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Image: Tanzbar1S.jpg   558x767 68752 bytes 2003.02.25

Tanzbar, the wolverine adventuress-cook/baker from a Furry D&D FRP I'm playing in. This is based on a Xena\r\npose I found. I'll be coloring it soon (I hope).

Image: SG7sylvanIS.jpg   780x584 98543 bytes 2003.02.25

Sylvan Martin, intelligence/linguistics specialist of the Stargate SG7 team. He wasn't always like this... he and the\r\nrest of his team changed into anthro animals while exploring a planet populated by such beings. He's a\r\nyellow-throated marten (as you can see in the color version)

Image: Tanzbar1CS.jpg   551x800 195331 bytes 2003.02.25

My first color version of Tanzbar, my wolverine baker's daughter-turned adventuress. She's pretty good with a staff, not bad with a small crossbow, and excellent with a frying pan!

Image: SG7sylvanS.jpg   800x630 176866 bytes 2003.02.19

The color version of Sylvan Martin, in his yellow-throated marten (an Asian species) form. Their fur really IS that beautiful! He's relaxing and reading the complete "Book or Going Forth by Day" (the Egyptian Book of the Dead). I really have a copy of this. I recomemnd it.

Image: SyTaurS.jpg   592x800 82190 bytes 2003.02.19

This is a quick inked sketch of Sylys Sable (me, the American Marten), as a taur, done during the Taur SIG at Furthur Confusion '03.

Image: wlklikegyptS.jpg   400x538 21184 bytes 2001.12.17

Ashu, the Horet captain of our ship in the Velvet Paw campaign of our RPG. Horet are a jackal-based race that live much like ancient Egyptians. I think I ws inspired by the song "Walk like an Egyptian". Ashu is (c) Bill Ringland.

Image: gardenwallS.jpg   522x400 37887 bytes 2001.12.17

Sylys laying on the garden wall of their estate in Parnamanathalaxis, surprises his mate, Aronel (aka Lord Tanager). When I paint this, I will add the plants that the sneaky Arborny is hidden by. Aronel is (c) Bill Ringland (HUG!) and Sylys is (c) me!

Image: apalcvrS.jpg   461x600 47652 bytes 2001.12.17

APA-L is "published" every Thursday at the Los Angeles Science/Fantasy Society meeting, January, 1977!. This was my first cover, with characters from my post-human story, "Inheritance". Mom taking the kits to the museum to look at the scary pre-historic monsters...

Image: sycompC.jpg   463x600 59246 bytes 2001.12.16

My wonderful mate, Aronel, helped me navigate Photoshop 5, and this is the result. My first computer painted image! (since MS Paint 16-bit... blah) I want to try some other techniques, but I'm quite happy with my first try. Aronel and the rest of my family liked it too. Sylys is (c) me

Image: sega1S.jpg   454x600 27262 bytes 2001.12.16

My first picture of my character on TLK Muck, Sega, the honey badger. (Sega is Kiswahili for "Honeycomb", and has nothing to do with the game company. Sega's adventures appear in the New Horizons and Magic Carpet comics from SFA. Sega is (c) me

Image: sydtreeS.jpg   462x600 47285 bytes 2001.12.16

Sydney Fisher in a tree. The cutoff of the image is on purpose, something Ken suggested I might try. This is a sketch in Fred Perry's (creator of Golddigger)sketchbook. He asked ME to draw in his book at Worldcon '93. Wow!

Image: sydswimsuitS.jpg   598x800 102807 bytes 2001.12.16

My contribution for the Swimsuit Issue of 'brazzle. Sydney slips off her flight jumpsuit to show off her "Canadian Bikini", Ken, her mate, enjoys watching. Ken is (c) K. Sample

Image: swimsuitS.jpg   611x800 109721 bytes 2001.12.16

The back cover of Rowrbrazzle #52 (the funny animal APA). This was the "Swimsuit Issue" (everybody does those now...)\r\nThe Aquatic Skiltaire model can't figure out what the other part of the bikini is for. The photographer is clueless also.

