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Image: igotnothingagain.png   300x400 18425 bytes 2005.09.27

This was a filler for my PBBS comic Molotov fairytale. I was swamped with work(which place fired me and the whole evening staff last friday) so I drew this instead.

Image: irish_drinking_games.gif   773x698 21329 bytes 2002.07.20 hells wiht colouring it.i'm listening to bagpipes right now, all good mood for this, and i'm desiding to discard a friend i have grown tired of because o' a tactless comment made by him last night. so shin-x...go fuck your self. who do you think you are telling me the music i like is crap when you have a very short sense o' what you listen to. good day. daniel-k © himself, marie holland © marie delong, iD coldwhisper © mark andrews.

Image: is_she_weird.jpg   772x900 60480 bytes 2004.05.29

This signifies that i'm doing shyte all for effort in colouring.\r\nOh sure I've a few drawings but i'm too lazy to colour, and I hate hand colouring them because it ruins the black and white, plus my scanner is a BITCH!\r\n\r\n"is she weird" by The Pixies\r\ngirl in center who's name eludes me for the moment is © mark andrews 2004

Image: issachar??_how_odd.jpg   484x365 47665 bytes 2002.07.10

So i'm lookin at vcl's latest art, like i do every day. and all o' a sudden my not-so-evil twin pops up out o' nowhere. accually from wylde-lyfe's art. so i track it down to errant fire's art. so i says, i says dis is fucked up i says, and start laughing at the whole ordeal. I don't entend to bother errant at all. no reason just because their char looks like mine. good day.

Image: it's_hayley.jpg   582x833 310123 bytes 2002.08.15

It's hayley! and nack in the corner. *warning, use with caution, contents are know to steal pants,do scary things, say "eeeeee" a lot, and molest. keep from open flame, keep clothes greesed to insure lessening clinging* hayley © herself nack and art © mark andrews

Image: ITS_NOT_PUNK.jpg   700x677 198773 bytes 2002.11.05

Image: jabber_hah.jpg   971x743 139391 bytes 2003.09.09

Some little thing at work i made to past the time...i really need to not use pencil crayons, or buy a better scanner. damn things turn out choppy. oh well, it's my jabberside playing some game and about to get pounced by jabbey, my fem version. i was thinking of adding Redoak in (my gulo fursona) but it would have made no sense. all art and characters © mark andrews 2003.. and then Trogdor came in the NIIIIIIIGHT!

Image: jabberAAAGH.jpg   589x392 55031 bytes 2004.05.06

Green aura of DOOM!!! first upload in the goddess knows how long. It's not that i'm overly busy, i'm jsut that undeniably lazy..and still hate you all.\r\n\r\nDrew this while listening to the song "Your only punk once" by Good clean fun, of all things...\r\n\r\nphotoshoped and hand drawn. Jabbers © mark andrews™

Image: jabbers_life_day_11.jpg   749x292 86637 bytes 2003.09.16

sorry i didn't upload this on time, but i didn't get at my scanner till today. alright, my september the 11th tribute comic strip, and more of this strip to come! enjoy.

Image: jabbey_gears.jpg   694x897 138819 bytes 2003.09.24

old pic of jabbey i recently painted, wa hoo. fishnet angers me to draw.jabbey © mark andrews 2003

Image: jen_mouse.jpg   300x300 44250 bytes 2004.11.28

nevermind the bullocks..title.. heres an open canvas jen! \r\n\r\nOh P.S. I have a webcomic go now\r\n\r\njen kitty © mark andrews

Image: jen_punkasfuck.jpg   362x644 79615 bytes 2002.01.17

jen is suppose to be wearing a shirt that says "punk as fuck" a song by the vandals. but...I got lazy.the shovel says dead kennedys, for those that don't know, they are a punk band as well. this may be to steryotipical o' a punk but, this is how she is,just cuz your punk doesn't mean you have to dress a certain way, that defets the whole meaning o' being punk. this drawn on the bus, coloured in class. jen © mark andrews (me)

Image: kaidoandlorethock.gif   418x355 38403 bytes 2001.08.22

OOOOOOOOOLLLLDDDD PPPIIIIIICCCCC!!!!! hell this is my very first pic, that was lost in the evil valintines insident. I lost this and this being the 1 year anniversary o' joinin VCL, recently got it back from the one I did this for. Kaido Reaken! she was the reason I joined velar. It is my goal to be the oldest member o' velar. I'm not leavin, fer NO money!!! the canadian psycho says so!!!

