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Image: fvck_off!.jpg   488x453 58467 bytes 2003.04.13

i've been looking round. and latly ome o' ye are using nazi's as a character. let me say this again...NAZI'S FUCK OFF! nazi's are NOT cool in ANY manner! *spits on the swastica and walks off*

Image: canadianscots.jpg   311x150 24266 bytes 2003.03.30

for the scots of canada. something i put together. hope they are not offended. cross of st. Andrew his depcomposed corpse self..and scotland. heheheh

Image: sara_built_dwarf_tough.jpg   265x521 115897 bytes 2003.03.30

*begining to hate compresser* sarah, looking smug. old pic thank you. sarah trencher (c) mark andrews 2003

Image: Brittle_back.jpg   754x485 107610 bytes 2003.03.30

something i scribbled out at a punk gig.the green mohawked wolverine is sarah's sister, this is his band; Brittle back. a punk/goth band. for more info go to my diviantart page.

Image: power_of_the_pink.jpg   661x735 115954 bytes 2003.03.30

"your current upload alloence is 13 nipples" sorry pink. it just fit. yes, and art trade with the pink.still waiting for her's but it's alright. pink (C) herself

Image: mca_gulo_gulo.jpg   700x602 114014 bytes 2003.03.30

Compression Detector??? oh dear. things have changed... well anyways. this is my other fursona. the mca is plentiful, i dislike havign but one. so i gave myself my spirit animal. the gulo gulo, also known as Wolverine. yes that's a kilt. i love kilts but i don't know my tartan colours. anyone know what the hagerty tartan is or at least what clan they belong to?

Image: McA_Jabberwok.jpg   634x623 268800 bytes 2003.03.30

The Jabberwocky is BACK! fear you twits, i still hate you all. thanks ch'marr. now. my accuall fursona, a jabberwocky. if you know it not, just ask me. a hint. it is in alice in wonderland series.

Image: stand.jpg   276x505 103830 bytes 2002.12.22

Image: emotionaly_drained.jpg   696x712 169521 bytes 2002.12.16

essentially i was going to wait till i inked all the other ones, but i guess i'll make my appearence in an accually "fur" form. as a rule i never draw myself furry. what is that you ask? what about coldwhisper? easy! he was some poor shmuck i possed as my avatar into the fur univers untill i found a sutable form. but now, i have this mighty body to it is NOT i repeat NOT a dragon. it's a jabberwoki. i wanted to be jabberwok because, well wait till i get more up. now, here i am, syphoning emotional energy off this poor sod, thought i was just being frisky, sorry meat bag he was, the more emotion, the better the feed. mca jabberwok mark andrews.

Image: remember_helloween.jpg   700x650 110023 bytes 2002.12.07

a little late for helloween, but what do i care? i hate christomas. i'd rather celabrate all howls eve. hell, i even tell everyone not to get me anything for x-mas, because i don't belive in that corperate controled time,also i' not going to spend money on people just because someday is made for it, kiss my ass. my money is going towards my schooling. fucking $12,000 tuition payments. FUCK! oh and whats that? be nice so that the young children can look at my stuff, and not to be vulger so young wanna be furs won't be scared off? bite that! children piss me off too. i don't have to be nice to the little prey. all they are to me is meat. fooood. and i don't want youngsters becoming furs, because they start copying the "collest" artists out there. i'll have a pic up soon enugh about how i feel. sara and id trick or treating as each other. id helped sara dye her fur, but all she really wanted was a free peek. heheh. sara and id are mark andrews, me

Image: glorious_and_free.jpg   914x705 195857 bytes 2002.12.04

Oooh Canada, we stand on guard, for theeee! not with all the crap going round.but i love this land, because unlike the states, OUR natural beuties are still intact! most o' it. but i think having a land completely free o' american greed and full o' the earth mothers bounty is better then a rich economy and a shitty landscape i would not ever want to admit is mine. hell, the most healthy environments down there are the swamps and deserts, and it doesn't take a george w. bush class MORON to figure out why. and that is what ego is rejoicing about, enjoying the land he loves, does not matter where, just as long as it is relativly untouched by quoth "civilization" unquoth. this picture took a bit o' work to shrink down the file size, hell o' a lot o' work.oh, and i like this apperance for him, i think i will keep it, it is based on christina delongs b-day pic for me. hurrah!

Image: eryn_gryph.jpg   595x657 153950 bytes 2002.11.28

one o' the females at school i drew as gryphon. i think the personalitys are similar. both like to kill..a lot. and hurt people, like me, and as soon as she reads this, i'm dead. *waves* hi Eryn!!! *wags tail* oh and a little sherlock ego on there too. done in bic pen and water colour.

Image: sara_line_of_action.jpg   656x864 163915 bytes 2002.11.25

a few things directly from my scetch book for animation college., three all to gether, and my favorit poses are highlighted in colour.i still love this girl. glad i created her. and on a side note. it seems people are becoming more shy to the fact they have associate with me at least once. interesting. just remember. the vast majority o' you tank top, overly baggy, thong wearing furry preps are going to die. where are your friends when old age takes you? LOVE ME!!! agnsty angsty angsty bull-shiiiiit! angsty angsty angsty, you sliiiiime! *sung to the "Bonanza theme song* sara trencher mark andrews 2002

Image: id_line_of_action.jpg   635x867 141404 bytes 2002.11.25

not really liking this all to much, but i'm an egotistical bastard apparently so i love it all the bush is taking steps in shit he should not play with. he will be the end o' us all.

Image: ego_line_of_action.jpg   632x879 171535 bytes 2002.11.25

and finally line o' action ego. i love the look in his eyes in the one next to the coloured one. your all still gonna die. natures law.

