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Image: approaching_lynx_c.jpg   500x612 43753 bytes 2002.11.13

Just ink and markers here, only a couple colored pencil touches. This is going to be a small piece (about 3" x 4") with the front paw coming out of the frame--hopefully will be done for MFF; if not, FurCon. First time I've tried doing a lynx so I wasn't quite sure about the colors.

Image: arbor_embrace_c.jpg   600x678 101194 bytes 2002.11.13

Another small piece, ink, marker, and colored pencil on heavy paper (not Bristol).

Image: purple_fox.jpg   294x310 22564 bytes 2002.11.13

Ink, marker, colored pencil on blue-tinted paper. The rare purple fox of the arctic!

Image: purplefox_color_final.jpg   600x822 66033 bytes 2002.12.24

Marker and colored pencil on bristol board. The official title is "My Orange Marker Dried Up," but actually I've been experimenting with odd colorations and I like how the purple came out. You can see him closer up at FurCon '03! He needs a good home!

Image: tiger_jackal_finished.jpg   600x854 133608 bytes 2004.09.26

Playing with the stylized forms, and I liked this pose. This is marker and colored pencil on Bristol, and I used some oil pastels for the background. If you like them, why not place a bid on Furbid?

Image: tigerhead.jpg   602x772 56095 bytes 2004.09.26

Originally did this as a test to see how the stripes would go on the tiger head and I liked it enough to finish it. Marker and colored pencil on Bristol, and if you like him, you can take him home with you!

Image: winetaste_col.jpg   600x414 33406 bytes 2002.11.10

This was going to be a web image for my boyfriend's wine tastings, but that never materialized. I used colored pencil and marker and yes, okay, I cheated and computer-filled the sandy-colored front of the bar.

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