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Image: LadyFox2.jpg   500x784 86866 bytes 2001.10.01

Febrary 2001\r\nI admit, this is hardly "artwork," but I was mostly happy with this one. I thought maybe I could have done something better with the hair, though... For once, I was happy with the hands, but I messed up one side of her chest, so it looks like her breasts are a lot smaller than they ought to appear.

Image: LadyFox3.jpg   600x503 52096 bytes 2001.10.01

March 2001\r\nI decided that if I were really interested in drawing well, I should go investigate the University library. So, I checked out a couple books on artistry and anatomy for artists. Flipping through, I came across a pose that I rather liked. The model (a human), was kneeling down, resting her elbows on a stool, with her arm covering her breasts. I made a few modifications to the pose; tilting her head, moving her right arm up to her chin, and moving that left arm down just a tad. Also, I replaced the stool with an odd-looking table. Later, I noticed that my table was crooked (argh!), and her left arm was a little misshapen. Oh, and there's something wrong with the right leg.. But, this is the fox of which I am most proud. ^_^ \r\n\r\n(Note made on 1 Oct. 2001: Well, I _am_ very proud of it, still, but please do remember that these comments were all made when I drew the artwork. Just a reminder! =^_-=)

Image: LadyFox4.jpg   500x718 38119 bytes 2001.10.01

22 March 2001\r\nI finally got tired of trying to perfect this particular fox. Purdy, though, ain't she? Anyway, you'll notice that she's blonde, unlike the previous vixens, and she also has red fur. I wanted to make a much more extravagant background, but I didn't get around to it, I'm afraid. Now, on to my self-critique. I was a little sloppy with my coloring job; I had put so much effort into my sketch that I was really tired of refining it (I've been working on this one since the first week of March). As a result, you'll see some strange things, such as the slightly unequal legs and the complete lack of her left hand. I'm still wrestling with the tuft of fur on the chests of these foxes, as I depict them. The hair is a little funny on top.. The breasts still seem flat, viewed from the side. Her body is really very long for that of a human. I'll have to make some decisions as to how much of the vulpine form I wish to preserve. Oh, and I hate her left leg placement. To end on a positive note, I think this vixen is cuter than the previous one, even if I have a lot more negative comments to point out.\r\n\r\n(Note on 1 Oct. 2001: I got Prismacolor colored pencils shortly before drawing this fox. Happy day! =D )

Image: LovedFox.jpg   500x651 108957 bytes 2002.02.01

01 February 2002\r\n\r\nAnd now, the follow-up to the previous piece! Allow me to introduce Sarah, making her debut as a loving and lovèd vixen!\r\n\r\nThese two latest pieces are Prismacolor pencils on (sigh) plain white printer paper.

Image: LoveFox.jpg   500x489 135483 bytes 2002.01.30

30 January 2002\r\n\r\nI'm back! I haven't actually gone anywhere.. I've been looking at everyone's wonderful work on VCL every day, but I've had some kinda badass artist's block. Also, I had the overwhelming sense that whatever I made next had to be bigger and better than the thing I did before it. I made the mistake of forgetting that this is what I do for _fun_, not because I think I'm going to be a professional artist some day. I'm an engineer, after all!\r\n\r\nAnyway, this is Magnes, checking out the vixen he's in love with (and noting that she looks _quite_ foxy!). =^_^= Love ya, Sarah~ Happy early Valentine's Day!

Image: MelancholyFox.jpg   600x600 44546 bytes 2004.05.28

Melancholy Fox

Inspired by a drawing of Calintz from Magna Carta (by Hyung-Tae Kim).\r\n\r\nThis drawing is subtly different from my other drawings in a number of ways:\r\n- At 4 nights (for a total of about 12 hours), this is the most time-consuming drawing I have produced.\r\n- The original image is the largest I've ever done, at 2000x2000 pixels (which may help explain the amount of time I spent doing it).\r\n- The lips are less anime-style this time.\r\n\r\nAnd you may have noticed that I am on a continuing trend towards more fuzzy-looking drawings (in the style of NightFox).\r\n\r\nDone in Photoshop.\r\n

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Image: Mikeu.jpg   500x600 114588 bytes 2002.08.27


Hooray! This is my first request piece. Why is it my first, you ask? BECAUSE NOBODY EVER ASKED BEFORE!!! That's right. I do requests.\r\n\r\nAnyway, I'm being rude. This is Mikeu-wuffie (or Mikeu Motomiya, if you don't know him personally ^^ ). Here's to you, Mikeu~ =^^=\r\n\r\n*sets out a dish of cookies to attract more fluffy friends* =^^=

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Image: Moogle.jpg   500x610 41495 bytes 2001.10.01

February 2001\r\nMy friends started giving me a bad time about drawing so many foxes, so I humored them and doodled a moogle, from Square's Final Fantasy series. They are a bit foxish, so it wasn't too bad. I like the tuft he ended up with, as well as the little pink nose.

