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Image: Butterfly.gif   771x568 196186 bytes 2000.03.13

Ok, this is too cute.....Well, an extreme lack of sleep combined with 2 hours of "Nick Toons" will do that to a girl! ^o^\n

Image: ClaraBushBaby.gif   91x169 10351 bytes 2000.02.21

This is another charicature of one of my friends. As you can see, I like working with a tortillon for shading ^o^ BTW, this is 'sposed to be a bush baby. Innit cute? ^o^\n

Image: JenNumbat.gif   112x177 12202 bytes 2000.02.20

This is a charicature of one of my friends. I like how the hair turned out, tortillons are such wonderful little art tools! ^o^ Oh, yea, just in case you were wondering, Jen is a Numbat.\n

Image: LiaGreenMourn.gif   529x509 129333 bytes 2000.02.23

I really like this one. I'll put the original up soon, before I changed it with Adobe. This is Liamina, a ring tail and my altar-ego. The words in the backround are a part of Green Day's "Good Riddance (time of your life), a song that is very near and dear to me. Obviously, Liamina is in a mourning state. This picture has alot of meaning to me....well, I hope you like it cuz it's pretty, at the very least. lol\n

Image: LiaminaAngel.gif   547x786 168576 bytes 2000.03.13

Here's Liamina in sort of a dream state, looking quite graceful. Where'd the wings come from, you ask? Well, I'm sure you've dreamed of flying too.....\n

Image: LiaMourn.gif   529x509 86548 bytes 2000.02.23

Here's the original, like I said I'd put here. ^o^ Oh, and she doesn't have a black eye, it's just her fur. (I was asked about that one, lol) I want to put up a pic with Liamina (me) looking a bit happier.....\n

Image: LiamsGift.gif   601x775 243745 bytes 2000.02.20

I know, I know. This isn't a furry pic. But I was sorta proud of it and wanted to put it here. The characters names are Liam and Aisling, and this is a scene from a story I had written about a year ago. This will most likely be the only non-furry pic up here, but I hope you like it! \n

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