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Image: rapp1res.jpg   508x640 72504 bytes 2004.06.01

Meh, I think the feet came out too small.\r\n\r\nOtherwise, this is for my friend, and I really like how it came out. omgomg, yay. string.\r\nRapp Hanna (gimlet @ deviantART)

Image: mech1.jpg   348x600 33028 bytes 2004.06.01

Mech,\r\nIn his -new- look. This was kind of a quickie, but I haven't posted here in a while, so I'm going to post some stuff right now that I've done over time.\r\nMechais + Picture MMS

Image: marm1test.jpg   407x600 60751 bytes 2004.01.10

;3 Marmalat's even newer look! And her's kind of like, thinner and longer, but this is her alright. Marm is copyright to me, as usual.

Image: marmEWSES.jpg   450x601 106451 bytes 2003.12.23

Okay, sorry guys :P I totally messed everything up, made bad compression and a bad description, so I'm reuploading this because I have to have this picture for someone who is drawing for me.\r\n\r\nMarmalat ME

Image: marmfloat.jpg   384x600 35908 bytes 2003.12.08

Okieday. I haven't exactly uploaded anything here in a while...this is Marmalat. Again. In my new, Klar-inspired art style.\r\n\r\nMarmalat me\r\nPicture me

Image: poundpupanandadone.jpg   557x600 63868 bytes 2003.12.01

This is another art trade, the character is not my property but I like this picture. This is my newest picture. It's of Ananda the Purple-Stopped Panda, property of poundpup at deviantART. My favorite part is her pants.\r\n\r\nAnanda poundpup @ deviantART

Image: tsuntsundone.jpg   518x701 51491 bytes 2003.12.01

I drew this in an art trade, and I'm very proud of it. His name is Tsun-tsun, and I love the way his shorts came out.\r\n\r\nTsun-tsun ~momentai at deviantART <3

Image: mechoCguitardestination.jpg   700x600 103956 bytes 2003.12.01

My second upload. This is Mechais, property of me. I did this in openCanvas...that was fun. It's another older picture...I'll upload a newer one soon, sweets.\r\n\r\nMechais Kahn Neil muaa

Image: marmcoolfitrere.jpg   299x400 46435 bytes 2003.12.01

Tee-hee, my first post! Enjoy, lovies. This's actually quite old.\r\n\r\nMarmalat me

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