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Image: bettyfinal2.jpg   638x821 62346 bytes 2002.03.13

Ooh, a sexy Leopard Bunny, those articles of clothing would look great on my floor. :)

Image: Phenix&ZZ2.jpg   611x606 94817 bytes 2002.03.13

The aftermath of trying to get someone off that doesn't get tired.

Image: Phenix&ZZ.jpg   632x795 126904 bytes 2002.03.13

Zig Zag crosses universes just to grope a superhero, hey, who am I to complain? :)

Image: finallyfinished.jpg   582x802 82634 bytes 2002.02.09

A homage to one of my fave characters, Sabrina. this was done way back in the day, I should really do more sometime soon.

Image: rollercoon.jpg   630x825 76999 bytes 2002.02.09

Something I'm working on, nameless Rollercoon and no, it's not because of the 'Rollerball' movie that just came out, this was done months ago.

Image: mistybunny2.jpg   535x668 68712 bytes 2002.02.08

Another dark bunny babe you don't see around often enough.

Image: ebony.jpg   468x778 49381 bytes 2002.02.08

Ebony, one of my gal pals. :) looking cute as usual.

Image: ZZsunset.jpg   638x822 102755 bytes 2002.02.08

Zig Zag at sunset, the color version is for sale.

Image: excover8.jpg   802x1148 135103 bytes 2002.01.17

The initial design for the cover of Extinctioners #8, just throwing colors around so the real colorists know what's going where. (though i wish I could fix it up now that i can see all the mistakes)

Image: crushed_shadow.jpg   863x1147 138512 bytes 2002.01.15

Crushed Kitty (c) Brothers Grimm, getting her usual treatment while adventuring.

Image: articasample.jpg   390x755 78690 bytes 2001.12.30

the sample sign is not there to tick folks off, it was part of an in joke and it was appropiate where her hands were placed as well. If you really want to see the final, write me. :)

Image: coilcast2.jpg   632x752 107160 bytes 2001.12.28

Coil, my "anacoonda" (Species concept (C) Aaron Larsen) Relaxes on a pile of death and waits for her next victim.

Image: 23406196.jpg   710x587 97631 bytes 2001.12.27

don't ask me about the numbers, just a model sheet of Zig Zag for folks who ask for her looks. (though her hair is a bit different now)

Image: dela.jpg   877x606 114953 bytes 2001.12.27

heh, dela and her big ol' paws. This pic was for Style Wager's first compliation (who, incidentally, owns the characters)

Image: directorzz.jpg   608x790 91976 bytes 2001.12.27

Like it says, Zig Zag the Director, she directs herself too. :)

Image: ZZ&Nootka2.jpg   839x580 117297 bytes 2001.12.27

Zig Zag enjoys filming her friends, she probably wishes it was with less clothing however. :)

Image: ZZ&Nootka3.jpg   572x781 100812 bytes 2001.12.27

not much to say here, just the cover of the Conifur NW booklet.

Image: ZZNootka.jpg   440x844 64372 bytes 2001.12.27

Nootka (c) Conifur NW, she makes a cute guest star at ZZ Studios. :)

Image: ebonyjackson2.jpg   540x662 105336 bytes 2001.12.27

A request, obviously based off the Janet Jackson cover of Rolling stone, Max and a lady friend, Ebony< (C) Miguel Tigre>, pose for the crowd.

Image: larocha2.jpg   640x803 103290 bytes 2001.12.26

Larocha,(A collie) an older character of mine (from the New Generation storyline I've written) in a pose showdown, with specialized hiding ribbons. :)

Image: FNCcatfinal.jpg   479x615 84564 bytes 2001.12.26

one of my few covers for the apa, FNC. (Hey, we're on a membership drive if anyone's interested.

Image: kenyachased.jpg   638x824 143030 bytes 2001.12.26

Kenya, my Red Panda and a friend (Satoru (C) Shawntae Howard)have fun on the beach.

Image: kenyabra.jpg   501x820 55288 bytes 2001.12.25

the version you don't see too often, the other has her braless. Kenya happens to be one of my more innocent characters, believe it or not.

Image: easterbuns.jpg   614x802 149498 bytes 2001.12.25

I don't do much holiday art, but this proves it happens every once in a while, in a style I may not employ much longer.

Image: darthmax2.jpg   638x701 40395 bytes 2001.12.25

as it shows, I enjoyed the saber fight in episode one, and that was pretty much the extent of it. I usually don't draw Max looking "cool", consider this a rare occurance. :)

Image: Conifurtshirttest1.jpg   584x588 88193 bytes 2001.12.25

Just Like it says, This became the t-shirt design for Conifur NW 2001 (thanks guys) I didn't expect it but was pleasently surprised with the outcome.

Image: catcover3.jpg   501x514 69107 bytes 2001.12.25

If any of you picked up the CD "Cat Scratches" from Digital Impundendum, This is the color version of the B&W cover.

Image: ADDITIONclr.jpg   825x634 103198 bytes 2001.12.25

A happy time for all. All characters (C) Eric W. Schwartz. Obviously done when Amy had Timothy, course I drew her way too 'unsheveled' in this pic.

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