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Image: pendragon.JPG   545x786 74835 bytes 2002.05.23

Image: photosynthesiswhee.JPG   976x618 58794 bytes 2002.01.30

this is photosynthesis. not completely accurate, but you get the gist... i'm effed up. i don't think many people would understand this, and even fewer would laugh.\r\nthough i would get one of those photosystems tattooed on my ass...

Image: pissyinorinj.JPG   475x322 29516 bytes 2002.05.27

he's mad because he's not really orinj. drawn at the same time as the giggly one with the same pens.

Image: prttraitprelim.JPG   646x669 95301 bytes 2002.05.23

this is me. it was drawn before i decided to do it in color. that version was MOVED TO SKETCHES BY SOMEONE. *glare*

Image: ramble.JPG   776x527 78988 bytes 2002.01.30

i was depressed one day. i drew in the orb, and the dinosaur skull, and the dragon's leg, and the arm, and started doing free-word association. each "focus" represents me trying to start on a new track and get a hold of myself.

Image: ramnightshade.JPG   422x540 46879 bytes 2002.01.30

*sigh...* and i still have so many more to upload.\r\nplease do not steal my nightshdaes. they dislike being copied, and will suck out your soul with that big gaping hole they have for a throat.

Image: roar.JPG   702x706 117325 bytes 2002.05.23

inks. i was fooling with my brush pen.

Image: SHAME.jpg   346x521 44296 bytes 2002.05.27

furries get no respect. that's why i'm gradually shifting over to drawing people. anyway. this is about a five-minute doodle of me on the bottom and my royally fucked-up male alter-ego (weird, yes) zel. i have been lazy and drawing almost exclusively profiles so i need to kick myself in the ass and stop it.

Image: streakrobot.jpg   567x440 31479 bytes 2002.01.29

look! another toaster.

Image: taurlimbs.JPG   502x528 43820 bytes 2002.05.23

...well, it -does.-

Image: tundra2.JPG   480x308 17002 bytes 2002.05.27

the colors got soooooooo fucked on this...\r\nit is for tun-head.\r\ndrawn entirely on the computer in adobe photodeluxe at my cousin's house.

Image: tutuok.JPG   294x382 25817 bytes 2002.05.23


Image: whatthehellizzit.JPG   646x776 87758 bytes 2001.12.13

dunno... but i'm proud of it, all the same.

Image: willisandme.JPG   644x706 64103 bytes 2001.11.09

Heh. This is the face of artists' block. My creativity demon seems to be on vacation. I'm rolling out pictures like a machine, and it shows. The character in them has dried up. Hopefully, when I finish my painting (top secret!), it'll clear up, and I'll be able to draw with creativity again. Oh, and, that's me on the right, and Willis, my asexual/anti-hermaphroditic creativity demon. S/He's (c) to the voices in my head. And to Satan. And to my armpit. And to the traces of blood in my sugar stream. (Yay halloween!) emoticon.

Image: windy.JPG   799x688 66815 bytes 2001.11.09

ooooooo... windy... A female coyote leans against a tree and watches an autmn leaf flutter by... Aw, who am I trying to bullshit. This started as a doodle of a head, and spread out on the page. thusly, doodle: crap. yay for the Kennz.

Image: wyvern.JPG   755x775 82580 bytes 2001.12.13

he was sulking on my binder for two weeks before he decided to make his debut. did i spell "debut" right? i can't tell anymore.

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