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Image: buzz.jpg   502x856 92785 bytes 1998.09.02

Heavy metal rocker Buzz Verlane with his Flying V guitar. Coloured in Photoshop 4. Maybe I'll stick to traditional colouring until I get a graphics tablet! (Flying V is a trademark of Gibson USA)

Image: guerillas1.jpg   990x719 90270 bytes 2000.01.26

Russ and Kingi are at it again a couple of months later, only this time they've upped the ante. Pic 1 of 2.

Image: guerillas2.jpg   991x687 75754 bytes 2000.01.25

Pic 2 of 2.

Image: jade-bw.gif   400x576 58136 bytes 2000.02.17

Unicorn warrior gal Jade poses with her halberd.\r\n

Image: rhianna.jpg   743x388 97729 bytes 1999.03.28

Dragoness in a cheeky pose.\r\n

Image: sabotage.jpg   480x672 100412 bytes 1999.11.14

Getting slightly political here, Russ and Kingi, two car assembly workers who lost their jobs through trade tariff cuts, attempt to sabotage a power pylon in the South Island of New Zealand, to disrupt the APEC '99 Conference.\r\n\r\nAlthough no-one actually carried it out in real life, there were reports in the media around mid-April 1999 of attempted attacks on key pylons that served most of the North Island. A year later it was found out that the vandalism was not the work of terrorists, but a disgruntled farmer.

Image: vanessa.jpg   608x818 95756 bytes 1998.09.02

Kiwi vixen stands beside her Nissan Pathfinder, complete with personalised number plate.\r\n

Image: winston.jpg   640x452 90792 bytes 1999.07.23

"Oi, only real photographers do the picture-taking!"\r\n\r\nBeing interested in photography, I created this rat of a photojournalist. As the pic shows, he does have a pretty rude personality.

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