Image: rightsofantS.jpg   517x600 45261 bytes 2001.12.16

This was the cover art for a special erotic story "Rites of Fantasy" which I wrote for Thylin in 1995 as a Valentines Day gift. Maybe I'll post it here some day... (Thylin is (c) S.Raney)

Image: mothersdayS.jpg   549x600 68778 bytes 2001.05.28

A quick illo. of Chysp (Arborny(marten)), Ashu (Horet(jackal)) and Mirissa (Miyen(feline)) sleeping together, for a mother's day card. This may have been inspired by an Ollie print I saw. The caption on the card: "Dogs and cats, sleeping together... with martens!" :) \r\n

Image: anya1S.jpg   452x600 66204 bytes 2001.05.28

Anja, Chysp's familiar, is a phase-fox. They can pass through solid objects using a kind of TK. Someone must have called her when she was half way through the door, so she turned around to find out why.\r\n

Image: chyspdream.gif   800x510 158429 bytes 2001.05.28

A sketchbook drawing for Bill, our GM and worldbuilder. Chysp, the Arborny (fairy-marten) mage is dreaming about his 2 loves, Ashu, the Horet (jackal) captian and owner of our magic "Q-ship" galley, the Delphinius, and Mirissa the Miyen (feline) sorceress. Anja, his phase-fox familiar is curled up beside him.\r\n

Image: backlessknkS.jpg   403x600 30329 bytes 2001.05.28

A skunk re-com in one of those under-tail, "backless" evening gowns. This was another Furry Party poster picture.\r\n

Image: dbldateO.jpg   454x600 62455 bytes 2001.05.28

Ken Couger, Sydney Fisher, Sylys Sable and Amanda Rivers on a double date. I called this one "Double-double date" 'cause everyone involved was... "involved" :) Ken Cougar and Amanda Rivers are (c) Ken Sample\r\n

Image: cacovxnS.jpg   502x600 54365 bytes 2001.05.28

A cacomistle (ringtailed cat) re-com and vixen re-com (drawn by Lance Rund). This colaboration was used on an early Furry Party poster.\r\n

Image: ermanudeS.jpg   462x600 37553 bytes 2001.05.28

The famous Erma Felna, EDF. This tasteful nude study was a gift to her creator, Steve Gallacci, who gave me permission to post this here. Erma Felna is (c) Steve Gallacci.\r\n

Image: slysshowerS.jpg   462x600 83240 bytes 2001.05.28

S'lys, the Tigrant, showering in a waterfall. I'm not really into Giants/macro, but Ken created this big guy for me, so he's special. :) The buck in the lower-left corner is for scale.\r\n

Image: jillianBFF1S.jpg   463x600 49785 bytes 2001.05.28

Jillian BFF (Black Footed Ferret), one of my characters on the Fur Le Dance room on the Tiger's Den BBS (not to be confused with Tiger Den). An attractive, forward female with a moderate bustline, which may be as rare as Black Footed Ferrets are! I think I'll try to re-ink this one some time.\r\n

Image: sybelleS.jpg   600x468 25662 bytes 2001.05.28

A sketch book drawing of a female Black Footed Ferret. "The Belle of Sybelle" is a reference to the location of the captive breeding center that was started to save this endangered species. Thanks to Mike Susko for sending me the copy!

Image: lucuscamS.jpg   399x600 56213 bytes 2001.05.28

Another sketch book drawing. Most of the art I do now is in those black sketch books. I consider it a great compliment to be asked for a drawing. I suppose if I get good, I'll start charging. :) This is Lucas, a wolverine re-com detective and Cam, a caracal re-com cyber-punk hacker. Their partners. They work together, too. :)

Image: shatcentaurS.jpg   494x600 42025 bytes 2001.05.28

A gift for my friends, Shaterri and Centaur to celebrate their first year together. I gave them a hand-colored copy at Chicago World Science Fiction Convention.\r\n

Image: sydsamS.jpg   463x600 58248 bytes 2001.05.28

Sydney Fisher and Samantha Kemple, my friend Ken Sample's skunk re-com, enjoying each other. When he saw this, he asked: "what are they doing in My room?" :) Samantha Kemple is (c) Ken Sample\r\n

Image: syotterS.jpg   528x600 48662 bytes 2001.05.28

Sylys (me) and a handsome otter enjoying each other. I should try coloring this.\r\n

Image: tatialexB.jpg   600x682 120906 bytes 2001.05.28

Tatiana from "Animalympics" and her brother, Alexi, together in a dance pose. This is my version of the character, adn Alexi was created by Ror O'Riley.\r\n

Image: skiltrestS.jpg   555x600 55669 bytes 2001.05.28

An arborial Skiltaire pilot, sunning on top of his craft. This was for a story I was working on with Avi Melman.

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