Image: MoonFox.jpg   482x739 65374 bytes 2006.05.15

Moon Fox

This is my second attempt at painting with acrylic paints. I like the way a real brush and paints pick up on the subtleties of my strokes.\r\n\r\nAbout this picture.. (Geez, my hair is getting long.) On the beach at night, there is the soft rush of the waves, perhaps a gentle breeze, and all the stars are out. ..I could stare at the moon for hours. It's probably the most romantic setting I can think of.. and maybe also the loneliest.\r\n\r\nMedia: Acrylic paints on thick "watercolor" paper. Levels correction and image cropping in Photoshop.

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Image: NappyFox.gif   115x94 729 bytes 2002.07.01

Napping Foxy

An attempt at an oekaki napping foxy. Looks like a woodcut, doesn't it?

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Image: NightFox.jpg   500x800 33174 bytes 2004.01.16

Night Fox

My first post of the new year; check it --\r\n\r\nIt's Magnes, out for a midnight stroll. I tried to draw my glasses, too, but they were interfering with his facial expression.\r\n\r\nA couple comments in relation to the picture... Yes, I'm that thin. Yes, I have a goatee. And yes, I have those pants (but certainly not the hat).\r\n\r\nI'm very well-pleased with the tail, the neck, and the background.\r\n\r\nDone in Photoshop.

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Image: nyahfox.gif   41x34 1418 bytes 2002.07.14

Nyah Fox

I made this in Photoshop using a Wacom 12" x 9" tablet. Not mine, unfortunately! It took all of 15 minutes to make this. What a relief it will be when I get _my_ tablet! It'll really speed up my computer-based artistry.

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Image: OkageFox.jpg   467x500 149534 bytes 2002.02.15

14 February 2002\r\n\r\nThis is my first piece colored in PhotoShop. I scanned in an inked sketch and had a bit of fun.\r\n\r\nAs for content, I sometimes feel very meek, particularly against the more.. base energies inside of me. Some might call that the "id."\r\n\r\nThe name of the piece is Okage Fox, as a nod to the PlayStation 2 game, Okage: Shadow King. This piece isn't quite a rip-off, but some may consider it as such.

Image: SadFox.jpg   500x633 63274 bytes 2001.10.01

7 April 2001\r\nSometimes they say an artist's emotions are directly reflected in his or her work. I subscribe to that belief, but I wasn't sad at all when I drew this. In fact, I was only sad when I drew his eyes and his lips. Drawing such a sad foxie made me sad, too. Minor critique: nose was a little too long and wide, I wish I had extended his right arm down a little more before fading out, that left hand was about 25% too small, and the skull shape is a little funny. These may seem like major gripes, but I am very happy with this drawing.

Image: ScaredFoxy.gif   106x125 901 bytes 2002.07.01

Scared Foxy

I drew this in MS Paint after needing a slightly worried-looking, wary foxy. Fun!

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Image: SkepticalFox.jpg   252x180 15084 bytes 2005.10.28

Skeptical Fox

How has it been a year since I last posted? Amazing! Things have changed for me. I have a full-time job, I'm done with my Masters, and I spend the bulk of my free time playing video games. Awesome!\r\n\r\nAnyway, I felt like sketching, so I drew this in 5 minutes or so. Fun stuff! But not ground-breaking, obviously. I've drawn a couple other things in my sketch pad, but nothing worth uploading. Cheers!

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Image: SnowyNappingFox.jpg   524x516 25335 bytes 2003.01.26

Snowy Napping Fox

I made the original sketch of this a very long time ago. However, with some recently acquired vigor, I scanned it in and finished it. It still has a kind of a "sketch" feel to it, but that's by design.\r\n\r\nMechanical pencil on paper, colored in Photoshop.

