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Image: meglyman_footballsquid_vcl.jpg   576x462 75581 bytes 2007.04.01

Football Squid

The Undersea Squidball League is a vast conglomeration of sporting cephalopods. Nearly every sport known to man is represented in the League, and each species of squid tends toward a particular sport. The vampyroteuthis-like football squids are very good at swimming at high speed in tight spirals.\r\n\r\nMedia: Gouache on board\r\nPrints: Available on my website

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Image: meglyman_kingaroo_soccer_vcl.jpg   720x520 68067 bytes 2007.03.11

His Majesty the Halfback

It's a little-known fact that His Majesty the Kingaroo was once a star halfback for the local team. His fancy footwork made him a fearful opponent. He could even dribble circles around those agile wallabies.\r\n\r\nI like kangaroos. I like soccer. It was inevitable.\r\n\r\nMedia: Gouache on paper\r\nPrints: Available on my website

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Image: meglyman_rooface1_vcl.jpg   576x429 78455 bytes 2007.02.25

Kangaroo Face

A color study for another Kingaroo portrait.\r\n\r\nPastels on paper

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Image: meglyman_littlefan_vcl.jpg   576x576 46728 bytes 2007.02.04

The Littlest Fan

To: My favoritest team ever, da Bears\r\ncc: Their loyal fans, at home and displaced\r\nSubject: The Littlest Fan\r\n\r\nCongratulations for getting to Superbowl XLI!\r\n\r\nLove,\r\nMeg\r\n\r\nMedia: my first digital art

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Image: meglyman_bugsy_vcl.jpg   648x482 74119 bytes 2007.01.22

Bugsy Hornbill

Bugsy Hornbill didn't just patronize the speakeasy, he owned it. He was the type of guy who always had a wink and a smile... *if* he was happy. And if Bugsy wadn't happy, ain't no one was happy.\r\n\r\nThe reason that art of this genre this doesn't get into hoity-toity galleries is that it'd need some esoteric meaning - like "it represents man's encroachment upon nature and the ensuing distress of the African Ground Hornbill." But really, I just wanted to draw a hornbill in a hat.\r\n\r\nMedia: Pastel on paper

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Image: meglyman_mauveater_vcl.jpg   576x416 56241 bytes 2006.12.10


The Mauveater is worried that someone will see him eyeing the dandelion. He's only supposed to eat ants... but he can't stand the little buggers. They wriggle on the way down.\r\n\r\nMedia: Mixed (gouache, colored pencil, ink) on Claybord

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Image: meglyman_redmadillo_vcl.jpg   360x451 34972 bytes 2006.12.10


The Redmadillo wants his mommy.\r\n\r\nMedia: Mixed (gouache, colored pencil, ink) on Claybord

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Image: meglyman_bluevark_vcl.jpg   360x449 39048 bytes 2006.12.10


The bluevark sat patiently, waiting for someone to give him a hug. He needed one desperately. He just lost his job and his girlfriend left him. Aardvarks don't usually go to therapy, so he thought he'd sit by the pretty flower until someone noticed how blue he was.\r\n\r\nMedia: Mixed (gouache, colored pencil, ink) on Claybord

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Image: meglyman_crashoctopus_vcl.jpg   435x344 38894 bytes 2006.12.03


The CrashOctopus doesn't like his job, but the pay's decent and the benefits are superb. Sure, he gets tossed around the seafloor all day long by cephalopod engineers trying to design a safer ocean transport, but they always pay any resulting hospital bills and give him disability pay. Besides, he doesn't have anything better to do except chase sharks, and if he's going to lose limbs anyway, he'd prefer the method that doesn't involve sharp, pointy teeth.\r\n\r\nMedia: Gouache on paper

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Image: meglyman_annoyed_vcl.jpg   360x460 31289 bytes 2006.11.26


The dragon is Annoyed. At what, I'm not sure.\r\n\r\nMedia: Crayon and ink on board.

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Image: meglyman_karl_vcl.jpg   324x278 30297 bytes 2006.11.19

Karl, the Chicken of Wisdom.

Karl, the Chicken of Wisdom.\r\n\r\nAn illustration for "What The...? The Wanderers Guild Guide to Absurd Monsters" by the Wanderers Guild. All concepts copyright The Wanderers Guild.

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Image: meglyman_frogfez_vcl.jpg   500x693 102053 bytes 2006.11.12

Frog in a Fez

This was my first experiment on Yupo, a drawing surface made of plastic. It doesn't absorb anything, which makes layering tricky. Also, it doesn't handle eraser well. At all. In case you were wondering.

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Image: meglyman_kingaroo_vcl.jpg   600x415 35566 bytes 2006.10.30


The Kingaroo was a good potentate. He was remembered throughout the ages as the wisest and noblest of rulers, all tendencies towards narcolepsy notwithstanding.

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Image: meglyman_varkangel_vcl.jpg   350x487 22650 bytes 2006.10.30


The Varchangel is sweet and innocent. Gouache and ink on Claybord.

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Image: meglyman_devilvark_vcl.jpg   350x491 26516 bytes 2006.10.30


The Devilvark is mean and mischevious. Gouache and ink on Claybord.

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