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Image: 1seadrac-s2.jpg   750x475 125194 bytes 2002.10.14

Winning design of the Seattle Dragons t-shirt contest. The screenprinters fried the design though, and a lot of my subtle shading and detailing was lost, including all of the rain. Oh well, at least I got a free shirt out of it! We sold these this year at ConiFur NW, I think they did pretty well. If you're interested in a shirt, email me and I'll hook you up with my sales department!

Image: ald.jpg   540x480 42530 bytes 2001.08.31

My half of an art trade with Aldebaran of the Gryphon's Guild, I'm not sure if I like this or not. Blah.

Image: angel.jpg   553x625 83998 bytes 2002.01.03

Just a little hello to one of my favorite dragons, Suriankathernia.\r\nMuy fun with colored pencils!

Image: arc_s.jpg   400x386 76594 bytes 2001.09.02

A thank-you pic for Arcturax of AlfandriaMUCK for getting me a pile of screen caps of the Mad Madame Mimm, one of the most obscure Disney Villains out there. And look, I even included Azraelle, his little cat-gryph thingy, yay for me.

Image: asi.jpg   956x487 253754 bytes 2001.10.10

Sushi, Sake, and Sashimi, it's fireEyes, Maly, and Zalyina all being asian-y. Huzzah.

Image: chubbybunny.gif   500x422 38716 bytes 2002.11.25

Ahkahna and Maly playing chubby bunny with real bunnies. What else do you expect dragons to spend their time doing?

Image: cuteblue.jpg   488x528 81550 bytes 2003.06.03

Cute blue dragon, for Vilashna's commission. My friend Hida was the inspiration for this picture, I think it's as adorable as he is. :)

Image: cutestickers.jpg   350x442 107479 bytes 2003.06.03

Cute dragon commission from Vila, hue changed and made into a sheet of stickers. Everyone seems to like the purple one.

Image: dazd-done.jpg   292x422 42119 bytes 2003.05.29

Re-upload, because I suck and still had 2002 in the 'by' line! Anyways, commission for a badge for Dragondazd. You want one? $10! Uhh...yeah.

Image: diadexxus-done.jpg   405x650 83784 bytes 2003.06.18

Finished con badge for Diadexxus, will be laminated and put on a lanyard. If you're interested in a badge, they're $15, email me. :)

Image: diana2.jpg   351x372 32578 bytes 2001.09.02

Just a cute pic of Diana looking over her shoulder. I'm working on another pic of her right now, maybe I'll finish it eventually.

Image: doushi.gif   513x274 39091 bytes 2002.11.23

The Sidra Doushi family, from left to right: Soreth, Seiryuu, and Malystryxx. Very happy stupid chibi family, drawn while on the phone with Soreth. Twenty minutes or so of photoshop.

Image: draque.jpg   697x700 104006 bytes 2002.11.29

Photoshop piece, my half of an art trade with Draque of

Image: dreams2.jpg   523x650 75120 bytes 2003.07.08

Con badge for Dreamshadow. I don't know if she actually goes to conventions, but she's got a badge now, if she ever decides to go.

Image: eis.jpg   650x527 143481 bytes 2003.01.24

It's Eisule, the snowy owl / snow leopard gryphon from the Gryphon's Guild.\r\nI really should do more watercolors.

Image: eldreme.jpg   457x693 105116 bytes 2002.01.03

Something for Eldarath and Fareme, because they bugged me until I drew it. :) Thanks Fareme for the cool were-Maly pic in return!

Image: ethmoom.jpg   537x557 72638 bytes 2002.10.14

My buddy Etherrawen from the Guild, moomba-ised. I don't know why I felt like hand-coloring this one, but I think it came out decently. \r\nMoombas belong to Squaresoft, but Eth belongs to Eth.

Image: front.jpg   480x600 63074 bytes 2002.10.14

Final design for the t-shirts I've been printing and selling from home, the back has a set of dragon wings on it. I think I'll be doing a gryphon one soon, now that I have no job, I've got time for things like art.

Image: frysco-done.jpg   650x469 108515 bytes 2003.06.18

Finished con badge for Frysco, done in Photoshop. Will be laminated and put on a lanyard, in time for AC.

Image: ganesh.jpg   544x700 113490 bytes 2002.10.14

Ganesh, Hindu god of removing obstacles. This was gift art for a friend of mine who loves Ganesh, I even drew her siamese rat Gozer in as Ganesh's little buddy. Prismacolors on black paper.

Image: hart.gif   533x486 14348 bytes 2003.01.24

Lineart for Hart's decal, I swiped the wings off of my picture of Poison. I'll replace this with the color version eventually.

Image: hida.gif   752x534 12658 bytes 2001.08.31

Yay, a black and white piece. I should draw stuff for coloring books, or somefin. It's Hida, drawn on my flight to NH a while back. The little guy on his shoulder is Anavrin, one of my little kokopelli fairy dragons.

Image: hoofy.jpg   480x609 52157 bytes 2002.11.29

Hoofy the Sabre of the Gryphon's Guild, in her winter coat. Just fiddling with a possible new style, with strangely accented features. I'm not sure if I like it - thoughts?

Image: hookah.jpg   300x300 112753 bytes 2002.10.14

Mmmm....hookah and oekaki, together at last. Drew this the day I bought my new pretty gargoyle hookah and christened it. Done mostly with the 1pixel wide pencil tool, and a small amount of watercolor tool.\r\nOf course, now my hookah is in a mild retirement, since I'm on the job hunt. Bah!\r\nDon't do drugs kids, even if a poisonous purple gryphon offers them to you.\r\nPoison is copyright me, like anyone else would want her.

Image: icemooncl.jpg   600x494 64666 bytes 2001.09.02

I just realized I have no pictures of any of my other characters here on my archive! Here's one of two - this is Icemoon, my fox/dragon fuzzball. I know the pose is simple, but it works for showing off all of her features. She's by far the most complicated character I've got, which doesn't say much for the rest of my girls!

Image: iryuu.gif   700x490 26089 bytes 2003.12.06

JPG version was 75k, but thanks to Ch'maar's wonderful compression detector suggestions, I made it a GIF instead, and now the detector says, "Use yours, my version sucks" (my size is 26k, recompressed with the detector would be 37k). That made my day. :)\r\nAnyways, I can meme with the best of them, and usually one of my close friends turns out to be the subject of my meming ways. This is Seiryuu, my boy who works as an apple certified technician.

Image: kechara15.jpg   565x800 178268 bytes 2003.03.11

Largest part of a commission, a full sized digital painting of a rainbow pegasus. Yes, I did the border by hand. Hybrid piece between Painter 7 and Photoshop 6. This took about a month to complete. Full sized picture here:\r\n (897k, beware!)

Image: kestra.jpg   493x547 64300 bytes 2001.08.31

Yay for Fareme, one of the sweetest gryphs I know. She's a Kestra'chern, after all. What's that mean? I dunno, she just is. :)

Image: layracircle2.jpg   381x410 33218 bytes 2004.05.12

Part of a commission for Layra, this is going on a shrinky dink and being put on a hemp necklace.

Image: like-decal.jpg   239x363 25140 bytes 2002.04.25

Likeshine - pic trade - part 3 - holographic decal. I found this neat holographic paper at Aaron Brothers' a while ago, and had to do something with it. Turns out I'm pretty decent at doing gryphon profiles, so I pulled out my scissors and this was the end result. I think I'll do a red one for my car, or something.

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