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Image: mca_dragoness.jpg   520x698 117876 bytes 2002.07.20

me as a dragoness in an rp daniel and I were having. yay flying lessons. art © mark andrews

Image: cocaneC.jpg   574x676 150467 bytes 2002.07.20

a shirt desiegn and a new character. she is called...cocane, she is an albino wolverine and claims to be the older sister of Sara trencher, sara refuses to accnowlege her. ok now for my "angsty" lines as you morons would put it. the fur community are a bunch of whiners, i have spent a few hours listening to 2's rants, and so should you, well it's accually your choice. but i listened to the rant, "furry-balls" and then realized that; yes! yes most furs deserve a slap across the back o' the head, always whining about someone stealing their art, i would be pissed to, but grow some balls and deal with it.

Image: irish_drinking_games.gif   773x698 21329 bytes 2002.07.20 hells wiht colouring it.i'm listening to bagpipes right now, all good mood for this, and i'm desiding to discard a friend i have grown tired of because o' a tactless comment made by him last night. so shin-x...go fuck your self. who do you think you are telling me the music i like is crap when you have a very short sense o' what you listen to. good day. daniel-k © himself, marie holland © marie delong, iD coldwhisper © mark andrews.

Image: boogyman_bash.jpg   694x1007 287974 bytes 2002.07.16

Boggyman: I'm sorry Timmy, i don't have any ballons, but I do have you brothers large intestine, i can make a nive giraff out of it.\r\n ah yes, the boogy. the intellecual property o' all childrens nightmares. he represents all our fears o' the unknown. by giving him a face i have ruined that idealism. how i enjoy my petty torments. Boogyman © mark andrews

Image: issachar??_how_odd.jpg   484x365 47665 bytes 2002.07.10

So i'm lookin at vcl's latest art, like i do every day. and all o' a sudden my not-so-evil twin pops up out o' nowhere. accually from wylde-lyfe's art. so i track it down to errant fire's art. so i says, i says dis is fucked up i says, and start laughing at the whole ordeal. I don't entend to bother errant at all. no reason just because their char looks like mine. good day.

Image: the_whater_now?.jpg   484x641 97015 bytes 2002.07.09

oi?\r\n\r\nI'm to tired to insult George Bush right now, wait for tommorow. mca want sleep... drawing o' what i'm wearing right now, and mostlikly for the rest o' summer.\r\n" priests and cannabls, prehistoric animals, every body happy as teh dead come home!"

Image: the_nobility_of_the_monster.jpg   781x732 192292 bytes 2002.06.21

being a gentalman is a good way to live, but you can still be a monster. Cocoa is terrified o' me and so it makes for amusment. and I don't care about the crappy job on the stairs so don't e-annoy me about it. Cocoa© herself,coldwhisper © mark andrews

Image: punk_coney.jpg   368x629 148385 bytes 2002.06.20

Coney, the carniverious offspring o' a wolf and a rabbit which belong to the website . this is what I see her being in her later years,why? because a rabbit that has predator diet and personality is not a status quo individual, and goths are just to depressing.

Image: theidiot.jpg   1118x764 382623 bytes 2002.06.20

it's suppose to be a drawing for the song " the idiot" by Stan rogers. it's about Newfoundland people moving to alberta for the money and work for it and not be on wellfare, example; "you'll miss the green, the woods and streams and the dust will fill your nose, but just like me you will be, an idiot i suppose." working in the oil refinerys o' alberta is not inviting. now imagine a factory in the back ground, that's not to hard is it you small minds? some canadian girl © mark andrews

Image: sand_glass_jewel.jpg   559x748 102860 bytes 2002.06.20

Image: evolution_o'_the_mca.jpg   963x703 150643 bytes 2002.06.20

i got REAL sick o' this one. cost me some hours o' sleep. so here are all my past personas. not true to hieght, i'd say it goes the other way.evil guy,Pitt,Thix Madrox, coldwhisper © mark andrews

Image: AD&D_sara.jpg   560x866 127316 bytes 2002.06.20

I'm using sarah as my AD&D character, and I must say, she's may be the second weakest, but she's pulling her wieght, killed on goblin, and broke and ogers chest with that scary looking maul +1, she's only level 1 but so are everyone else.her party members are: a dwarf (fat boy), a paladin (bastard quire boy), and a druid elf (holy one). she seems to be the center o' our group, because o' her are char's got together, though she tried to kill fat boy and wants church boy dead, she always follows the druid, he is an elf but we won't hold that against him. sarah © mark andrews

Image: cuda.jpg   724x940 114888 bytes 2002.06.16

cuda, from grinner. yes. to hell will you all go.what? no I won't go, i don't like it there, they skull fuck children there. yes this is cuda. what? you want a song? screw you.

Image: mmm_blood_and_fuckshows.jpg   652x850 151302 bytes 2002.06.02

yay! drawing with blood is fun. expecialy if it's a lot o' blood.then you can do things, thought I should have accualy made something instead o' shmearing it. oh well. visions o' sugar punk fariys just poped into me head, and i like how CW looks misserable. Oi to the world and fear my mystical nare beer +3!!!

Image: crisis_222.jpg   609x793 482616 bytes 2002.05.21

by my troth! thine wonderous and wreched beastthat walks upon two legs and weailds death by the handfulls. I LOVE kilts, I want to wear one. in public that is, without being criticized by all o' you horrible people.I errored upon the eye, it was suppose to be glowing, but I have not mastered that yet. pity.

