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Image: liapaint.jpg   386x589 63607 bytes 2004.08.11

Lia playing in paint. I dunno. Was just a quick little doodle I did for fun.

Image: rhiannon.jpg   387x560 53039 bytes 2004.07.06

Rhiannon is a meanki faekat. She belongs to Kimie Kitty. I think I draw more for others than I do myself. I should take some me time soon. Hehe.

Image: alexis.jpg   442x600 44591 bytes 2004.07.06

Alexis is a faekat that belongs to a guy named Fox. I liked how this one came out. I hope he does.

Image: damien2.jpg   368x600 42977 bytes 2004.07.06

Damien is a 'baddie' faekat. He belongs to Achan. She asked me to draw him. I know, I still suck at drawing males.

Image: cutemisch.jpg   425x600 42915 bytes 2004.07.06

My faekat vampire, MIschievous. I like her outfit. >.<

Image: schoolgirl.jpg   429x600 49093 bytes 2004.06.26

A faekat schoolgirl that I will probably color in a couple days. I like how she came out though I forgot her wings and antennae. Oy.

Image: aurora2.jpg   473x600 67634 bytes 2004.06.26

This is a faekat for a friend. Aurora the vampire. >.< I hate it when mistakes aren't apparent until after an image is complete. I'll attempt to ignore them if you can. ^-^

Image: blush2.jpg   408x688 55414 bytes 2004.06.26

Image of my catgirl Meeki. Yes, she's naked. She's in my main gallery. I'm too lazy to move her. Besides, nudity is nothing to be ashamed of. Her hat.. that's another story. >.<

Image: faerybunny.jpg   257x300 25113 bytes 2004.06.24

Just this weirdo faery bunny creature I doodled.

Image: braya.jpg   637x600 64750 bytes 2004.05.12

This is a catgirl I did for my friend, eric. I hope he likes her. She's really cute and could probably pass for Meeki's kid sister. Hehe.

Image: Syn.jpg   373x600 74608 bytes 2004.05.12

My miaoni goddess, Syn. She's the goddess of darkness and shadows.

Image: maid.jpg   167x300 20433 bytes 2004.04.26

Faekat Miaoni dressed up as a maid. She's pretty cute. I made her the Miaoni mascot.

Image: arimakitkat.jpg   400x364 37799 bytes 2004.04.26

Arima the cleric/fighter and Kitkat the assassin/necromancer. An unlikely pair but that's love for you. :)

Image: kantmeek.jpg   331x300 33574 bytes 2004.04.26

My assassin Miaoni, Kitkat and the cleric fighter of Kantreys named Arima. Aren't they a cute couple? Miaoni is a race of medieval cat people I made up.

Image: raven2.jpg   333x450 42358 bytes 2004.04.26

A faekat commission I did for a girl. I love faekats. >_<

Image: misch.jpg   380x500 41413 bytes 2004.04.26

My vampire faekat, Mischievous. She's so kooky she's cool. Hehe.

Image: Spawn2.jpg   164x230 19058 bytes 2004.04.26

Faekat male dressed up as Spawn.

Image: britt.jpg   247x300 22650 bytes 2004.04.26

Quick drawing of a friends faekat. Faekat is a species of cat I created for signatures online. This is a Faekat in anthro form.

Image: 4matt.jpg   450x665 29150 bytes 2003.08.14

This is probably my favorite Meeki drawing. I drew this for my friend, Matt and I hope he liked it. Meeki trying to look her cutest. :)

Image: psycho.jpg   505x600 30909 bytes 2003.08.01

I got to listening to American Psycho by Misfits and I doodled this of Meeki. Ended up putting most of the lyrics on her body.

Image: meekdeath.jpg   250x406 18496 bytes 2003.08.01

I am a fan of Neil Gaiman's comic books so I had to do a chibi Meeki in a Death getup.

Image: crying.jpg   350x410 26789 bytes 2003.07.22

A picture of my fursona crying because her friend Myrrdin decided to leave. :(

Image: arami.jpg   447x600 28956 bytes 2003.07.22

Arami is a wolfgirl that belongs to a nice gal named Tymberlyn. :)

Image: shot.jpg   450x573 54326 bytes 2003.06.11

Hmnn. Suicide picture of Meeki. Is part of a more dark.. kind of art phase I am in. I wanted cute death.

Image: hang.jpg   205x594 30861 bytes 2003.06.11

Meeki hanging.. :o

Image: pink.jpg   400x589 60809 bytes 2003.05.26

Wanted a pink kitty cat for a change. I like the color pink. :P

Image: worried.jpg   400x532 38502 bytes 2003.05.25

Depressed when I did this one.. a guy I am really into decided he wasn't going to be around anymore and that he would disappear. I have been fighting the urge to cry.

Image: maxiswolf.jpg   350x547 35803 bytes 2003.05.25

A picture for my friend, it's about time I drew a semi-decent pic of Maxiswolf.

Image: cry.jpg   400x415 47659 bytes 2003.05.25

I drew this because I was very sad.. it's hard when you like someone, even on the net and then they tell you they decided they aren't going to be around much anymore.. so yeah.. this is my fursona sharing my pain. Poor Meeki..

Image: kit.jpg   390x504 75126 bytes 2003.05.17

Part of a pic trade I did with someone on livejournal. This characters name is Kit Foxfire I believe. Isn't she kawaii?

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