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Image: earthquake.jpg   546x693 47412 bytes 2002.04.22

Image: Drive_By.jpg   529x515 41609 bytes 2002.01.25

Arrr, neogeen in all her umm... geenienessesess....\r\nInspired about earlier rants about not having a car with which to do cross-border bong attacks. Ah well. Sooner or later i will :)\r\nAnd then there'll be a couple furs on my list.\r\nMad Hyena's copywrite of me. MadHyena on aim if you want to find me probably.\r\nneogeen's copywrite herself, and lives in a magical orb that floats somewhere over the pacific, don't try to reach her, or some kind of waffle fueled monkey may seek you out with lusty thoughts.

Image: freaks_in_SPACE!_(smaller_version).jpg   477x539 51401 bytes 2002.01.23

Alright, who'se with me, lets lobby nasa to send us into orbit. Who needs atmosphere?\r\nAlright, i f**ked up pretty bad on some of these, but in general i'm kind of almost psudo-happy with it.\r\nFrom left to right with a few slight detours we have...\r\nMike, copyright himself and Lee, Silverwing, copywrite herself (sorry, the pic is horrible and i mangled your sunglasses....), Lurid 'cause she's superfly and copywrite of herself, me looking like some kind of gremlin, i'm not really copywrite, but don't mess around, Roux, looking all cracked out and none to happy about her current non-atmospheric situation is copywrite herself, Lee Lee is copywrite herself, and the big ol' czard, my friend and yours, well, probably not your friend, but mine at the least, Sivi is copywrite of herself.\r\nThat is all, i'm going to go back to chewing on paintchips and inhaling toxins off my markers. Woo. }:D

Image: drinking_(smaller).jpg   330x544 17694 bytes 2002.01.22

I woke up sunday morning at 8am with a house to clean up from saturday night.\r\nI came across an unopened bottle of wine and decided the only thing to do was drink it.\r\nOh like nobody else here has ever finished a bottle by 9am. It's part of this complete breakfast.\r\nI'm on AIM if anyone wants to chat, i'm just bored and sketching. ID's MadHyena416. Ask me to draw porn and i'll poke you with a fork.

Image: strange-turtle.JPG   475x433 99165 bytes 2002.01.09

Oh, like you have a reason for everything you draw.

Image: sound-puppy.jpg   928x483 49481 bytes 2002.01.08

I got dragged to the toronto dark-rave on the 5th after hitting my friend's metal show (Lost and Nightmare headlining, not like any of you have heard of them).\r\nI don't dance, but it was still a lot of fun, and i had a good time sitting next to the speakers feeling the sound pumping off them. They made my gotee twitch :D

Image: one_fish_two_fish_red_fish_blue_fish(resized).jpg   381x766 37194 bytes 2001.12.31

It looked better in black and white :p\r\nIf someone wants to colour this, it's fine with me.

Image: Tatooed_back_coloured_Reduced.jpg   470x723 24113 bytes 2001.12.23

A pic done under the thoughs of what would you do to make yourself stand out, if at all, were you to have no body hair at all?\r\nWould you wear makeup, a wig? Or would you flaunt it? What would you do under those conditions?\r\nAt any rate, sooner or later i'll add a background, but don't hold your breath.

Image: Dancing_Sivi_(small).jpg   640x863 42105 bytes 2001.12.16

A while ago i saw a picture that was posted that annoyed me to no end.\r\nIt was a picture about people who smoke a certain green plant.\r\nWhat it boiled down to was calling them stupid junkies who were no use to society at all, had no real political views, and so on.\r\nI was going to do a response piece.\r\nIt would've pointed out the flaws of close mindedness, the stupidity of people who condemn things they've never done, and obviously never met anyone who did take part in those activities. I was going to make a point of talking about how i and my friends all have jobs, how we all pay for our own things, how none of us are on welfare, how we all have real political view that matter, and ones that we are persecuted for. I was going to point out we are not the stereotypes you see on tv. I was going to point out that most of us do well in school, and most of us attend university or college.\r\nBut i decided against it.\r\nI will not devote the time to something anti-productive and slanderous towards people who's only fault is a lack of exposure to the world around them.\r\nSo instead i took out my frustrations on something worthwhile, it's not really complete, i may repost it later when i figure out an appropriate background, but it's my friend Sivi, the C'zard. She's a copywrite of herself, so don't steal her.\r\nThat's about all i really have to say.\r\nAnd above all else, remember this, alcohol's a far worse drug than any little green plant.

Image: Roux's_Back_inked.jpg   381x760 22438 bytes 2001.12.09

Reposting is gee goly fun.\r\nRoux is copyright of roux. She and lee lee kind of inspired me to pick up my pencils after 3 months of nothing. thanks :)\r\nHalf ass colouring courtesy of photoshop.\r\nWheeeeeeedddddddrrrUUUUUGGGGGSSSSS!

Image: Atomic_Lee_Lee_(smallversion).jpg   378x662 52596 bytes 2001.12.07

There, no "tinged background" figured out how to fix it.\r\nLee Lee, dis be for chu.\r\nLee Lee is copyright herself, steal her and i eat you.\r\nGyar.

Image: Sound.jpg   438x783 49873 bytes 2001.10.18

First bit of random creationism i've done in a while, huzzah! randomnly inspired by boredom after 10 of my close friends were suspended for smoking the marijhuana. tsk tsk tsk. *laughs*

Image: scott_reduced.jpg   605x689 87557 bytes 2001.09.03

My friend scott, he's stuck up in Barrie (north of toronto). Poor guy, ah well. Here's a morph of that crazy boy with the chlorine blood.

Image: Red_Eyed_Pete.jpg   270x513 22991 bytes 2001.09.03

My friend pete, one of the biggest potheads i know. great guy *laughs*

Image: Loki.jpg   384x573 56240 bytes 2001.09.03

Girl i used to know online, she was cool, but a bit to unstable and possesive for her own good. to bad things didn't work out, but that's life.

Image: hyena01colored.jpg   594x417 42738 bytes 2001.09.03

An updated version of my own character now that i've got longer hair. I'm being brooding and spooky. Scary isn't it?

Image: Frug.jpg   212x504 18910 bytes 2001.09.03

Fear the frug. i spent so long trying to draw him as a fur, then i realized he's not, he's just a cyberboy, so here he is, the frug mark5 or something.

Image: dogboy01.jpg   386x570 87290 bytes 2001.09.03

A coalition dogboy (that's right ladies and gentlemen, i'm a geek. fear me 'n stuff.)

Image: Colored_Fiana.jpg   1040x1096 716939 bytes 2001.09.03

A fiana garou i did after being inspired by led zepplin's Immigrant Song, started out as a Get, but it looks more fiana.

Image: card.jpg   294x322 15111 bytes 2001.09.03

Something i did for an old mate of mine, i was very happy with her, but the age difference was to weird, so it eventually ended after a long period of just not being in contact with eachother. I still smile at a few memmories.

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