen, named Sivius, was quite a colourful girl), met a fateful combat which ended up in the slaying of said wolfen. Much later, the aforementioned wolfen returns to haunt the poor elf. Trust me, Sivius never had a halo. It was fun for me, anyway!

Image: Wolfenarcher2.jpg   581x626 80677 bytes 2001.11.26

This would be my wolfen archer from an old Palladium game, name of Kri. She was a capable n' driven girl, threatening t'turn the male dominated populace on it's arse! However, the powers that be squashed her hopes for equality n' she ended up making quilts with the other wolfen housewives after birthing cubs. Ah, those bullying males.

Image: Hexwyrmu.jpg   549x670 56365 bytes 2001.11.26

The dragon form of Hexine Hexabas, another friend whom I just don't see as often as i'd like. Though I never did know if she carried a sword, I thought it'd make a nice touch t'illustrate her smouldering temper. A very complex dragon was she, my auntie Hex. Hexine Hexabas (C) her player.

Image: Bollivar1.jpg   394x388 54151 bytes 2001.11.26

Bollivar Tumblethorne, my green dragon character from a very dated Council of Wyrms campaign - his favoured method of attack upon fellow dragons (he wasn't much of a socialite really) was sticking his spiked thumb into the eye of an opponent whilst having him clutched in a headlock. Such a mean, mean dragon.

Image: Arkos1.jpg   309x379 39842 bytes 2001.11.26

My dear friend Arkos, whose patience and rough-hewn tolerance helped to shape my online life. Teacher, father, brother. A shadow with a heart of gold; a darkened soul with shimmering hints of kindness. Mind, it isn't easily found. Arkos Soddan is (C) his player.

Image: Angellica1.jpg   465x486 49001 bytes 2001.11.21

This picture was done with pure sarcasm in mind, despite the fact that Angellica existed as a non-player character in a roleplay of mine once upon a time. Mind, this was well before I learned of the internet (to the tune of 1987) or furries. Now, she's a shambling mound of silicone ... or something. Grotesque! But eh, I like the inking job.

Image: Bonscolle1.jpg   434x482 44370 bytes 2001.11.21

Here's a particularly menacing dragon named Bonscolle. I was reading the french ingredients on a bottle of glue when the name just came to me! Creative? Not.

Image: Cooper1.jpg   362x454 73383 bytes 2001.11.21

Cooper the fox. Once upon a time, I figured the best way t'get a furry fan t'look through your stuff was to put a pair of fuzzy beachballs into a vixen's shirt and call 'em boobies. Nowadays, i've grown up and out of that delirium. Still, for those of you who like the painfully large, here's Coop!

Image: Cooper2.jpg   216x454 24321 bytes 2001.11.21

Cooper poses topless. What is it with topless vixens? I dunno, I must've felt pretty uncreative at the time. I'm sorry already.

Image: Cooper4.jpg   296x230 18450 bytes 2001.11.21

Cooper says YIPPEE! Or something to that effect.

Image: Dragon3.jpg   485x718 66857 bytes 2001.11.21

A photocopy of a large inked piece I did whislt attending art college. I still like this bit of work. All those scales... my wrist aches just thinking about it.

Image: Fiallyn1.jpg   639x614 61258 bytes 2001.11.21

I must've been browsing a Doug Winger site when this creature came to mind, ugh. I can only imagine the slipped disks and other spinal difficulties in her old age for all that top weight. Still, for a playful young coyote, she's not too hard on the eyes. Thank goodness I don't colour like this anymore!

Image: Foxpose1.jpg   284x429 48962 bytes 2001.11.21

The only scan I have of an ages old pencil on a piece of stained, krinkly paper. I kind of like the effect, don't you? Ew, she's not exactly a pretty thing, is she? Poor ol' fox thing.

Image: Giantspider1.jpg   511x563 56697 bytes 2001.11.21

A giant spider! Ew, arachnophobia hits an all-time high when this bug enters the room! Just playing with shapes and pencils, eh.

Image: Minotaur1.jpg   509x586 69279 bytes 2001.11.21

A happy, bouncy, nondescript minotaur. Bor-ring!

