Issue of clones on VCL


Why the hell are going on about clones, youíve been helluva clone yourself!

WellÖ I admit it. Iím the inbred child of Lurid, Dee Dreslough, Jennifer Miller, The Nightmare before Christmas, Lenore, Invader Zim (Iím daaancin like a monkeh!), Stina E. LŲvkvist, Therese Tillberg, Lee-Lee (Leah Lenox), Fredrik Andersson, Huskie, Tara K. Labus, Death (the comic) and Terry Pratchett. But note that much of it is basically just me . Hello, I admit it. Iím a slave to other peopleís accomplishments. But my goal isnít to be them.

And the why is because itís getting very common on VCL, and there are fights going on about it all the time. I can waste my time on funnier stuff if you pardon, I just has to get a few things out of my system---

What the fuck is a clone?

Well basically- itís taking, for example, another artistís style or traits. Itís generally done because people like that style, temporarily popular, eternally popular or whatever. Trust me, a clone is very easy to spot. Being a clone is in itself not illegal, but annoying. Normally for the original artist who got cloned, the new artist and the viewer as well. Well, the person who is cloning may experience some more popularity, more emails and so on, but will sooner or later probably not feel satisfied, just because you know youíre a clone (not every person does though).

Just a tip if you indeed are a clone: get a spine, give some credit. Thatís honesty and some good will for your idol.


Should we allow people to be clones?

WellÖ Itís not really illegal so there is nothing that can be done about it. Sure, copying is, but cloning isnít. The only people who sort of disappoint me are those who donít even try to do something for themselves. Not even re-tweaking is just lazy.


If it isnít illegal, then why shouldnít I clone?

Frankly, as I said earlier, itís a bit of a nuisance. ďEverybody on vcl seems to copy nowadaysÖ and the people who evolved styles of their own never update again.Ē to quote what Fido said the day this was written. Not entirely true, but some people have packed their stuff and left because of it. This is also the day that I, in middle of writing this, came across a perfect clone without any reference in the right-hand box. Most annoying part is that I recognised it as a clone with no further thinking, it wasnít even combined with another style or personally tweaked. Just a bit of another shading and another shape of the ear. Not illegal. Does not really piss me off. Does not make me send an email to the person who drew it. But it annoys me.