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Image: draak_design.jpg   618x657 123916 bytes 2005.01.29

I am currently working on t-shirt designs, that will be printed on real t-shirts later and after that be actioned on the internet somewhere. (dont know where yet).\r\nThis is a Dragon-mix ;)\r\n\r\nCaution: Dangerously Cute! t-shirt print M.J van Nieuwkerk

Image: Payback_Time.jpg   868x592 92108 bytes 2005.02.10

Well, this was a doodle that turned out to take to long XD This is a female cyborg-wolf-creature... I sketched up a male one too, but didnt have time to colour yet :) Her name is 'Jupiter'.\r\nEnjoy!\r\n\r\nJupiter M.J van Nieuwkerk

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