Image: Tiger1.jpg   434x389 42138 bytes 2001.11.21

Grrr! Not exactly the sort of face you'd like t'have leering over you whilst asleep in your bedroll, hm? A fitting end to a bad safari, or something. Played with inking, liked it, moved on.

Image: Songsm1.jpg   576x613 110755 bytes 2001.11.21

My pretty l'il striped love, Song the tiger. I'll admit, i'm not all too good at drawing cats, but alot of folks have admired the colouring job in this 'ere piece. So, for those few, here she is! Feast your eyes! Pity I don't like the drawing m'self. Then, this is one of my early "made for colour" works. C'est la vie.

Image: Reddragon1.jpg   486x611 72909 bytes 2001.11.21

Isn't she pretty? I guess she's admiring her nails, or something... at any rate, if this were a colour image, i'm sure they'd be blood red! Fits the look, eh.

Image: Luk1.jpg   431x506 71679 bytes 2001.11.21

Luk Tinsen in all his cheetah glory! This would be my rendition of ... er, myself. Makes sense, hm?

Image: Foxwitch1.jpg   410x529 57951 bytes 2001.11.18

Zapphira, a yellow fox - aka "the local witch". Such a happy, lucky skull she has.

Image: Hexwyrm2.jpg   453x495 142698 bytes 2001.11.18

A completed pencil of a half-dragon doing what she does best - intimidate. I haven't any idea what mood I was in when this drawing was perceived, but i'm sure it was rare. She's attractive, in a very peculiar fashion.

Image: Werewolf1.jpg   394x512 42109 bytes 2001.11.18

A drawing from my short-lived Werewolf RPG experience. Isn't he a pretty-wetty doggie-woggie? Aw, want a chew toy? I have one ... NO! NOT THE ARM! AIIIGH!

Image: Ludwig1.jpg   370x477 45112 bytes 2001.11.18

A lizard merchant, dripping with golden finery and venomous charm... he's most likely got a bridge to sell you. Got any wooden nickels?

Image: Demure1.jpg   362x447 62998 bytes 2001.11.18

A lovely little vixen with no rhyme or reason - pretty for the sake of being pretty, I suppose!

Image: Imogen1.jpg   392x512 50038 bytes 2001.11.18

Young love, foolish love. Luk's first love, a lass by the name of Imogen, left him for the more exotic tastes of danger and lust! Boy, wasn't he left feeling boring? Wait, he is! Still, here she is in all her black & white glory! Imogen is (C) her player.

Image: Promised1.jpg   581x839 78819 bytes 2001.11.14

The story behind this image? A nightmare, actually... but it played into a very compelling and frightening story. These creatures live amongst mankind and are responsible for all the vampire/werewolf myths (am I allowed to refer to werewolves as "myths" in a furry directory?), turning humanity towards self-destruction so they might inherit the earth - a race doomed to live amongst yet never attain humanity. A third species (along with dinosaurs and hyoomans) whose vanity left them cursed to wait at the end of the line. Spooky! I blame the pizza I had the night before. Copyright (C) Gary R. Hudson 2001

Image: Slaymor1.jpg   381x486 58776 bytes 2001.11.14

Dragons are slightly furry, right? Darn, I hope so... at any rate, this fine spiked fellow would be the closest artistic representation to my penned and tethered frustration - voila. Ugly? Yes.

Image: Bunny2.jpg   258x406 26869 bytes 2001.11.14

"Are you talkin' to me? Are YOU talkin' to ME!?"

Image: Neverm0resm1.jpg   527x701 88337 bytes 2001.11.14

This would be Neverm0re, and also my half of our art exchange. Not a bad attempt, marking the first i'd dared to colour. You'll find that most of my work is black and white (and dull) for the most part - this piece in particular started my colouring craze.

Image: Reynard2@96dpi.jpg   720x595 127060 bytes 2001.11.01

This would be the incomparable Reynard - a mental gymnist with all the panache of a millionaire show girl. Though demure here, she's far from stable - much to my continued happiness.

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