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Image: warpath1.2.jpg   764x507 83381 bytes 2002.09.29

well it's me birthday. september the 28, and i am now legal drinking age. now i suppose i should go out and get piss drunk and fuck everything that moves and get a 5 month sentance for pissing on a cops car, wake up a month later and talk about how it was so fucking cool to poison myself and get fucked up the ass by bubba the hairy three eyed cellmate in the drunk tank, like the rest of you fucking rejects. that's what this pic is about. it's how i feel about how stupid my generation is and how i should put togeather a small army of insaine william wallace wannabe's and nail you people biblical style. I'm talkin fuck crusafiction people! then i'll start a coup in the states and kick george bush out and put 2 the Ranting Gryphon in charge and see what all the facist pricks say then! and any FBI who annoy me can just shut up and suck me off cuz i'm not in the mood!

Image: welcome_to_the_machine.jpg   600x517 100781 bytes 2002.05.20

wearin mah' clothes ah' am.wooha! pink floyd does things to me head. fun things. joyus things. go to hell people things (grin)

Image: whathammer.gif   420x699 124755 bytes 2001.07.31

Sara trying to look inocent, but that's hard to do when holding a 40 pound warhammer.And I have a last name for her now.TRENCHER! thats right, Sara Trencher. sara © me

Image: whathammerc.jpg   420x699 73524 bytes 2001.08.02

i add colour to it, much better.sara trencher© to me

Image: whatyouwill.jpg   631x974 129239 bytes 2002.02.21

MCA SUPEREGO: With it's hidiously malformed anatomy I see this peice as being from Mca's "crappy as hell" years, though recently retouched and added with colours this makes it even less smart looking and tending to the "Oh dear GODS I need help! shot me now!" approch, which also contains a form o' sharing his love for fine literature as shakspear,but fails because o' a minor hint o' wanting to fit in with "cheerie" aura around it. This is over all a grade F quality in my books.\r\nMCA ID:yea well f*** you. NACK:Cho'kiko and Rasha © mark andrews

Image: wheeeeeee.jpg   576x784 183180 bytes 2002.11.11

a little amusment i was to complete a while ago. told pushtyber i'd do this too. and i'm not giving you twits a clue. ego © mark andrews

Image: wingadingdingdangdong.jpg   746x584 138519 bytes 2002.09.07

heheh shin-x: remember, to the woman your dating or whatever, all other females are ugly, fat, dumb sluts. me:mmmmm jelly donut.lot o' sillyness. and now...the, larch...the, larch. daniel: danny want a cracker! me: yarr, pie be all i have. look look! i spelled your name right! more nonsense drawings, all based on msn chatting!

Image: winter_coldwhisper.jpg   402x572 119500 bytes 2002.11.25

I still feel the cold, of long past days. i knew my worth, put in my place. it's no surprise, i realized some time before. december.------and this is what i have to put up with, winter coat has already set in.oh well. they may call me fluffyer, but that just makes me more squeezable. Die your stupid fucks! Die die die!!! mmmmmdead republicans.

Image: witch_of_the_westmorelandcb.jpg   791x574 95382 bytes 2002.03.19

I suppose this is Lou'vak at age 45. based off o' Stan Rogers (greatest canadian who ever lived) song, which is the title. I will do a better copy later.

Image: wolverine_barbarian.jpg   319x348 89697 bytes 2004.01.07

now i'm pissing around with sketches from me book, lovely. Well I need to upload something eh?\r\n \r\n Right'o this here is me gulo fursona McA Redoak, the druid/barbarian wolverine..whom i use in my D&D campagin right now. most fun wit hbadger companions. but yes, falchions are a fun weapon dispite the 2d4 they only have, but it's 2 handed so i get the double STR bonus for using two hands. it glows, yay...¬¬ stupid night elves tree ent threw it into the moonwater lake and mad me swim for it, I came back up wit hmy blade shiney and new and my fur FUCKING SILVER!!! >< NURRRGH!. fine...I just want to get back to my tribe without anymore frost giants getting in my way.

Image: woof_sapper.jpg   634x478 156862 bytes 2002.10.03

i'm always saying thins on the phone, not while talking to some one,. i pick it up and this comes out, just to piss off what ever CIA agent is litening in. heheheh. some annoying guy: you shouldn't be so mean to the states because it is the best country in the world! me: oh really captain ass fuck? then why is there so much crime there? i live in a city that has ..i don't know. 15 murders a year, and that is the highest in canada per capita! and MY country is known for inventing peace keepers. not war starters. So get on you knees and smile like an "O" boy!...bomb, white house, 3:30, allah.. ego coldwhisper © mark andrews

Image: wooha.jpg   444x595 95933 bytes 2001.12.28

my friend shin-x and I both wear army clothes in school and every where else, we are cool. yes. piss cat is cool to.(ask and i will tell the short tale o' piss cat.)yes thats a misfits album in his hand. we are © our selves(me bottem corner)

Image: woozlwuzzle.jpg   241x381 80552 bytes 2003.04.30

Well damned be all, i did something cute. i suppose to match my annual cute thing drawing i'll offer my services to an art trade...anyone, please step up if you want to, don't be a yutz. no matter your skills at are..besides stick figures, just email me, i'm bloody well bored, and if you hate me, hell i'll still do a trade, remember, unless your a nazi or anyother racist bastard, or anti gay, then i will tell you to bugger off, but if you have had a quarl with me in the past (recalls one green raver girl with a thing for glow sticks) i really don't care. i just love drawing others characters. keep on truckin.

Image: wound.gif   681x752 40282 bytes 2001.10.16

some bastard was pissing me off on a chat line, so I did this to feel better.

Image: wrenB&W.jpg   520x687 55094 bytes 2002.04.09

hmm. made her look older and more villinlike then she should be. fish...meh. well I told you Hay, i'd finish it. wren © Hayley fulker.

Image: wyzewords.gif   532x761 159702 bytes 2001.11.11

listen up.what the seven hells is wrong with people. everyones always deppresed. it seems to effect everyone, we all feel it, it's nothing new. we velars get it, from the most love (lee lee, roux) to the most ignored, lowest on the charts,(me, and a few others) what I am trying to say is, life is hell, so fuck with the God's damned flames!!! some o' us are born angry and bitter, it helps us see life better.

Image: yarr?.jpg   362x581 163138 bytes 2002.08.29

heheh, a little cut down i made to hayley while msning, i was quoting gwar as well. oh and the reports of the dead kennedys touring? *shakes head* my sources tell me jelly isn't there, it's just his band mates trying to make money, even when a few of them went POP *stabs the word to death* yeah so don't get to happy those o' you who go to the shows. yay! sunday i'm going to the punk rock show! hayley (in need of good punk) ? herself ego © mark andrews(in need of black listing a certain bush)

Image: zingdrang.gif   508x711 194214 bytes 2001.07.31

Well, it was either this, or "essence of crackhead".

Image: zombies_an_sara.jpg   580x718 83829 bytes 2002.09.14

Sara cursing at teh gods forputting her in this situation, so far she has rushed into the sunless citidal by herself fleeing the annoying talkings of the paladin and to keep herself from killing that damned fool elf rouge. bye shit happens. sara trencher © mark andrews

Image: zombies_an_sara_C.jpg   783x1037 244619 bytes 2002.09.22

mmmm, colour...oh uh..yes. Sara still on that breaking tree branch, but in colour. looks bad, but she's a wolverine, they always pull through. sara trencher © mark andrews 2002

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