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Image: colour01.jpg   555x882 55043 bytes 2005.07.16

Has a little of off-topic work for my first submission, but... I took too much time on it to not upload it. So...\r\nThis is Keith, the human, and the female feline is Shizzu.

Image: happykittons.jpg   776x998 181881 bytes 2005.08.21

A more happy version of Shizzu and Shi.\r\n\r\n....

Image: shishizzu.jpg   705x817 132290 bytes 2005.08.15

Erm... A more 'formal' rendition of Shi and Shizzu together.\r\nI guess that's what four in the morning does to you...\r\n\r\nShi &copy; Keith\r\nShizzu &copy; May

Image: shizzu.jpg   866x864 151220 bytes 2005.08.15

Drawn, not for, but to simply amuse my beau. It did just that, I suppose.\r\n\r\nShizzu seeing something she likes. Slutty or overly giddy: you decide.\r\n\r\nShizzu &copy; May

Image: shizzuportraits.jpg   283x282 87140 bytes 2005.08.21

The reposting. \r\n\r\nHad to delete the .bmp file. It did not go into my directory.\r\n\r\nDrawn by hand, scanned then fixed the lines on Paint, coloured pixel by pixel on FSH Editor. Took me a long time, and I don't think I will be doing another portrait for a long time ^-^\r\n\r\nŠ May

Image: tempt_copy.gif   507x345 30317 bytes 2005.07.16

This is Shizzu. She's not supposed to be orange...

Image: thelick.jpg   864x762 130513 bytes 2005.08.15

Just some cute idea I had one night...\r\n\r\n... No-name characters. whoo! Although she looks like Shizzu ._.;; I tend to draw every female like her ^-^;;

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