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Image: AADD2.jpg   695x782 150247 bytes 2001.06.25

never underestimate what macbeth is capable of. If you don't expext it, he'll do it. such as combing his hair over and saying something stupid. it makes him that much more scary.sara,nack,macbeth me

Image: AADD3.jpg   885x613 164207 bytes 2001.07.08

I always thought nazgul were the thing the dark riders rode, buuuut, i got this book that tells otherwise, so bah.sara, lou'vak, me me

Image: AADDpic.gif   378x614 67913 bytes 2001.05.03

I beleive in what AADD stands for.(since I did create it) and here is a example. if you are drinking and drawing you might do some things to your characters that they will hate you for, like sara here, when in a drunken stupper asked her to be in a wrist slitting pic that is quite common amungst artists. well she didn't go through with it. and I hope she accepts the flowers i sent for forgivnes. she's a wolverine, you never know what they'll do. sara me.

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