Image: welcome_to_the_machine.jpg   600x517 100781 bytes 2002.05.20

wearin mah' clothes ah' am.wooha! pink floyd does things to me head. fun things. joyus things. go to hell people things (grin)

Image: profilemcacoldwhisperid1.jpg   737x669 197594 bytes 2002.05.20

a profile, a psycho, a killer, a woman, a car, a- wait!!?! nack get over here! Nack: what? mca: did you play with the script ye little bastard?nack: umm...nooooo mca: Wrong answer!*zap* nack: aaaagh!. birdys fly trout ways north aga blaga daaaaaaaaa. oh and by the way. to the pilot that bombed the canadians, sara if you please? sara trencher:*waves middle finger* nice shooting yankee, hope yea get 25 to life.

Image: mca's_cyberpack.jpg   725x661 130819 bytes 2002.05.20

We're all suppose to be children in this one. all o' those involved with me on the net, exept marie crystal. she is just a drawing.¬¬. and there are things ye must know you idiots. most o' what I upload was inked a LONG while ago, ergo: I upload something, it was finished weeks ago.. ok? goood, you bloody retarded monkeys. exept Daniel-k, marie delong, hayley fulker, zion, rathadack (not to be mistaken for the newbie rath-cat or what ever), and me, your local internet bastard. f***shows.

Image: the_deads_wake.jpg   447x616 121254 bytes 2002.05.14

((the Mca's "Bad Poetry section)) just so you retarded monkeys understand. once again another cheap shot at the U.S. government. now before you Hate-mail me know this....there's a LOT more on it's way, eheheheh. © mark andrews 2002

Image: fish_say_argh!!!.jpg   932x774 206287 bytes 2002.05.01

bush is continuesly grating me nerves. the ass clown would like nothing to do with us, but we have been the largest presence o' all the countrys in the world, and so we are "in his face". I love it. oh and to the bastard american who killed four o' our men. I hope you live as a hobo for the rest o' your existance you misserable wrech. have you seen how bush is trying to shift blame to make it OUR fault? I'm just waiting for him to declare dictatorship. the afgan war is nothing but an attempt to control the oil o' the middle east. and he is using nazi tactics to. the "If you kill one of our people we'll kill 100 of you innocents!" Gods! Hitler used that for gods sake!why did they have to vote in the idiot instead o' Gore the smart one? feh!....I like this style.

Image: profile_gathra.jpg   546x898 112708 bytes 2002.05.01

I suppose it is time for me anual upload. I am not terrbly impresed with this. the stance is to boring and flat in my view. but I completed it that is all that counts. oh. I just noticed that the feet are finished. hmm. oh well.*slits throat*

Image: unholy_congragation.jpg   816x584 112909 bytes 2002.04.23

there we are. sorry my friends I have been to long in mine uploading. as if any want me to. here are alll the nazgul o' neo-Mordor(also known as Ralley-Goldez) all the characters donated by their artists who are at the head o' the armys o' Ralley-Goldez, they are; Kay the subcommandero' all mordor, Tanzer the covert opps and head spy,daneil-K the head scout, marie cannabis the berzerker cheiften,zion the cavilry lead, and wren who is incharge o' stratigy.all are © their artists.

Image: changeOtheguards.jpg   397x709 98439 bytes 2002.04.09

please pardon my chicken wait...if you can't read it well then you must be retarded!!! oh why did I say that. I sounded as pathetic as the rest o' you. jack © Pepe

Image: heidi.jpg   434x765 214554 bytes 2002.04.09

I owed this a long time ago. so I've done a better job. now marieas pick needs to me finished.

Image: smalltownblues.jpg   858x758 113082 bytes 2002.04.09

i'll be moving this to the sketch area soon.THINGS NOT TO DO IN A SMALL TOWN.

Image: wrenB&W.jpg   520x687 55094 bytes 2002.04.09

hmm. made her look older and more villinlike then she should be. fish...meh. well I told you Hay, i'd finish it. wren © Hayley fulker.

Image: life_is_a_lemon2.jpg   575x698 88929 bytes 2002.04.09

I like the native look, yet I like europian armour, so I combined the two. that's why we look so.*sings*"The last I recall is one hell o'va fall, and a crack that did spell certain peril. The lights growin dim, christ i'm going in, like the wreck of the Edmond Fitzgerld!!!" Id © mark andrews

Image: celticlou'vak.jpg   382x552 60203 bytes 2002.04.09

Lou'vaks new look. I was watching WWF and became inspired by Ravens appearance, he was wearing a kilt hah! kilts are cool. lou'vak © mark andrews 2002

Image: blahenstein.jpg   730x673 128358 bytes 2002.04.03

an MSNing event a while ago, zion accidentaly ate blah fish and marie, zion and I had to put him back together. this was a celebration photo, but blahfish became psychotic and me an' marie had to hunt him down in the great shroom forest. zion © himself, marie © to merself and I am © to what ever gods foolishly thought I was a good Idea.

Image: therealmcomic1.jpg   490x780 102659 bytes 2002.03.25

this is a personal attack on my schools counceler, I was yelled at for my coice o' essay topics in last quarters psychology class, he said any topic I wanted!!! fuckers are to close minded.

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