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Image: TimsOwn.jpg   722x476 66237 bytes 2001.02.02

On a postcard. Miko, Rac_Sierra, and myself went for Tims (tea or coffee for you south of Canada). We talked about friends and especially one who's recently moved to Toronto as he's usually the most fanatic about Tim Hortons coffee. Miss ya Waffle! I'll be sending this postcard to him. :>

Image: CouchTaur1.jpg   863x578 82341 bytes 2001.02.02

I've started drawing again on heavy paper postcards and I find the size just perfect for a nice doodle. Since i'm taking public transportation now i have just a little bit of time to pencil in an idea, then finish it up later. Best of all, I get to mail these to friends! So first off this one is just a pic of my wife Miko and I and how i'm usually refered to as the Couch-taur on Yiffnet for friends who deem me comfy enough to perch upon when seating gets scarce.

Image: trixtwo.jpg   226x675 39105 bytes 1999.11.28

Image: whitigshow.jpg   550x848 74479 bytes 1999.11.21

Whitiger from Yiffnet... she's a cutie isnt she?\n

Image: pelzbig1.jpg   862x977 99099 bytes 1999.11.19

A little thankyou pic for Pelzig. He's a great guy for taking time to do so many pics of Miko.\n

Image: Mikobend.jpg   431x599 39541 bytes 1999.11.19

Miko again.. showing off her softer parts.\n

Image: Mikobeac.jpg   427x600 42725 bytes 1999.11.18

Picture of my fiance at the beach catching some rays.\n

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