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Image: aurora.jpg   500x612 71545 bytes 2005.06.25

Another long overdue art trade, this time with NovaRebel of her char "Aurora Demara".\r\nI hope she likes it, I can't draw females T.T\r\n\r\nAurora is (c) to NovaRebel

Image: fleetwolf.jpg   500x611 44423 bytes 2005.06.25

Long overdue arttrade for FleetWolf of his char "Nitro".\r\nThe coloured version will be up soon.\r\nI actually like this one...\r\nNitro is (c) to FleetWolf

Image: ice_pheonix_copy.jpg   750x512 142407 bytes 2004.12.28

This is a bit of an old pic of my blue pheonix char Min.

Image: jones.jpg   400x594 43400 bytes 2005.07.02

Another trade for DarkFlame of his char Jones. I like the pose, but I hate the scan. =\\\r\nThis will be coloured soon.\r\n\r\nJones is (c) to DarkFlame

Image: kitsu.jpg   300x273 32921 bytes 2005.10.04

A head shot of my fursona.\r\n\r\nKitsu and species is copyright to Meagan Allred (aka kitsu-baka)

Image: kitsu_baka_copy.jpg   450x576 73858 bytes 2004.12.28

Ello ^^ \r\nThis is a very old pic of myself, but it is the newest one that is coloured. \r\nI am a gazelle, fox, dragon, hyena hybrid.

Image: Laine.jpg   500x622 75190 bytes 2005.07.08

A decent pic of my char Laine, I have another pic of her in the adult section hehe O.o\r\n\r\nLaine is (c) Kitsu_baka

Image: nionko.jpg   450x606 83622 bytes 2005.05.12

My bunny char Nionko, whom was actually drawn for a friend of mine that absolutely loves him O.o\r\n\r\nNionko is (c) Meagan Allred

Image: shamancolor.jpg   600x480 64340 bytes 2005.05.12

Yay random dragon shaman thinger... who now has a name, Veneficus.\r\n\r\nVeneficus is (c) Meagan Allred

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