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Image: panda.jpg   485x600 79544 bytes 2005.12.15

A panda girl type.

Image: pink.jpg   400x589 60809 bytes 2003.05.26

Wanted a pink kitty cat for a change. I like the color pink. :P

Image: pinkymeeki.jpg   400x447 39639 bytes 2003.05.13

Meeki looks sweet but sexy as always. ^-^

Image: psycho.jpg   505x600 30909 bytes 2003.08.01

I got to listening to American Psycho by Misfits and I doodled this of Meeki. Ended up putting most of the lyrics on her body.

Image: pylon.jpg   375x518 80095 bytes 2003.05.14

I drew a pic of my bestest friend, Pylon. This is probably nothing like how he pictures himself to look but this is how I pictured him so neener neener. I thought the gray and brown would be a little different as most of my friends are black or black and white kitties.

Image: raven2.jpg   333x450 42358 bytes 2004.04.26

A faekat commission I did for a girl. I love faekats. >_<

Image: rhianaplay.jpg   407x500 83440 bytes 2005.12.15

Rhiana playing. This goes with the previous uploaded pic of Dire playing. Rhiana is my faekat. Isn't she adorable?

Image: rhiannon.jpg   387x560 53039 bytes 2004.07.06

Rhiannon is a meanki faekat. She belongs to Kimie Kitty. I think I draw more for others than I do myself. I should take some me time soon. Hehe.

Image: schoolgirl.jpg   429x600 49093 bytes 2004.06.26

A faekat schoolgirl that I will probably color in a couple days. I like how she came out though I forgot her wings and antennae. Oy.

Image: shilo.jpg   482x600 130155 bytes 2004.11.09

Shi'lo is a holykat sworn to protect the world from undead, illnesses and curses. She's probably one of my favorite faekats. I always forget some body part usually and in this one, I forgot her wings. >.< Hehe.\r\n\r\n

Image: shot.jpg   450x573 54326 bytes 2003.06.11

Hmnn. Suicide picture of Meeki. Is part of a more dark.. kind of art phase I am in. I wanted cute death.

Image: singmeeki.jpg   300x518 35212 bytes 2003.05.13

a little cute drawing of Meeki singing a song to her love.

Image: solacepic.jpg   156x230 28986 bytes 2005.03.30

This is a little chibi toony pic of my faekat, Necrosis. She's the Faekat Goddess of Undeath and Decay.

Image: Spawn2.jpg   164x230 19058 bytes 2004.04.26

Faekat male dressed up as Spawn.

Image: spite.jpg   565x600 144728 bytes 2004.09.20

My Faekat, Spite. Rumor is that she clawed out her own heart and the wound never ceases to bleed.

Image: Syn.jpg   373x600 74608 bytes 2004.05.12

My miaoni goddess, Syn. She's the goddess of darkness and shadows.

Image: tigerink.jpg   348x480 27863 bytes 2001.08.14

Black and White Tiger girl. I liked how she came out. She is cute :)

Image: worried.jpg   400x532 38502 bytes 2003.05.25

Depressed when I did this one.. a guy I am really into decided he wasn't going to be around anymore and that he would disappear. I have been fighting the urge to cry.

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