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Image: alone.jpg   450x576 230760 bytes 2002.10.27

dunno where this exactly came from but it was in my head and it's how i've been feeling alot lately i like it

Image: happypeople.jpg   500x805 175718 bytes 2003.01.15

'shiney happy people holdong hands!' thought popped into my head after hearing a song by the B52s.

Image: shyrerose.jpg   650x539 55233 bytes 2003.01.15

_OLD_\r\nshyre my cheshire cat with a rose. it's supposed to be blood but it can be paint if one so chooses..either way is fine ^_^

Image: tedidei2.jpg   450x742 64151 bytes 2003.01.15

a gift for my friend tedikuma ..he's so kool! be his friend!

Image: uhhm.jpg   389x439 52794 bytes 2002.10.17

18 silly strings!!! alright!! \r\n\r\nthis is an old image i decided to color..very craptastic don't you think?? anyway it's my fursona deiji altho she' changed a bit since this pic was drawn...

Image: wishforwings.jpg   400x539 23494 bytes 2003.01.15

maybe my third try at colored's nice..deiji doesn't normally have wings right's later in my story somewhat..i like jumping ahead of myself

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