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Image: A+ScvrBW_c.JPG   600x370 26367 bytes 2000.08.22

the cover art for the as of yet untitled story (suggestions welcome! email: i'm going to color it with colored pencil and scan that in seperately so i can color this one in with my wacom which comes tomorrow! Ave and Skye are (c) me, so stealing means i get to cast a binding spell on you!\n

Image: A+ScvrC_c.JPG   600x370 31526 bytes 2000.08.23

The colored pencil version of the untitled story cover. Ave and Skye are mine, all mine!!!\n

Image: A+Swall_c.JPG   400x459 37261 bytes 2000.08.23

Avery and Skye leaning on their respective walls, thinking about, what else, each other. I love my colored pencils! If you use them right, they look almost like paint! Skye didn't come out right...but he and Ave are (c) me.\n

Image: AandS1_c.JPG   600x592 108206 bytes 2000.08.21

Avery and Skye at the battle of the Bear (you'd have to read the story, its on my site, the password is FCFp3dwa [you'll see] it should be at the 'Magik' link. It deals with gay foxes, so if you don;t like that kind of stuff, don't read it). Ave and Skye (c) me\n

Image: abstA+S.JPG   600x592 20254 bytes 2000.08.22

A rather odd picture of Skye and Avery on the first night (its in the story). Also my first real pic done up in photoshop after mooch. Ave and Skye (c) me\n

Image: anger_c.JPG   600x400 38706 bytes 2000.08.23

Hey, we all have our days! I just wish i hadn't taken Ave out of context for the sake of that stupid friggen peice of junk on my desk, but that doesn't mean he's not (c) me though, cause he is. Have a ---- day\n

Image: Asword_c.JPG   600x512 31838 bytes 2000.08.23

For the story. Avery standing in the river, holding a magicked (a real word? of course not) sword. He's (c) me\n

Image: Avery_c.JPG   400x477 29513 bytes 2000.08.23

Avery showing off his hands (look! opposable thumbs!). Inked and everything. he's (c) me (duh!)\n

Image: beginnings_c.JPG   500x381 26731 bytes 2000.08.21

Don't you just hate the IRS? No? hmm. anywho, here's one offering one of the greater Dead a job. They're (c) me\n

Image: bobber_c.JPG   200x120 6468 bytes 2000.09.06

Bobber, a...something...from Ryan C., therefore, (c) to him\n

Image: cp1_c.JPG   400x378 59815 bytes 2000.09.06

Half of my half of a trade with Coyotepuck. He drew a specky self portrait that I framed and all (well, i love it), so i thought I'd give him two of my drawings. CP is (c) his player, creator, and alter-ego\n

Image: cp2_c.JPG   400x599 40018 bytes 2000.09.06

The other half of that trade with Coyotepuck, the coyote with antlers. The pic he gave me was twice as good as I can draw, so i drew him two :)\r\nCP is (c) his player, creator, and alter-ego.\n

Image: fur_peace_pride.JPG   300x527 32307 bytes 2000.09.06

Furry Peace and FurPride all the way!!!!\r\nfurry peace free to distribute (no charging money!)\r\nFurPride (c) the owner (i'm guessing his name is mel...)\n

Image: GothiKatt_c.JPG   400x807 55373 bytes 2000.09.06

Pic inspired by this kid who i met, he reminded me of a cat, so i though gothic cat...gothicat...GothiKatt! Yes, he. He was wearing a dress at the time I met him. art (c) me, dress (c) that kid (no names)\n

Image: Matt001.JPG   400x535 46166 bytes 2000.09.06

A new character, named after me. Yes, i do wear those pants. No I don't have that shirt. Yes, I am. Matt's (c) me\n

Image: Matt010.JPG   600x711 53185 bytes 2000.09.06

"YOU, come HERE, NOW!"\r\n's Mattie again\r\n(c) me\n

Image: Matt011.JPG   200x383 19812 bytes 2000.09.12

Sketch of Matt that i inked with a bic *yukk!* he's (c) himself (me)\n

Image: Matt100.JPG   450x568 52328 bytes 2000.09.12

'Nother of Matt (I did a whole bunch of sketches of him in english, so automatically assume that the description for those is the same as this), (c) me\n

Image: Matt101.JPG   400x609 48785 bytes 2000.09.12

Matt's (c) me\n

Image: Matt110.JPG   550x715 70101 bytes 2000.09.12

Matt's (c) me\n

Image: mooch_c.JPG   600x493 39268 bytes 2000.08.21

One of my first furry drawings inked and done up in photoshop. Austin should be happy with this...he named his mouse (the animal you perverts!) after this fox. he's (c) me\n

Image: Skye_c.JPG   350x434 24233 bytes 2000.08.23

F*cked up Skye. i did this and that pic of Ave because you can't really see any detail in any of the other pics of them (cause i can't draw detail...), but i messed up on everything but the coloring job on this one, so i uploaded it anyway. He and his boyfriend are (c) me\n

Image: YT_c.JPG   600x788 42673 bytes 2000.08.29

piccy of Matt Scott, yours truly! just a quick sketch done at midnite, i'm (c) me (duh)\n

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