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Image: 4KitsuneStudios.jpg   246x242 18835 bytes 2003.09.25

My first upload to the VCL! Can't remember his exact name, but this goes to Kitsune Studios for his vast amount of patience in helping me with my images at the Forum.

Image: angeredkl.jpg   392x153 42281 bytes 2004.04.19

I was in a very pissy mood yesterday^^'

Image: anthrolions.jpg   591x387 48735 bytes 2004.04.06

Anthro lion couple only able to watch helplessly as their hut burns down cuz they themselves are encircled by flames and can't escape :p

Image: anthrowolfie.jpg   288x243 23282 bytes 2003.09.25

Anthro blue wolf mage casting a spell.

Image: atomicfireball.jpg   478x260 26843 bytes 2004.05.03

My evil but sweet little guinea pig Atomic Fireball. He is plotting to nibble on your soul. O_O

Image: Biteme.jpg   529x316 41538 bytes 2004.04.27

Place that said they were hiring told me they weren't after all when I went to drop off the application. Isn't that just too lovely.

Image: cutelittlefennec.jpg   233x242 18103 bytes 2003.09.25

Here's a fennec cuz they are just the cutest things!

Image: desertofdespair.jpg   300x300 20040 bytes 2004.04.04

Proud of this one. Drew it yesterday while depressed. A grey lioness droops her head as she looks out upon a desert of despair. This is totally airbrushed

Image: disturbedwolf.jpg   419x445 52408 bytes 2004.04.08

A wolf awakes with a start very much pissed off by his nap being disturbed.\r\n\r\nSuppose this is why we should let sleeping dogs lie, eh?

Image: freakedleopard.jpg   288x243 18179 bytes 2003.09.26

Anthro male leopard is very freaked out by the darkness ahead of him. If only he could see the light that's behind him ;_;

Image: happygoat.jpg   392x513 110277 bytes 2004.04.19

OMG it's teh happy goat! :O

Image: heisrisen.jpg   419x380 28297 bytes 2004.04.12

Happy Easter everyone! ^^ He is risen!

Image: Hickkl.jpg   434x532 52681 bytes 2004.04.19

Me as a hick. OMG! Leik hyuck :B

Image: Horsie.jpg   534x481 58546 bytes 2004.04.04

Random buckskin. Kinda looks like it was done with some 3D program, but it wasn't. Again completely airbrushed and I like the results.

Image: IHATEMYLIFE.jpg   434x217 11583 bytes 2004.04.04

what the filename says. Drawn while in a state of emotional turmoil. Came out nicely though which is why it's here.

Image: insomniacure.jpg   478x225 43516 bytes 2004.04.27

X3 Me helping TSG cure his insomnia in the #1 doctor reccommended fashioin^^

Image: klbellyrub.jpg   300x300 80313 bytes 2003.10.07

Cubby KristynLioness laying in the grass asking for a bellyrub^^ I'm rather happy with this piece. Took me over an hour.

Image: Kltiedup.jpg   419x282 21850 bytes 2004.04.09

Mmm...I love bondage. Here I am snugly tied up with white ropes to a stake. *purr*

Image: kltiedup2.jpg   456x500 37500 bytes 2004.04.14

Yay me tied up again. Yeah I know, I don't look as joyous about it as last time, but that's cuz I'vebeen kneeling there a few hours and am starting to get bored :p

Image: mageymiffed.jpg   434x412 34112 bytes 2004.04.04

Ok this'll most likely be the only human I'll be uploading. Just thought you blokes should know what Mage looks like. The lioness with black hearts is not Mage. That is KristynLioness. Mage is working up a liquid fireball to hurl at whoever just made him mad. He's not usually this grim though.

Image: mageynesslion.jpg   478x256 48809 bytes 2004.05.13

Mage in his lion form

Image: mousehead.jpg   306x230 43503 bytes 2004.04.19

Mouse head I drew to use in an experiment with fur effects^^ Every hair was lovingly administered by me with my airbrush^^ And apparently experiment was a success!

Image: Newchar.jpg   434x311 43810 bytes 2004.07.19

New char I spontaneously made up today. I really love the way he looks. Kinda like an 80s punk rocker maybe with those bangs and the pink streak^^ He needs a name and at least a shred of a background

Image: Poisontonguevixen.jpg   419x443 35227 bytes 2004.04.13

My slut vixen char Poisontongue eyeing you with a sly grin and showing off her mad dagger skillz

Image: Simanga.jpg   434x243 25777 bytes 2004.03.19

This would be my and The Sonic God's rp cub, Simanga^^ The cub is the only rp thing about the relationship though. The rest is very much rl. Simanga's kinda a lively looking thing. His name means to triumph over something in Swahili

Image: whitemane2.jpg   434x152 48889 bytes 2004.01.20

Pic for my friend Whitemane. Much better than the crappypoo oekaki I drew him before.

Image: wolfshoka.jpg   319x150 16181 bytes 2004.01.20

Wolf I drew for my friend Shoka cuz he wants me to show him how to draw wolves. Can think of about a million people better qualified for that than I >.> Ignore hind leg, I mangled it despite my best efforts

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