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Image: Omen2.jpg   587x444 69008 bytes 2002.05.18

A part of the animation project I have beem working on, this being the equine portion. Though the writer that approached me never mentioned blue eyes in his character description, he has liked the mystery n' feral feel they've given an otherwise nondescript steed. Bully for me, I guess!

Image: Playdead1.jpg   410x477 56959 bytes 2001.11.26

A long story made short: An elf (played by my ex girlfriend) and her wolfen partner in charge (note the Xena-like armour? This particular wolfen, named Sivius, was quite a colourful girl), met a fateful combat which ended up in the slaying of said wolfen. Much later, the aforementioned wolfen returns to haunt the poor elf. Trust me, Sivius never had a halo. It was fun for me, anyway!

Image: Pris2.jpg   502x622 94685 bytes 2003.07.30

It's been a long time. I've had surgery in the meanwhile, and it's been a terrible while coming to get some new things up. Of course, this piece is lacking any colour, but that will likely soon be rectified. Enjoy in the meanwhile. For those of you reading this, do you know of Amoux? I would like to speak to her again. Her work still gives me shivers, brrr. Anyway, Pristine is (C) her player.

Image: Pris2sm.jpg   373x472 47690 bytes 2004.04.28

"Are you going to be around for more than five minutes?" ... a Happy Birthday for Pristine. Pristine is (c) her player, Luk is MINE, man.

Image: Pristine2.jpg   573x625 103470 bytes 2004.10.30

By request. Pristine is (c) her player. Colouring retouched (and now hopefully accurate). Check out her gallery in VCL, s'il vous plait. \r\n

Image: Promised1.jpg   581x839 78819 bytes 2001.11.14

The story behind this image? A nightmare, actually... but it played into a very compelling and frightening story. These creatures live amongst mankind and are responsible for all the vampire/werewolf myths (am I allowed to refer to werewolves as "myths" in a furry directory?), turning humanity towards self-destruction so they might inherit the earth - a race doomed to live amongst yet never attain humanity. A third species (along with dinosaurs and hyoomans) whose vanity left them cursed to wait at the end of the line. Spooky! I blame the pizza I had the night before. Copyright (C) Gary R. Hudson 2001

Image: Pwwka2.jpg   728x517 137771 bytes 2002.07.05

The incomparable Pwwka, known by far too many names n' for far too many good deeds (being a member of an elite squad of furry police, known more for brandishing patience than bats). Indeed, if an angel walks among us, she would be the one caught red-pawed wearing a halo. Pwwka is Copyright (c) her player, as is the portion of "Terre Solitaire" poetry (so talented, hm?).

Image: Pwwka3sm.jpg   424x487 66887 bytes 2002.07.15

Pwwka before her colours. I always find it interesting how an image goes from from one phase to another for the sake of polish n' developing. Still, do you? If not, don't fret. I won't take it personally. Pwwka is (c) her player.

Image: Rabid1.jpg   291x256 18764 bytes 2001.11.26

My fox half - if that's physically possible. I'm sure it's rabid though.

Image: Racoonengineer1.jpg   526x608 96680 bytes 2001.11.28

A busty raccoon engineer, name of Aticha, from an Albedo roleplaying game I ran some years ago. She was brutally honest, had a work ethic akin to obsession, and could still find time to date the player character! Talk about a dedicated raccoon! Oh, and she washed her hands all the time. Freak!

Image: Raevanda2.jpg   406x553 53358 bytes 2003.10.19

An overdue portrait. It's a pregnant vixen, supposedly. I guess i'm convinced. Rae Vanda is (C) her player.

Image: Raevandasm1.jpg   567x633 79393 bytes 2003.11.14

The B&W version of Rae. Rae Vanda is (c) her player.

Image: Reddragon1.jpg   486x611 72909 bytes 2001.11.21

Isn't she pretty? I guess she's admiring her nails, or something... at any rate, if this were a colour image, i'm sure they'd be blood red! Fits the look, eh.

Image: Reno1.jpg   449x557 99504 bytes 2002.11.19

Reno before the snappy paint job. Ooo... nasssty! Reno is (C) her player.

Image: Reno1col.jpg   650x564 117870 bytes 2002.11.19

I last spoke to the artist whose character is depicted 'ere in May of this year - i've actually been busy since, really. I'm shocked! However, as now i'm literally starving, i've occupied my time with getting some of the free stuff done as it's due - this was part of an exchange, and i'm ashamed it took me this long t'get it up. Ah well, life is full of ... something. Her e-mail doesn't accept images, so here's hoping she sees this one day. I didn't include her boyfriend as per her request, as I thought she looked fine as is. Mean! Reno is (C) her player. \r\n

Image: Reynard1@96dpi.jpg   344x519 45309 bytes 2001.11.26

Reynard before her coloured background bits - almost as nice, but... eh. Reynard is (C) her player.

