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Image:   402x435 71764 bytes 2002.09.07

person who triggered this reaction knows damn well why-so i'm not gonna tell. I'm here for artwork not personal bashing.

Image: stripeywallabeeeeee.jpg   591x813 204275 bytes 2002.09.06

meeheehee. lil stripey wallaby. also from my old sketchbook. also drawn when I was 16. MeChAnIcAl PeNcIl.

Image: dragonflywolfshaman.jpg   403x553 109496 bytes 2002.09.06

random crosshatch furre i drew yesterday.

Image: tiger.jpg   295x292 78245 bytes 2002.09.06

allllright went through the old folders. non anthro. drew this back when I was 16 =n,n=
Image:   413x567 152912 bytes 2002.09.03

I have what I though I needed. still I feel that I _really_ suck. why is this? \r\nme sitting and drawing in bed again.

Image: gangit.jpg   886x617 233220 bytes 2002.09.02

umm... yes... suddenly felt like drawing... this.... all the copyrights are on the piccie... everyone being theirselves and wearing their own stuff. yeh. kindof neway.

Image: hellkittenhead.jpg   203x143 26270 bytes 2002.09.02

after sum work.. this was the only thing that looked decent.. sorry tibs, might make sumfin better in time... kitties are hard =_=

Image: hayLEYjackal.jpg   413x435 108369 bytes 2002.09.01

art trade wit hayley fulker... i -hope- i drew the right char. waaateerrrcolorrrz\r\ninfo on ze piccie. yes my handwriting is shit, but it's hayley's char... i -hope-

Image: manzi.deyoung.jpg   413x622 125337 bytes 2002.09.01

art trade with manzi de young. i might color.\r\nsquash that buttyfly\r\nManzi (c) Manzi\r\nimage is mine foah.

Image: clothesoftoday.jpg   413x555 118436 bytes 2002.08.27

what i wore to school. today. yay. i think i'm bored.\r\nLyx (c) sandra kjellstr÷m\r\nclothes whatever (c) diff companies

Image: tibsy.jpg   472x451 69149 bytes 2002.08.25

lookit lookit it's Tiberius Archias Fox \r\nTiberius (c) Mike Alamo\r\nLyx faerie whatever (c) lyx\r\nHEWWO TIBS! n_____________n
Image:   413x404 82645 bytes 2002.08.24

yes. it IS a boring picture, just trying inks out again.

Image: bloody.legses.SOOT.jpg   283x420 59137 bytes 2002.08.22

there we go, i'm no good at ps work. blah.\r\ncopyrights sez on the piccie.\r\nlo Nyx.
Image:   401x594 84963 bytes 2002.08.21

art trade with nyx\r\nshe be satans daughter. fer sum reason i imagine satan to be a short pale bastard in a suit. so... uh... i put nyx in a suit and toyed with her hair.... yeah thassit\r\n\r\nthe Nyx and the Lyx? idunno.

Image: pyro.lyx.whaddawassawussa.jpg   886x494 132570 bytes 2002.08.19

lyx sez hi to pyro. \r\npyro (c) pyro\r\nlyx (c) sandra kjellstr÷m

Image: pyro.jpg   413x628 106452 bytes 2002.08.19

art trade with pyro. Pyro is so kawaii n________n\r\nPyro (c) Pyro\r\nImage (c) Sandra Kjellstr÷m

Image: gloves.wif.fluff.jpg   428x601 84370 bytes 2002.08.17

weird shit.

Image: Grumpy.jpg   443x905 73676 bytes 2002.08.11

n_n\r\ngots nu clothes.

Image: woofie.jpg   591x576 59438 bytes 2002.08.08

realistic-like wolfdude

Image: mercy.jpg   591x825 152495 bytes 2002.08.08

was sitting in bulgaria listening to Sisters of Mercy and came up with a basis... then i just added animals n creatures on cah's request... in this pic there's Lyx, a strange fluff, another strange fluff, a turtle, an alien, a jellyfish, an ant eater, a snail, a dugong and a beasty mouth. is it.

Image: bathing_babes.jpg   591x830 135043 bytes 2002.08.08

back from bulgaria. woulda been nicer if cah would have stopped poking me in the ass with a waterbottle.

Image: tajfhul.jpg   283x354 30565 bytes 2002.08.08

tajfhul head. looks like a ratty doggie or sumfin. i dunno.\r\nfreehand drawing. 15-20 mins.

Image: peachy.vacation.jpg   469x504 51889 bytes 2002.07.23

snazzy crap. Lyx isn't s'posed to be this cute.. she's supposed to be masculine n stuff =_=

Image: lyx.flone.forget.something.jpg   492x606 90055 bytes 2002.07.23

yesssss. and oh. plz try to leave my email alone fer two weeks-i'm off to bulgaria with cah...\r\nFlone (c) Sandra Kjellstr÷m (created as a gf for tibs- he seemed to need one n,n)\r\nLyx (c) Sandra Kjellstr÷m

Image: cah.goes.shortay.jpg   595x820 117363 bytes 2002.07.21

Lyx (c) Sandra Kjellstr÷m - but you prolly noticed already.\r\nCahlon (c) Karin Johansson\r\nzah.

Image: toast.torment.jpg   580x613 99580 bytes 2002.07.21

Random though of the day:\r\nFirst we got electricity. Then we got a variety of devices which got activated my electricity. There are multiple millions of clever creations, for saving lives, warmth and so on. One of these devices is so exquisite that it comes with an information pamphlet in eight languages (although not mine and the english seems directly translated from korean), and with pictures that in eight easy steps tells me how to use the product and how good i'll feel after use.This device is... a toaster. \r\nPeople go to great lenghts to torment a piece of bread, don't you think? ˘_o

Image: hoodlumperch.jpg   591x893 81938 bytes 2002.07.17

I'm a color eet.\r\nLyx (c) Sandra K

Image: cahlons.legs.are.sexay.jpg   548x464 65760 bytes 2002.07.02

something that was said last night.\r\nnote that Cahlon is a gay fallen angel. he's so cute.\r\nCahlon (c) Karin Johansson\r\nImage (c) Sandra Kjellstr÷m
Image:   524x648 116397 bytes 2002.07.01

doodle on mom's papers. dun think she knows yet >_>
Image:   497x559 74935 bytes 2002.07.01

character (c) S.K.\r\n"Angel's F**k" by Jack off Jill is good. get it. NOW.

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