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Image: neveradoubt.jpg   484x813 218851 bytes 2001.09.24

was there ever a doubt? I thought not.rathy here is one o' my early birth day pics for you. ok people, mine and rathy's birth day is the 28,no we are not twins. but you do have to get me a present...BUBLE WRAP!!!!kay © rathadack mca cold whisper © mark andrews.

Image: bookoseige.jpg   520x1013 185448 bytes 2001.09.24

drawings from now are comin out o' my new book I call "seige" have a nice day. mca cold whisper (myself)© mark andrews

Image: nopetsaloud.jpg   1200x870 263286 bytes 2001.09.13

I did this for replica, I've owed him this for years. and on another note. my coments on the bombing is not cheering for the bombers, I detest cowards and suicides, I'm just saying I don't care. It is none o' my concern. I am jelous o' you people. you can at least FEEL, I have no emotions for this kind o' thing at all. to quote slipknot;"Just because I have nerves, doesn't mean that I can feel." have a nice day.

Image: anarchychickc.jpg   258x506 86921 bytes 2001.09.12

9.11.01....I don't can say their a anarchist but moments like this can prove them wrong, I have not be proven wrong. true anarchists can see the political highlight o' this event, like I have.hehe. congradulations Mca, you are now veiwed evil by velar. but remember, I have a right to say this, if ya don't think so, then your a facist! poetic justice, the world has scarred my to many times to care for any one.

Image: profilecrystal.jpg   800x900 267545 bytes 2001.09.10

profile profiles profiles, I gave crystal a new look.lalala. evil head says so.\r\n>B]

Image: mother%27sbday.jpg   260x504 58025 bytes 2001.09.10

it be me. for my mothers birthday card.p.s. i accually wear blue leather with plad pants and a jack daniels shirt.

Image: childterror.jpg   819x575 83453 bytes 2001.08.29

ph33r th3 m4d3ess th4t is l33t!....ya. kay and juntao © rathadack, mca cold whisper(me) © me. tenshi yosai © me and rathy

Image: friendsforeternity.jpg   544x715 114787 bytes 2001.08.28

the system is still fucked, and with the luck o' the gods, we'll burn the fucker down.

Image: holdon.gif   771x683 10526 bytes 2001.08.22

Ah ta hell with it! If any one wants ta colour any o' my crap I give them permission. not like any one'l accept. lousey world. no one wants ta help anyone.

Image: lilcoldwhisper.gif   310x454 74568 bytes 2001.08.22

like I said, the second o' the "then and now" pic o" me and mon. well in this it'd be; marky and money bear.heh. me as a kid. never been a mornin person.

Image: kaidoandlorethock.gif   418x355 38403 bytes 2001.08.22

OOOOOOOOOLLLLDDDD PPPIIIIIICCCCC!!!!! hell this is my very first pic, that was lost in the evil valintines insident. I lost this and this being the 1 year anniversary o' joinin VCL, recently got it back from the one I did this for. Kaido Reaken! she was the reason I joined velar. It is my goal to be the oldest member o' velar. I'm not leavin, fer NO money!!! the canadian psycho says so!!!

Image: holderofspork.gif   472x573 187618 bytes 2001.08.22

I did this after a fun chat on My rouge is called Rathy_windwolf and I was playin around with these two guys ultimate_assassin and the_muffinman1,muff was stealin everyones sporks and I stole them all away, then droped one....but you don't care. I don't know if anyone reads or looks at my stuff.anywho,I'm drawing for myself and rathy now,she's been not uploadin for awhile now.

Image: friendsforeternity.gif   544x715 16406 bytes 2001.08.22

me and Mon. this is 1/2 o' a "then and now" pics,this is now, then is titled "lilcoldwhisper.gif".mon and me © me

Image: coldrancor.jpg   367x566 50197 bytes 2001.08.22

"Beauty and love are only skin deep, hatreds lasts forever." remember that.