Image: Reynard2@96dpi.jpg   720x595 127060 bytes 2001.11.01

This would be the incomparable Reynard - a mental gymnist with all the panache of a millionaire show girl. Though demure here, she's far from stable - much to my continued happiness.

Image: Roospub3.jpg   449x472 54665 bytes 2004.10.29

I did this logo for a job-specific portfolio, you see? Ended up that they hired me to work in their Roo's Pub as an offsales guy - i'm still there! They're still using my logo. I love those guys. MINE, this one!

Image: Saraknyal1.jpg   373x514 60949 bytes 2001.11.26

My portion of an art trade with Saraknyal. Isn't she lovely? No? Well, er... she's not supposed to be! How 'bout that then!? She's as mean an hombre as you can find! Hah! Saraknyal is (C) her player.

Image: Shylee1.jpg   390x521 44885 bytes 2001.11.29

Shylee, who was once upon a time a cute little kitten whom I looked after (being a big brother isn't really that bad), turned into some kind of amazing sexual dynamo once old enough t'lose her Luk guardian. She had hoardes of males after her, geez! I don't think I could have beaten the crap out of all of 'em in the end, so it's good I didn't get involved.

Image: Slaymor1.jpg   381x486 58776 bytes 2001.11.14

Dragons are slightly furry, right? Darn, I hope so... at any rate, this fine spiked fellow would be the closest artistic representation to my penned and tethered frustration - voila. Ugly? Yes.

Image: Songsm1.jpg   576x613 110755 bytes 2001.11.21

My pretty l'il striped love, Song the tiger. I'll admit, i'm not all too good at drawing cats, but alot of folks have admired the colouring job in this 'ere piece. So, for those few, here she is! Feast your eyes! Pity I don't like the drawing m'self. Then, this is one of my early "made for colour" works. C'est la vie.

Image: Squirrel1.jpg   388x537 44349 bytes 2003.11.18

Just a squirrel for no particular reason. Peace!

Image: Sycha1.jpg   528x651 48390 bytes 2001.11.27

Sycha, Luk Tinsen's mother - what can be said? She's insane, she's a strange mix of dragon, feline, and lord knows what else, and she's got more boy toys than she can handle. Oye... it's no wonder she abandoned poor ol' Luk as a cub. Her social life couldn't handle a kid! Mind, I still love her. She coloured this piece, good lass that she is. Sycha is (C) her player.

Image: TheAmazingDingo1.jpg   367x566 46622 bytes 2001.11.27

The Amazing Dingo! He's a writer for Coming Attractions, a movie/video game review site! A talented man, and a heartbreaker! Sorry, he's taken girls. Dingo is (C) Rob Mineault.

Image: Tiger1.jpg   434x389 42138 bytes 2001.11.21

Grrr! Not exactly the sort of face you'd like t'have leering over you whilst asleep in your bedroll, hm? A fitting end to a bad safari, or something. Played with inking, liked it, moved on.

Image: TugsyColor.jpg   362x466 28086 bytes 2004.10.29

More ill-fated comic book work. Me? I just like using alot of felt. The smell gets me seriously fried! No wonder I can't see anymore. Byuh-huh! Pristine (c) again.

Image: Tygothe1.jpg   503x625 83822 bytes 2001.11.27

Elias Thelur Tygothe, a wolfen general of some repute. Here he is in his formal dress, armed with his family's weapon of representation (purely ornate), and looking buff! He was gruff, a bit mad, but a capable and decorated officer. Best of all, he got to bag 'ol Octavia and marry her! Wee! Mind, it was more fun when Octavia's player was reciprocating of the affection, nyeh-heh. Ah, Shadowydreamer... I miss her. Plus i'm making no sense. Nice pencil! See the pencil? Good.

Image: Vixinecol1.jpg   528x470 85622 bytes 2003.08.31

A piece I offered to the Vixine artists for their Guest Art pages. Not too bad, eh? I tried a new sort of style, and er... well, it's not a drastic change. Vixine is (c) Martin A. Day and Frederico Panella.

Image: Werewolf1.jpg   394x512 42109 bytes 2001.11.18

A drawing from my short-lived Werewolf RPG experience. Isn't he a pretty-wetty doggie-woggie? Aw, want a chew toy? I have one ... NO! NOT THE ARM! AIIIGH!

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