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Image: MatricesDescription2010.jpg   1060x820 324577 bytes 2010.01.19

Matrices Character Description

Matrices is my "Fursona" my personal representation of myself on the Internet and at furry events. She has been my personal character since 1999.\r\n\r\nThis features the illustrated description of the character, but also a text description. If anyone has any questions about this character, Let me know!

Image: Cathlametcolor.jpg   600x913 128989 bytes 2008.11.20

Cathlamet being cute and cartoony. (colored version)\r\n\r\nCathlamet Sara Howard.

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Image: JondiandMaly.gif   1200x961 248982 bytes 2008.11.20

Jondi and Maly cuddling eachother's tails.

Image: KlickitatandBeaky.gif   600x799 36107 bytes 2008.11.20

Beaky is Klickitat's giant salmon meal..err, I mean friend. Klickitat looooves beaky.

Image: Yenoc.gif   700x1108 139837 bytes 2008.11.20

A pencil drawing commissioned by YenocWolf. :D

Image: woofpumpkin.jpg   456x553 53031 bytes 2008.10.29

My pumpkin I carved this year! Its got a doggy on the front, and "woof" carved mirrored on the back so it projects the correct way on the wall! :D

Image: Beefpapers.gif   787x659 72719 bytes 2008.10.29

Beef Jerky: Paper shredder. \r\nDogs are good at eating homework, right?\r\n\r\nBeef Jerky Sara Howard.

Image: cathlametmangle.gif   937x680 89111 bytes 2008.10.29

Mangle invites Cathlamet to a picnic.

Image: giantfeets.gif   640x908 90714 bytes 2008.10.29

Toony Cathlamet, featuring feet-the-size-of-her-head! Just like the fursuit. :3\r\n\r\nCathlamet Sara Howard.

Image: vampire.gif   600x829 89667 bytes 2008.10.29

Matrices as a vampire! Happy Halloween, everyone! \r\n\r\nMatrices Sara Howard.

Image: cathlamebadcolort.jpg   700x537 125690 bytes 2008.10.29

Really quickly colored badge of my character Cathlamet. \r\n\r\nCathlamet Sara Howard.

Image: BaltoWoof.jpg   500x800 104492 bytes 2008.10.29

Conbadge for Balto Woof.

Image: Soki.jpg   500x638 89811 bytes 2008.10.29

Conbadge for Soki.

Image: SphinxandCharbadges.jpg   800x691 180444 bytes 2008.10.29

Couples badge for Sphinx and Char.

Image: Treeverbadge.jpg   600x627 117240 bytes 2008.10.29

Conbadge for Treever

Image: MatricesConBadge.jpg   600x618 95594 bytes 2008.10.29

Conbadge for myself.\r\n\r\nMatrices Sara Howard.

Image: MalameuxCharactersheet.jpg   1000x767 285851 bytes 2008.06.16

Character sheet I did up for Mala that I forgot to upload, drawn a few months ago when I first did my Matrices character sheet. Oops :3

Image: Rensis.jpg   600x660 140830 bytes 2008.06.16

My chosen one for my third round in the Conbadges LJ community was Rensis \r\n\r\nLots of detail with this character! I reallllyyyyyyy love how the expression turned out. >:3 \r\n\r\nColored with markers.

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Image: Nikki-Knack.jpg   400x628 80812 bytes 2008.05.14

My chosen one for my second round in the Conbadges LJ community was Nikki-Knack.\r\n\r\nThis was drawn on green glow-in-the-dark paper! So the colors are a little off from the actual badge, which is totally all glowy-green.

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Image: mukilteo-charactersheet.jpg   1024x814 343948 bytes 2008.05.13

Drug kicking and screaming from the stinky, vile depths of 1998/99, Mukilteo was last spotted in 2006 (and he would've liked to keep it that way) if it wern't for this character sheet. \r\n\r\nHe's my first "furry/anthro" character, and is a shining hallmark of what makes up a first furry character... stupid name, obnoxious coloration, haphazard mixing of species. \r\n\r\nI think I love him because of his personality. I've never had a character so completely unpredictably nuts. Nervous, excitable, antisocial. If he were a real person, nobody would want to be around him. \r\n\r\nMukilteo Sara Howard.

Image: Kalika.jpg   700x754 134588 bytes 2008.05.01

My chosen one for my first round in the Conbadges LJ community was Kalika.\r\n\r\nClick more info to go to the community!

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Image: Cathlamet.jpg   800x1024 208412 bytes 2008.04.29

Cathlamet, a new character of mine that I am playing around with the design of. I'm still exploring what face markings I'll be using, but the color scheme is something I really like.

Image: SynthWolf.jpg   500x720 127909 bytes 2008.04.14

Commissioned conbadge for SynthWolf! I hope he likes it! His earring is a stick of RAM, I hope I got it close to what the part is supposed to look like without oversimplifying it too much.

Image: Sonar.jpg   600x493 80998 bytes 2008.04.08

I did a badge trade with Nanuka, and she turned out a really cool, awesome badge for me. This is my half, of her character, Sonar.

Image: DJSqueekums.jpg   800x1006 209918 bytes 2008.04.08

A drawing for my co-worker. Who wanted himself pictured as a squirrel.

Image: Propaganda.jpg   900x600 150022 bytes 2008.04.05

I fully expect all of you to vote for Beef Jerky in the Fandom's Favorite Fursuit Fracas tournament.\r\nBeef Jerky is your friend. He wants to be your favorite.\r\n\r\nFeel free to distribute this image to your friends, use as computer wallpaper, etcetc.\r\n\r\nBeef Jerky is my husky costume I built and wear.

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Image: Kira.jpg   500x596 106420 bytes 2008.03.31

Commissioned bage for Kira the rottieyotie, bein' all cute and innocent-lookin' (at least as best as I can do.) :3

Image: Rory.jpg   500x732 117022 bytes 2008.03.31

Commissioned badge for Rory the husky! I tried to make him as friendly and happy as a husky could be. :3

Image: RainRat.jpg   600x513 93384 bytes 2008.03.31

Commissoned badge for Rain Rat! I really love the whiskers. :3

Image: Skookum.jpg   500x599 90773 bytes 2008.03.31

Commissioned conbadge for Skookum the husky!!

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