Image: winter_coldwhisper.jpg   402x572 119500 bytes 2002.11.25

I still feel the cold, of long past days. i knew my worth, put in my place. it's no surprise, i realized some time before. december.------and this is what i have to put up with, winter coat has already set in.oh well. they may call me fluffyer, but that just makes me more squeezable. Die your stupid fucks! Die die die!!! mmmmmdead republicans.

Image: summer_coldwhisper.jpg   360x571 120691 bytes 2002.11.25

Drinking beer in the, hot sun! I fought the law and i won! i fought the law and, I won! being half spirit and half mortal really screws things up. my body addapts to the weather, summer coat right here, small, not to warm. but then time passes.

Image: tabbietrade2.jpg   659x628 103750 bytes 2002.11.12

ERGH! stupid jpg! jpg ruins my images. and tabbiewolf is wearing a BNL's "Gordon" shirt. wooooo. and me in my usual dead kennedys shirt...woooooo.....i want to eat her candy coated face.mmmmm face. Had to go to a church today so i could eat their food for rememberance day. a day that you fuckers are not appreciating, why? cuz you want to be ruled by nazis. screw you guys.

Image: tabbietrade1.jpg   476x522 148727 bytes 2002.11.12

Tabbiewolf wanted to do an art trade with me after i posted a request. i like her, she is amusing. so i did two pics for her. i drew Chrys. yep, i did. wit ha shirt that says spot. because people seem to make big issues about spots. now excuse me, there is a ramones song with my name on it. chrys Stephanie-K...blitzkreg bop, dunnanana naa.

Image: wheeeeeee.jpg   576x784 183180 bytes 2002.11.11

a little amusment i was to complete a while ago. told pushtyber i'd do this too. and i'm not giving you twits a clue. ego mark andrews

Image: punk_show_record.jpg   767x989 250950 bytes 2002.11.11

this is a record o' on gig i went to. should have joined the mosh. but thats ok, the next one i went to i moshed for all that was mosh! for three song.... then the people looked at my drawings and asked me if i thought they were gay. i don't care. ps nasty chicken wants your soul. shin-x himself ego mark andrews

Image: a_kiss_for_a_good_day.jpg   433x456 154956 bytes 2002.11.11

took a while for me to finally finish it. because i'm lazy. and i'm better then you so nyah!should i have uploaded this one first? eeh. oh well. bite me you goofy bastards and remember. Draw me fan art and i'll kill you. LOVE ME!!!

Image: CS_tag_wolf.jpg   254x297 105918 bytes 2002.11.07

i created this for my counter strike tag. i will be finishing my other clanmates soon enugh, camel and llama will have their tags as well. fear clan |CaNaDiAn| ego coldwhisper mark andrews 2002

Image: ITS_NOT_PUNK.jpg   700x677 198773 bytes 2002.11.05

Image: the_jabberwoki.jpg   450x757 108551 bytes 2002.10.28

i have that one sleeve missing jacket. wear it often. so if anyone wants to art trade i'm up to it. any one will do. i'm bored, and when i'm bored it's either kinky male sex or playing with peoples minds. so hurry up. you love the boots. me me

Image: KYOTO_NOW.jpg   431x447 120654 bytes 2002.10.25

Ok. i know the majority of the american population cares less then a pile of shit, but this is our only home. don't fuck it up. but what am i thinking , these are the same people that voted in Bush, dumb fuck extrordinare. this guy is pure dictator! and i can't say that because his whiny, white facist, rightwing psycho voters yell at me. OH good heavens, far be it from me to think what i want to think! Like, my GODS man, what does it take for some freedom of speach around here!?! apparently not love. nooo. bush likes not love. just power. he frowns on every thing! "no you can't love another man, no you can't love another woman, no you can't love nature" Fuck you you neo-nazi prick. i hope you get shot.

Image: sara_anatomy.jpg   888x780 158483 bytes 2002.10.23

and now an anatomy studdy o' my favorite wolverine. i could have done better on the side veiw, but i just don't give a flying fuck enugh. i hate how shrinking the file size damages teh quality of my work stupid technology. VEVA LA CASTRO!

Image: fucking_fans_eh?.jpg   561x671 162269 bytes 2002.10.16

i reeeealy don't like fans. the squealing ones. if you liek some one, ok, thats cool. but you start spouting about how you worrship the divine fecal matter, fuck off.and i'm applying this to ALL fans. music fans, movie star fans, hell, even bush fans...wait. more pain towards the Bush fans. facist bastards. yes anyways. lee...don't bother flaming me. you were used as a passing example. not directly. good night. ego mark andrews

Image: baby_eater.jpg   295x655 127888 bytes 2002.10.16

i don't much like the idea of being vegitarian. to me, if you eat only plant matter, you are prey. i don't really care if you don't like the taste of it, but if you think its "wrong" to eat meat, well fuck you. who are you to say that mother nature doesn't know how to do things. YOUR the wrong one denying the will of the earth mother. bastards. i'll see you in hell when you get there. ego mark andrews

Image: woof_sapper.jpg   634x478 156862 bytes 2002.10.03

i'm always saying thins on the phone, not while talking to some one,. i pick it up and this comes out, just to piss off what ever CIA agent is litening in. heheheh. some annoying guy: you shouldn't be so mean to the states because it is the best country in the world! me: oh really captain ass fuck? then why is there so much crime there? i live in a city that has ..i don't know. 15 murders a year, and that is the highest in canada per capita! and MY country is known for inventing peace keepers. not war starters. So get on you knees and smile like an "O" boy!...bomb, white house, 3:30, allah.. ego coldwhisper mark andrews

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