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Image: maelstrom2.jpg   507x640 50158 bytes 2006.05.13

Yantran the ribbon sawtail fish/angler fish hybrid and Maelstrom the vampire squid Deep-hag. He's controlling Yantran by the medallion around his forehead, Yan's uaully a shy boy. but Rip and Andre will -probably- come to rescue him...

Image: sanji2.jpg   740x640 73234 bytes 2006.05.12

Sanji in the bower. He's decidedly nicer this time around, it could be the insane amount of aphrodisicas his father slipped into his wine during the marriage dinner to make certain that his arrogant son follows through.

Image: in_heat.jpg   735x640 40826 bytes 2006.04.09

Ryltar is an Illythriin cat, whereas most felines are patriarchal and the females come into heat, with Illythriin cats the opposite is true. They can technically breed whenever they want, but males are only fertile for some parts of the year, which keeps their population under control. \r\n\r\nSo who does the ranger go to when he need a good, hard, week-long screw? Why Trey of course!\r\n\r\nTrey and Ryltar (c) Marie Laforet

Image: chen.jpg   800x579 38057 bytes 2006.04.08

Chen the snow leopard prince. He is sad because Sanji doesn't like him. Sanji doesn't actually dislike Chen, the Amur prince is just a spoiled brat who doesn't want to be the "wife" in the arrangement.\r\n\r\nChen (c) Marie Laforet

Image: leopards.jpg   481x640 35649 bytes 2006.04.08

The prince of Amur, Sanji, and the Prince of the snow leopards, Chen. They have to get married by some obscure ancient law, and Sanji isn't having any of it. chen doesn't get what the big deal is, but then he's technically the husband.\r\n\r\nSanji and Chen (c) Marie Laforet

Image: favourite_disease.jpg   747x640 42284 bytes 2006.04.08

Ryltar and his lover/rival Trey the coyote. They have a strange and effective relationship. They fight each other to determine who's stronger, but never to the death. after all, a kill might just be a fluke and then you'll never be able to definitively prove who was the better. but a fight to three wounds, that proves skill. And the loser has to be on bottom. \r\n\r\nRyltar and Trey (c) Marie Laforet

Image: 3_koi.jpg   504x640 37170 bytes 2006.03.30

"Spawning season"\r\n\r\nKohaku (middle), Bekko (top) and Tancho (bottom) having some fun. Fish-anthros are hard to draw...\r\n\r\nPrismacolour on inked sketch\r\n\r\nBekko, Tancho and Kohaku (c) Marie Laforet

Image: 2_swords.jpg   481x620 26816 bytes 2006.03.30

"Ryltar again"\r\n\r\nA newer picture of Ryltar in mid-twist, likely caught off-guard whilst practicing.\r\n\r\nPrismacolour on ink and pencil sketch\r\n\r\nRyltar (c) Marie Laforet

Image: Cuhal_and_Coera.jpg   461x640 27628 bytes 2006.03.30

"Cuhal and Coera"\r\n\r\nA pair of races I made for a Star Wars game that never got started. Long and detailed history available on my Deviantart account\r\n\r\nPencil and ink sketch coloured with Prismacolour professional pencil crayons\r\n\r\nRaces (c) Marie Laforet

Image: Ryltar.jpg   588x600 33142 bytes 2006.03.29

"Ryltar concept art"\r\n\r\nThis is Ryltar, a cat of Clan Illythiir. Part of a "drow cat" race I made for an Ironclaw game, which evolved into an unwritten story. This is the first drawing I did of him, but it really captured the feel of this character and I like it even though its an old picture.\r\n\r\nPencil and ink sketch coloured with Prismacolour professional pencil crayons\r\n\r\nRyltar (c) Marie Laforet

Image: binx.jpg   433x559 25391 bytes 2006.03.29

"Not today boys!"\r\nThis is Binx, a female caracal character from an as-of-yet unwritten story. She's a theif escaping from a high balcony with her latest haul.\r\n\r\nPencil and ink sketch, coloured with Prismacolour professional pencil crayons\r\n\r\nBinx (c) Marie Laforet

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