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Image: warpath1.2.jpg   764x507 83381 bytes 2002.09.29

well it's me birthday. september the 28, and i am now legal drinking age. now i suppose i should go out and get piss drunk and fuck everything that moves and get a 5 month sentance for pissing on a cops car, wake up a month later and talk about how it was so fucking cool to poison myself and get fucked up the ass by bubba the hairy three eyed cellmate in the drunk tank, like the rest of you fucking rejects. that's what this pic is about. it's how i feel about how stupid my generation is and how i should put togeather a small army of insaine william wallace wannabe's and nail you people biblical style. I'm talkin fuck crusafiction people! then i'll start a coup in the states and kick george bush out and put 2 the Ranting Gryphon in charge and see what all the facist pricks say then! and any FBI who annoy me can just shut up and suck me off cuz i'm not in the mood!

Image: cold_anatomy_study_c.jpg   894x999 150715 bytes 2002.09.26

decidedto clolour it, and leave out some o' the other stuff. and if you knowtice, he has a longer then usual tail due to a genetic defect when he was born. but that was in the ice age when he was alive.and no the sheath does not determin size , if you know anything at all about canids...but anyway. i listen to east indian music because i think it's great. ego coldwhisper mark andrews

Image: cold_anatomy_study.jpg   1071x770 212912 bytes 2002.09.23

basic anatomy study o' ego coldwhisper. what's that you say? you want on him? well fuck off, it's just an anatomy study. pansiy bastards. ego mark andrews, cuz he's me fursona.

Image: egyptian?_sure_thing.jpg   928x757 175910 bytes 2002.09.22

another RP with danny boy. fun with egypt. but i prefer the ice age.

Image: zombies_an_sara_C.jpg   783x1037 244619 bytes 2002.09.22

mmmm, colour...oh uh..yes. Sara still on that breaking tree branch, but in colour. looks bad, but she's a wolverine, they always pull through. sara trencher mark andrews 2002

Image: dues_ex_jabberwoki_c.jpg   473x841 86571 bytes 2002.09.22

me in what i wear mostly. NATO standard issue canadian uniforms. i chose the Jabberwok because it represents the negative side of ones internal conflict, the one that uses truth to send others into suicidal fits, and i've been known to play on peoples depression, i feed off it in a way. after all. you are all just cattle.

Image: dues_ex_jabberwoki.gif   473x841 16119 bytes 2002.09.22

This is something i just thought o' off the top o' me head, a jacket design.

Image: zombies_an_sara.jpg   580x718 83829 bytes 2002.09.14

Sara cursing at teh gods forputting her in this situation, so far she has rushed into the sunless citidal by herself fleeing the annoying talkings of the paladin and to keep herself from killing that damned fool elf rouge. bye shit happens. sara trencher mark andrews

Image: tourch_singer_id.jpg   570x718 224220 bytes 2002.09.14

Id as a tourch singer, i beleive they are called, they were real big in the 40's and 50's, i really like this one. and remember; smile! id coldwhisper mark andrews

Image: the_lost.gif   528x715 11977 bytes 2002.09.12

there rathy, i finished it! haha! my pic has already sparked some talk,"red white and brainwashed.jpg" two so far, one i respect for being polite and intellegant, the other...well i'll give him credit for standing and saying what he wanted, thank you sir by the way, that is what i want to see. don't brood around, TELL me you hate me! tell me i'm a fucking bastard if that is the only way you can talk! say SOMETHING! or you have given up and i win, and you don't want that. "i may not know art, but i know what i like" and you can't change me. lost nako rathadack

Image: red_white_and_brainwashed.jpg   850x793 150636 bytes 2002.09.12

WARNING: highly political images. it's not that i'm addressing just insulting jokes,which are pretty bad for relations, it's just that americans, not all mind you, a lot of you are pretty cool, butit's the morons that act stupid in other countrys that set you as targets. you let your military power get to your heads. and the american fear of intellagent people is not good as well. 1/3 of the american populus accually think canada is just another state, that's a lot of morons, and the 2/3's remaining arn't that great either. not that we are perfect, but with friends like you... that is my 9/11 say. keep in mind, this was relitivly tactful on my part. coldwhisper mark andrews

Image: wingadingdingdangdong.jpg   746x584 138519 bytes 2002.09.07

heheh shin-x: remember, to the woman your dating or whatever, all other females are ugly, fat, dumb sluts. me:mmmmm jelly donut.lot o' sillyness. and now...the, larch...the, larch. daniel: danny want a cracker! me: yarr, pie be all i have. look look! i spelled your name right! more nonsense drawings, all based on msn chatting!

Image: morning_after.jpg   373x389 83923 bytes 2002.09.07

scribble based on an RP with daniel k, sara wakes up to a shock. oh, and furry muck is pissing me of, i can't get on. damn admin ...<sum><pi><pi>????? weeee! i drew this on a little sticky pad. holla! yarr? dery daniel k, sara and coldwhisper mark andrews

Image: drunks_and_laundry.jpg   771x729 187245 bytes 2002.09.07

based on real life. hey look! i'm not lazy by spelling it "RL" like you dumb @#$%'s i at least want to know my own language. yes, a drunk wandered in and wanted to bum some money off me, and because o' me side burns i apparently looks exactly like elvis,...then he got his friends to look at me. coldwhisper mark andrews

Image: anarchy_for_sale.jpg   358x547 123179 bytes 2002.09.07

why not? i've looked at everyone who claims to be "anarchists" and they are mostly equal to kindergardeners trying to get into senior high school. like i said last year; the 9/11 brings out those who are Truly anarchists. like me. i'm pissed that bush is still milking 9/11 even now! you know what? every time i see a replay i LAUGH my ass off! did this at work, based on a dead kennedys song.