Image: thedemoness.jpg   627x779 194255 bytes 2001.08.14

this is apparently a real demon that has confronted the worlds most loved necromancer, that's right, Jeseus Christ! this demon is from a "based on a true story" book about a girl being possesed by 13 demons. this one went by the name(s) Jenneane,0the red dragoness, the luster, princess satanes,etc...and was the most intellagent/dangerous one, and it had confrunted the preist many times. it has one purple eye, and one silver one. the book is " the devil and Karin Kingston"

Image: tenshichibi.gif   297x483 5039 bytes 2001.08.14


Image: loganmeetsara.jpg   679x721 220311 bytes 2001.08.07

this one is for logan grey, for being the second wolverine on bad he don't have his e-mail up so I could get this to him easyer.

Image: whathammerc.jpg   420x699 73524 bytes 2001.08.02

i add colour to it, much better.sara trencher© to me

Image: whathammer.gif   420x699 124755 bytes 2001.07.31

Sara trying to look inocent, but that's hard to do when holding a 40 pound warhammer.And I have a last name for her now.TRENCHER! thats right, Sara Trencher. sara © me

Image: congrgation.jpg   800x600 84396 bytes 2001.07.31

this is a wallpaper i made for my comp. It's a collection of previos drawings, but I'm sure you can tell. all © me

Image: zingdrang.gif   508x711 194214 bytes 2001.07.31

Well, it was either this, or "essence of crackhead".

Image: not_to_touch_the_earth.jpg   624x842 55188 bytes 2001.07.31

Inspired by the Doors, based on a Doors album cover,born of a Doors song." Not to touch the earth, not to touch the sun, nothing left to do but run run run let's run.." Neu, drack,Macbeth, Coldwhisper(me) © myself

Image: mca2.0.jpg   803x770 155682 bytes 2001.07.31

i've decided on an upgrade, hense the 2.0,(unless there is a flaw once again,vcl has a knack of messing up my file names, producing a title like "%21") I will no longer be a standard wolf, but a DIRE wolf.

Image: csdragontag.jpg   343x408 71862 bytes 2001.07.12

my friend has counter strike and he wanted me to make a tag for him other then what we're given, but we don't know how to load it up so we can use it, so if anyone knows....HELP! he goes by the name [siw]mcleaod, or however ya spell it.

Image: profilecold.jpg   554x870 198561 bytes 2001.07.08

finally pickin up on the profiles again. it me, and thats all you need to know.

Image: nothingelsematters.jpg   1000x750 124021 bytes 2001.07.08

cold whisper:whats this,hm, a rogue follows in my wake. she stalks hell it's self.(*note the red eye o' mordor in the moon*)

Image: IAMCANADIAN.jpg   847x995 179640 bytes 2001.07.02

house party!house party!house party!house party! welcome to saskatoon saskatchewan on canada day, home o' the house party! I'm missing the fire works, but, meh. and I want that I AM CANADIAN song. If ya know where I can find it please tell me. oh, and this will be the last upload till rathadack leaves my home. i wanna see what I can do while she's here. but I will be checkin my emails, i'm just poolin my art. gathra, CP or STD man, and Labat the canadian dog are © me. *I am, ya know I am, I am Canadian!*

Image: iamme.jpg   450x700 96917 bytes 2001.06.21

hey hey!looky looky! it is the scary, mind destroyin, insane, bastard son o' a bitch canadian psycho. ME! la la LA LA

Image: coldwispernazgul.jpg   625x858 233753 bytes 2001.06.10

sorry i haven't been uploading, but I had to get five 600 word essays done in one week, plus final exams are commin. it is safe to say i am ready to kill.\r\nwell this is myself, riding a nazgul.oh power be to the land of mordor! this ringwraith have plans for world domination. mca cold whisper © me.

Image: giftformarie.jpg   470x845 179849 bytes 2001.06.05

here ya go marie! though it pales in comparason to the one you did, I hope ya likes it all the same. marie © marie cannibis

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