Image: kapz.jpg   449x647 69440 bytes 2002.02.07

ahah! I got one left. kapz was donated by Marie for my 3th darkrider, and Daneil-K donated the 4th one,thanks by the way. I need one more. please someone, ANYONE!!! kapz © Marie canibis

Image: KYOTO_NOW.jpg   431x447 120654 bytes 2002.10.25

Ok. i know the majority of the american population cares less then a pile of shit, but this is our only home. don't fuck it up. but what am i thinking , these are the same people that voted in Bush, dumb fuck extrordinare. this guy is pure dictator! and i can't say that because his whiny, white facist, rightwing psycho voters yell at me. OH good heavens, far be it from me to think what i want to think! Like, my GODS man, what does it take for some freedom of speach around here!?! apparently not love. nooo. bush likes not love. just power. he frowns on every thing! "no you can't love another man, no you can't love another woman, no you can't love nature" Fuck you you neo-nazi prick. i hope you get shot.

Image: league1.jpg   1054x779 192741 bytes 2001.05.24

recently I classed all my internet characters by power, these are my "god-like and over" peoples, and marie is in there because she's a half-creater, so she has a good amount o' control over reality. all © me

Image: league3.gif   929x1055 602730 bytes 2001.10.16

the weakest members o' my internet characters, though the big guy in the back should be in league 2, he is classed as league 3, since all he does is sit around and drink l33t b33r 4ll d4y ( all char's © mark I am the canadian psycho!!! don't you forget it!!!

Image: lessthenangelic.jpg   396x782 189964 bytes 2001.12.28

a bit streched, because i was drawing it at wrong angles. cho'kiko( pernounsed ko'kiko) © me

Image: lexx.gif   1169x756 29350 bytes 2001.03.05

LEXX: both are lexx. lexx is shapshifter. Lexx forget origonal gender. lexx forgot 2 centuries ago. but lexx happy!

Image: life_is_a_lemon2.jpg   575x698 88929 bytes 2002.04.09

I like the native look, yet I like europian armour, so I combined the two. that's why we look so.*sings*"The last I recall is one hell o'va fall, and a crack that did spell certain peril. The lights growin dim, christ i'm going in, like the wreck of the Edmond Fitzgerld!!!" Id © mark andrews

Image: lilcoldwhisper.gif   310x454 74568 bytes 2001.08.22

like I said, the second o' the "then and now" pic o" me and mon. well in this it'd be; marky and money bear.heh. me as a kid. never been a mornin person.

Image: loganmeetsara.jpg   679x721 220311 bytes 2001.08.07

this one is for logan grey, for being the second wolverine on bad he don't have his e-mail up so I could get this to him easyer.

Image: lordblackknifeages.jpg   470x689 51290 bytes 2002.03.17

LBK at the differant ages. he maybe the son o' the god o' chaos, but he is still mortal, though aging is slowed down. was , still is , one o' my favorite characters. Lord Black Knife © Mark Andrews 2002

Image: lordblackknifeagesc.jpg   470x689 59739 bytes 2002.03.19

oh damn. I seem ubsessed with colourin it this way. but what the hell, halfassed is better then nothing. LBK © mark andrews. "what'ch do with a drunkin sailor,what'ch do with a drunkin sailor,what'ch do with a drunkin sailor erliy in th' mornin'. way hey and up she rises! way hey and up she rises! way hey and up she rises! shave his belly with a rusty razor shave his belly with a rusty razor shave his belly with a rusty razor erliy in th' mornin!"

Image: louvak_at_the_ready.jpg   542x591 79394 bytes 2004.09.19

For some stupid reason photoshop refused to save this as a jpg, multiple times so I had to copy>paste in a new window and rename it to this.\r\n\r\nOh, so this is lou'vak, a prince and ex-mercenary, and my current D&D character..difference is in the D&D he's human and not a prince, but still a merc, and what fun I've had! we just hit level 2 and already have a noble after us (we kidnapped his son because he's a Baal spawn) and the Yuan-ti are in on the anger, we are so screwed...

Image: maplebug.gif   932x940 283101 bytes 2001.10.30

inside joke. feh. fish. MSNing with marie.

Image: mca's_cyberpack.jpg   725x661 130819 bytes 2002.05.20

We're all suppose to be children in this one. all o' those involved with me on the net, exept marie crystal. she is just a drawing.¬¬. and there are things ye must know you idiots. most o' what I upload was inked a LONG while ago, ergo: I upload something, it was finished weeks ago.. ok? goood, you bloody retarded monkeys. exept Daniel-k, marie delong, hayley fulker, zion, rathadack (not to be mistaken for the newbie rath-cat or what ever), and me, your local internet bastard. f***shows.

Image: mca2.0.jpg   803x770 155682 bytes 2001.07.31

i've decided on an upgrade, hense the 2.0,(unless there is a flaw once again,vcl has a knack of messing up my file names, producing a title like "%21") I will no longer be a standard wolf, but a DIRE wolf.

Image: mca_bat_and_dan.jpg   493x749 162104 bytes 2002.08.07

daneil did his version o' this, based on an Rp on msn with him. though i don't think his friend jackel likes me. oh well. quick drawing, quick colour, took a month to upload, really, it's true, i'm lazy as hell.

Image: mca_dragoness.jpg   520x698 117876 bytes 2002.07.20

me as a dragoness in an rp daniel and I were having. yay flying lessons. art © mark andrews

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