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Image: seiryatta.jpg   360x510 65905 bytes 2002.10.14

The other side of Seiryuu's badge, displaying his love of the fig leaf, and all things Yatta! Photoshop, caffeine, and Happatai helped me make this gem happen. :)

Image: shark.jpg   602x700 77228 bytes 2002.10.14

Just to prove I can do other forms of art besides cheap fantasy, here's a scratchboard of a generic shark with a nifty sword thing. I think I like how the sword came out, the shark needs work though! This is also kind of my complaint piece, it's me saying to all of the other artists out there, "Push your boundaries, go beyond what you normally draw, try something new!" Even if it sucks, at least you tried, and maybe learned something from it. I learned I can't draw seaweed from this particular piece.

Image: sky.jpg   827x480 92002 bytes 2002.10.14

Layout design from my LiveJournal, "Hard Rain - Journal of a Northwest Dragon". I've always loved the rain, and this layout still makes me smile whenever I see it. Besides, Burt Bacharach is like, awesome. Lots of photoshop, and some cheap fonts were used in this image.

Image: snowdrop.jpg   700x456 64955 bytes 2002.03.15

Hooray for Photoshop. Last "traditional" art piece I've done in a while, and also, the last furry piece I've done. I think I like it, although I wish I didn't make that damn black branch fade so much at the top. Oh well, this is one of those pieces I was sorta trancing to while working on - you know the kind, start it and don't really realize what you're doing till it's over! Icemoon's my character, as always.

Image: snowy-f.jpg   231x462 41426 bytes 2003.06.11

Finished con badge for SnowWolf. It'll be printed, cut out, laminated, blah blah, same as always. Contact me about con badges if you're interested.

Image: soreth.jpg   525x342 55380 bytes 2002.10.14

Con badge for one of my bestest buddies and coolest bronze brother, Soreth Whitescale. Just him looking out over the Pacific ocean, somewhere near our home. Tiny ink sketch with some photoshop and filters.

Image: totem.jpg   354x510 76022 bytes 2002.10.14

My own con badge this year, it's Maly with her meathook-cleaver thing, standing near Mt. Rainier. The totem pole has Icemoon on the bottom, Poison in the middle, and another Maly up top. All characters are mine, Mt. Rainier is copyright to...uhh...geothermal and tectonic activity, I suppose.

Image: web.jpg   500x500 49884 bytes 2001.09.02

Lines from my favorite song, and a bunch of fun playing with all the new toys in Photoshop, combined with the most colorful gryphoness I know and a dreamcatcher all came together for this picture. Turns out acyd really liked it, and that's all that matters. I've had those song lyrics stuck in my head for about a week now, I think I've got dreamcatchers on the brain.

Image: wy-done.jpg   261x422 53110 bytes 2003.05.29

Finished con badge for Wyatt, of his dragon character. Photoshop and fun with filters.

Image: zzac-c.jpg   456x523 49253 bytes 2001.08.31

My first tablet piece ever, done over a sketch in Photoshop. It's Azzacanth's gryphon form, all purply and stuff. I think I like it, although those ears are just too "Dee Dreslough" for me. Oh well.

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