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Image: fo-kla19.jpg   541x836 105943 bytes 2001.10.31

A pic of Klar for her b-day, done in watercolor pencils. I'm not too good with them yet ^_^;;

Image: fo-dirt2.jpg   525x477 84665 bytes 2001.10.31

I colored it... geez, I haven't uploaded to VCL in awhile. Do ppl still remember me? o.o

Image: fo-dirty.jpg   565x509 68089 bytes 2001.08.21

Fallout gives Sasha a bath. Which is good, because sometimes Sashas get dirty. They don't like getting naked though. Mwahaa. Too bad.

Image: fo-trnt4.jpg   457x619 71944 bytes 2001.07.10

It is a picture of Trent. Trent is (c) Matt Burt. If you try to steal Trent, you are really dumb because everyone knows Trent. Don't steal my characters either, or else Trent will stick his large stubby fingers in your face.

Image: fo-mizzy.jpg   782x564 198778 bytes 2001.07.09

It's Mizzy, another artist on VCL. Yay and stuff!!! Her wings are badass. Am I allowed to say badass? I dunno... I'm scared.

Image: fo-fo16c.jpg   487x821 140214 bytes 2001.07.09

I colored it.

Image: fo-fo16.jpg   487x853 157055 bytes 2001.07.05

It is a picture of Fallout. Just a regular picture, just... very detailed. I don't understand why people insist on cleaning up their pictures. I think they look better sloppy/sketchy, but that's just me. It's probably the insurmountable fear I have of inking... or something psychological like that. Yeah. Fallout is (c) me and such. Especially his large hands. Nyeh.

Image: fo-hairc.jpg   309x519 44027 bytes 2001.07.05

A picture of Sasha giving Fo a haircut. I don't know why. It's a cute picture though. I am proud to come up with something semi-original... mwahahhaa. ENJOY while it lasts

Image: fo-hal22.jpg   270x690 24690 bytes 2001.07.03

Oh look. It is a nother pic ture of Hal cyon. She is my char acter. I'm gonna be doing a pic auction soon. Keep an eye out. Or if anyone wants to buy a pic... I'm up for that too. Just don't shoot me in front of the cattle

Image: fo-hal21.jpg   556x750 87804 bytes 2001.07.03

It's another picture of Halcyon. A little more original in pose and idea, I s'pose. And with a shiny blue tint!!! MWAHAHAHAA!!! SHINY BLUE... God I hate fish. Go away.

Image: fo-hal20.jpg   533x710 71055 bytes 2001.07.03

A pic of Halcyon. I'm getting rather unoriginal. Why does no one like my webpage? I dun understand. ::goes and cries like a teenybopper::

Image: fo-cass1.jpg   349x624 44777 bytes 2001.05.08

Ah, a nice picture. Yes, these pictures are finished. They're sketches in a sense but I'm also not going to "finish" them and they seem to meet every other requirement.. so I should be fine. Right? Anyway this is Cass. She inked/colored this pic btw. It's nice. But I dunno where it is.

Image: fo-hal19.jpg   381x725 53953 bytes 2001.05.08

A pic of Halcyon... again, an unoriginal pose. And if I keep adding those little knuckles on the glove, I'm gonna get sued by Joe Madureira. Must make a new glove. Arrrgh.

Image: fo-stuck.jpg   375x573 48922 bytes 2001.05.08

Well well well... I haven't uploaded in a long time. That would be because I'm stuck. In a rut. I can't draw any original poses. Only the same things over and over again. Oh yeah... and I can color burn now. I'm fancy. :b

Image: fo-trio2.jpg   532x480 75413 bytes 2001.03.02

Didn't I just do a trio pic? Yes... it's a pure coincidence, I assure you. Anyway, these are MY three characters, Halcyon, Fallout, and Pandemonium. In chibi/SD mode, whatever the hell you wanna call it.

Image: fo-trio1.jpg   1152x826 139395 bytes 2001.02.27

A request from Blaze/Negative Angel. Also included is Psycho Orange, another of her characters. I guess that's about three characters in the pic. Total. Yeeeeah.

Image: fo-zip2.jpg   354x501 36867 bytes 2001.02.27

An old pic of Zip echidna. Yellows are nice to color with.

Image: fo-hal6.jpg   536x627 27069 bytes 2001.02.27

Old pic of Halcyon.

Image: fo-fo13.jpg   441x817 46124 bytes 2001.02.27

Old pic of Fallout, looking very muscular and detailed. Blah blah blah.

Image: fo-soan2.jpg   682x718 116476 bytes 2001.02.27

An old but good pic of Soanic.. not *sonic*, for your corporateass information. I'm still looking through my stuff, wondering what's still worth looking at...

Image: fo-fopa2.jpg   597x748 137848 bytes 2001.02.23

A rather large old pic of my chars Fallout and Pandemonium (before I made Halcyon) with pencil background and meticulous-ass coloring... ::sigh:: I wish I had this much effort nowadays.

Image: fo-pan5.jpg   525x835 52412 bytes 2001.02.23

Back when I used to *try* inking on a regular basis. This one's a bit gory. Pandemonium stabbing a silouhette body..thing.. yeah.

Image: fo-pan4.jpg   449x700 63329 bytes 2001.02.23

A *very* old pic of a female version of Pandemonium... as I've been looking through my older pics to see what I can post, I can't help but feeling I used to be better than I am now. More creative. That's a crappy feeling.

Image: fo-fo15d.jpg   728x1092 80374 bytes 2001.02.22

Yet another old pic. This is how Fallout used to look, before I stopped drawing him Sonicy style and opted for a more generic, universal, more copyright-friendly look. I inked. it.. Yes, that's about the actual size. (c) meeee.

Image: fopan18b.jpg   409x591 87495 bytes 2001.02.22

Pandemonium, one of my three and a half characters. The colored version is a lot sloppier, but since most of my stuff is monochrome and I don't feel like uploading both versions, you can see the b/w version at yay. He is (c) me.

Image: fo-mari4.jpg   688x947 91406 bytes 2001.02.22

An old picture of Mari-Ka, colored by Mari-Ka herself. One of the few times I've actually drawn a background/foreground. Mari-Ka is (c) herself or all that nonsense.. :b

Image: fo-tet2.jpg   736x794 104794 bytes 2001.02.20

An old pic of Tetra, crappily drawn and even more crappily inked, but nicely colored. I guess that's the only reason why I'm posting it :b

Image: fo-misty.jpg   568x802 83250 bytes 2001.02.20

An even older pic, I like this one a little more. Had to clean it up a lot before it looked acceptable. Anyway, this is Fortie, she was a foxmouse....thing.

Image: fo-maui3.jpg   575x800 108546 bytes 2001.02.20

An older pic of Maui Ascher. Don't like it much anymore, but I might as well upload somethin :b

Image: fo-mankb.jpg   379x427 45232 bytes 2001.02.19

Same pic as before, but colored.

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