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Image: StudiousFox.gif   413x538 5976 bytes 2002.07.01

Studious Fox

I can't believe I'm uploading this! This was a joke between Sarah and me about some little fox "mood icons" she is using for an online journal. She was at a loss of how to make a fox look especially nerdy, so I suggested this lovely design. =^_^=

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Image: SwordOfGod.jpg   466x600 110250 bytes 2002.02.19

19 February 2002 \r\n\r\nUh, well, this is a little off-topic, and for that, I apologize. I had fully intended to draw a fox leaning on an ornate sword, but one thing led to another.. and we have what you see here. \r\n\r\nOh, I know -- this is still a furry picture since that's not the sun over there, that's _actually_ the rump of a giant lion, who is getting ready to pounce on something far over the horizon. Really, it is. -cough- \r\n\r\nFor those of you who can't quite read the fine print at the bottom of the piece, it says "Matthew 10:34, KJV" and then has my signature and the date. \r\n\r\nOh, one more thing. This piece was done with my new Copic pens.. There are eight of them: .05mm, .1, .3, .5, .8, 1.0, Brush-M, and Brush-S. I think the "M" stands for _Marker_ and the "S" stands for "Stroke". \r\n\r\nNext time it'll be foxies again, I think. Oh, and I would really like to hear from any people who actually like my work. I'd be eager to hear suggestions about what you'd like to see. \r\n

Image: UncertainFox.jpg   140x123 29283 bytes 2002.08.27

Uncertain Fox

Reminds me of Mr. Miles Prower himself! So cute. But uncertain.

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Image: UnenthusedFox.jpg   186x146 30920 bytes 2002.08.27

Unenthused Fox

This is the head for the DecapitatedFox. No comments of note.

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Image: ValentineFox.jpg   200x260 15020 bytes 2004.02.14

Valentine Fox

I drew this fox on a valentine for my Vixie. She really likes it. =^_^=\r\n\r\nMaterials: Derwent sketching pencil, Copic 0.1 grade black pen, Prismacolor colored pencils (six colors used -- black, white, red, blue, and two shades of orange), and standard printer paper.\r\n\r\nReference photograph copyright Wayne Lynch, 2003.

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Image: VargasFox.jpg   373x345 66405 bytes 2002.08.27

Vargas Fox

This was originally going to be somewhat different. However, I sorta lost interest, so you'll just have to pretend that there is actually, you know, energy gathering near his fingertips. Yep.\r\n\r\nOkay, an introduction is in order; this is Vargas, a somewhat more quick-to-anger (and muscular) fox than Magnes is.\r\n\r\nI like the way his tail turned out!

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Image: Wallflower.jpg   450x600 57968 bytes 2004.06.30


This is Wallflower, a friend of mine from FurryMUCK. He is a self-starving vampire weasel who is a bit on the punk side.\r\n\r\nI used several reference images from his site, which is located at\r\n\r\nMaterials: Photoshop, as usual.

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Image: WFCard.jpg   800x600 51414 bytes 2006.03.27

Wallflower's Postcard

A long time ago, or what certainly feels like a long time ago, I made a FurryMUCK postcard for my friend Wallflower, and I drew this picture to go with it. It was just between us, but now that he's gone, it feels a bit like a memorial to post this now, and I hope he would approve.\r\n\r\nThat's Wallflower's hand holding the postcard, and that's Magnes sitting on the beach.\r\n\r\nWallflower is the property of his player.

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Image: WFRose.jpg   240x240 20449 bytes 2004.07.15

Wallflower's Rose

This is Wallflower again --\r\n\r\nI started drawing this picture in OpenCanvas, but the program crashed. Thankfully, I managed to snag a screenshot of the program first.\r\n\r\nThis was just a quick, fun li'l pic, so it isn't supposed to be all that good (which it isn't). I was experimenting with making Wallflower look more effeminate, which is how he actually looks. So if you thought he was a girl at first, hooray!\r\n\r\nWallflower belongs to Ninja Weasel Studios, but this drawing was made with permission.\r\n\r\nMaterials: OpenCanvas, then Photoshop.

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Image: WolfMage.jpg   783x1461 75943 bytes 2001.10.01

1 April 2001\r\nAnd now, for something completely different. Here's a wolf (!!), apparently a practitioner of rather evil magic. Oh, and what a nice stream of blood that is behind him. ^-^ Now, for the critique. I like my art pen! I gave my li'l cone of fire quite a bit of highlight with that thing. Also, you may notice that the wolf's body is coursing with the dark energy he wields (i.e., little tongues of energy emanating from the outline of his body). What I don't like: The blood was a little sloppy, though it may be argued that that added something to the piece.. The angle was a little funny. I had intended to draw the wolf from a slightly higher angle, but ended up with something more straight-on. And his left shoulder is a little screwy. At any rate, I was mostly satisfied with the way this turned out, despite the boring wolfie in the picture. I looked at this as more of an opportunity to draw other features in my drawings, so the wolf is more a token than anything else.

Image: zombiefox.gif   130x111 1325 bytes 2002.07.14

Zombie Fox

This thing scares me! It's quite similar to Calmfox and Crazedfox, except that, well, it's undead! Maybe I'm just being overly sensitive, but his eyes scare me so much. Though inside sometimes I want to be as out of control as zombies must be.

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