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Image: 116.gif   300x299 71478 bytes 2002.12.25

Random anthro-wolf looking over his shoulder. Mmm, I had alot of fun with this one. Tried to make it look most un-oekaki-like, and I guess it came out pretty well. Still dunno what the deal is with the wings, they were added on a whim.

Image: cerberus.gif   300x300 19396 bytes 2002.12.25

It's the greek/roman god... thing, Cerberus, obviously. Took a life time to do that on an oekaki, but the results were worth it in my opinion. The only problem might be is you can't tell that the 3 heads are nessicarily attacked to the same body, as there isn't enough shown.

Image: snarl.gif   300x300 10540 bytes 2002.12.25

It's an anthro, really! Looket the tongue and front teeth! Anyhow, soemtimes it's fun to draw with just black and white. It's supposed to be a canine anthro of some sort shouting/yelling/snarling etc.

Image: griffinmorph.gif   370x370 102538 bytes 2002.12.25

tiz an anthromorphic griffin, sort of admiring his claws or soemthing. I really like how the feather pattern came out with this one -- but the BG needs much help.

Image: dancinggriffin-col.gif   513x347 20819 bytes 2002.12.25

Just a sort of silly pic, a dancing griffin.

Image: hyenachick.gif   300x300 14424 bytes 2002.12.14

Ok then.. oekaki drawing, cel-type coloring. She is, obviously I hope, a spotted hyena 'morph; looking kinda amused/suspicious. Not much of a story behind it, just kinda popped out of my head.

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