Image: animalcamca.jpg   221x575 99289 bytes 2002.09.07

"Your current upload allowance is: 15 Tim Tams" what the fuck is a tim tam? any way....*twitch* anger, grr. a few days ago someone drew a "punk" looking like a raver, with stars and what not on it. that is not punk, though shn-x will yell at me about what is and is not punk again, but i stick y my ideas and then eat a pear *gargle*oh, me as a ferret and a bat. so f*** you all, grr angsty! mark andrews

Image: yarr?.jpg   362x581 163138 bytes 2002.08.29

heheh, a little cut down i made to hayley while msning, i was quoting gwar as well. oh and the reports of the dead kennedys touring? *shakes head* my sources tell me jelly isn't there, it's just his band mates trying to make money, even when a few of them went POP *stabs the word to death* yeah so don't get to happy those o' you who go to the shows. yay! sunday i'm going to the punk rock show! hayley (in need of good punk) ? herself ego mark andrews(in need of black listing a certain bush)

Image: nemissis.jpg   580x436 199035 bytes 2002.08.29

ego fighting some darkness thingy, but not because it's the good thing to do, oooh noo, because he wants the world he's in to himself, and no god or demon from whatever religion is goingto take it from him, hewants to spread pain HIS way., puls i keep drawing the dead kennedys symbol wrong arrgh! ego mark andrews

Image: metis_id.jpg   451x553 86910 bytes 2002.08.29

as seeing how i've decided to split my characters into new ways, id is now my 1700's era character, and she is metis, so are the other coldwhispers, though i don't think the metis were around in that time*shrug* mark andrews

Image: fire_in_the_fur.jpg   736x616 109209 bytes 2002.08.29

you know what? i'm sick of seeing good fur's disapear from the fandom because you fucks that are only in it because its the "cool" thing! i'm sick of having to see good fur admins like ch'marr, and the others have to deal with whining bastards. hells with it, the next time i hear one o' you complaining about nothing i'm going shove your words down your throats and then bitch slap you! and don't come emailing me to "shut up" because you don't like having some one to shut YOU up. i drew this at work after having to bother with an annoying person, colourded rather quickly. coldwhisper mark andrews

Image: id_at_play.jpg   421x628 221048 bytes 2002.08.22

i personaly blame this on heyley and daneil. but anyway, it is Id, molesting teen mca! a favorite pastime. did this at work yesterday, and i'm going to do another one today, a yiff pic o' hayley i think...what? i 'm allowed. garg i say! morons. characters are to me.

Image: seudo_crisis_222.jpg   390x526 101121 bytes 2002.08.20

and here is a colour version for you nut logs in floater water. you know. some might ask; why is the mca so mean? why? because you people annoyme, and no i won't ignore you. we do that enugh as it is. like the americans fear o' anyone smart so they had to vote george "the great satan" bush in. for that one fact we are doomed.

Image: seudo_crisis_222.gif   390x526 170062 bytes 2002.08.20

what happens when mca is watching t omany animes at work, and had just played warcraft 3 and hour earlyer? this you dumb f***s, and i'll be able to do that again.....

Image: garg!.jpg   333x410 101706 bytes 2002.08.16

It is I mca as teen! which is hayleys idea, fish say argh! draw me fan art an i kill you! .how i think teen mca should look. plus army boots. heheh, gwar...teen mca mark andrews Gwar ....Gwar

Image: mouldytea.jpg   439x325 66482 bytes 2002.08.16

ugh, drank mouldy tea this morning with out knowing till the side effects kicked in, at work no less. and was pesstered by an annoying kid. infact, all children are annoying and the parents should do me a favor and eat their young. i wanna slap the little bastards, but i'm not going to resort to violence, i just growled at him, and he left me alone. this is how i felt. drew this at work. in the morning, ugh early.

Image: it's_hayley.jpg   582x833 310123 bytes 2002.08.15

It's hayley! and nack in the corner. *warning, use with caution, contents are know to steal pants,do scary things, say "eeeeee" a lot, and molest. keep from open flame, keep clothes greesed to insure lessening clinging* hayley herself nack and art mark andrews

Image: do_what_dead_man_do.jpg   457x665 186912 bytes 2002.08.11

i hate how jpg's ruin my images. anyway, yes, it's hayley on me head, and me in deep contimplation. no one ever gets me colourings right, i have dark blue around the eyes that strech to me ears, and a medium sized beard! not a no show bead! and at the base o' me ears are three spikes o' fur. and my black stripe goes frome between coller(spelling?) bones to the tip o' me tail. and a brewn kilt, yes, kilt sare good. hayley "jackel" fulker herself, mca coldwhispe" mark "Mca" andrews, "i'm here to keep punk elite!*

Image: atleast_i_got_it_done_eh?.gif   394x815 14013 bytes 2002.08.07

told dan i'd d oa chibbi o' him, and some armour. so here we are. fish!

Image: mca_bat_and_dan.jpg   493x749 162104 bytes 2002.08.07

daneil did his version o' this, based on an Rp on msn with him. though i don't think his friend jackel likes me. oh well. quick drawing, quick colour, took a month to upload, really, it's true, i'm lazy as hell.

Image: superego_prophile.jpg   278x655 107119 bytes 2002.07.20

it's not furry, but i think i don't need to appoligise for it, it's my art and you have no say in it. this super ego coldwhisper in a half elf/half orc form. moron: oh look! a sleveless shirt and pants, he must be a hypocrit after that comic he did! no, i was critizizing the fact that people don't use their own designs as a start board but others. and all this quoth "anachy" stuff is B.S. very few accually do something, it's ok to be anti-establishment, hell i am , right on! BUT...if your going to be, at least do something, don't use it as an excuse to be lazy, or your just street trash. super ego coldwhisper mark andrews

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