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Image: atara.jpg   262x606 39654 bytes 2000.06.08

Wai everyone... sorry for not uploading anything in such a long time. I got in trouble at home, so I haven't been able to access the computer other than to do homework. And my mother sits over my shoulder. Bah. *snrfle* ;_; I didn't even get to put up a pic to anounce my b-day, which was on May 10. I'm 14 now. Ah, the sorrows of life. They put me down. Anyhoo.... this is my newest furry char, Atara. Her name is Hebrew for "crown" and she's and Egyptian princess. The story is she was saved from death by an Egyptian queen, (much like Moses) and was given a Hebrew name that stands for high, or royalty. ^_^ How special.\n

Image: batgirl.jpg   231x243 33685 bytes 2002.01.19

It started out as just a sketch, and I goofed around with it, and made this pretty little lady. Bats are furrs too!

Image: bellkitty.jpg   284x348 22145 bytes 2000.04.25

This is he re-upload of Bellkitty, the Belldandy/Urd lookalike from Ah! My Goddess. Speaking of that series, does anyone have any of the cards from the Perfect Collection that they don't want or need any more? I'm trying to collect the whole set, but they're hard to find. :P Bellkitty is (C) to me, 2000.\n

Image: binky.jpg   292x565 95429 bytes 2002.01.06

His feet are missing 'cause I ran out of sketch paper. x_x; Anyhoo, the geometrically correct bunny man ((Whom I have nicknamed Binky, probably because it's late at night, and I haven't had sleep in 18 hours)) is a product of my overproducetive imagination, and an attempt at drawing Pepsiman that went terribly wrong. Binky, as well as his crummy PhotoShop job, is (C) to Melissa Cruz.

Image: caryl2.gif   675x415 24101 bytes 2000.03.08

Drawing and work is (C) to me, character is (C) to Carol Cummins. This is much like the picture avaliable at But no, I didn't trace, and no, I had no idea I gave the characters the same name with a different spelling. O.o Anyhow, I apologize for any bed feelings this may have caused, and I'm gonna be more creative from now on....\n

Image: caryl3.gif   672x415 8827 bytes 2000.03.07

This is the inked picture of my newest furry piccie: Caryl, the kinky kitty. :P She's fun-fun-fun. It was a lazy, boring Saturday night, so enjoy. I think I did this instead of algebra. Bad example for the little kids. :P Caryl is (C) me, 2000.\n

Image: catguy.jpg   442x435 29949 bytes 2000.01.27

Here's the second in my 'bust' series: Juno! First off, I would like to tell you... Juno is a <U>GUY</U>!!! *Ahem*, now that that's over with, isn't he cool? He's my second fave in the series because he's the first guy I've ever drawn. :) Juno is (C) me, 2000.\n

Image: centaur.jpg   687x891 53403 bytes 2000.03.07

Wow, it's colored furry art of mine. :) Can't get enough of it. She's Demona, a centauress of Spheres MUX. :) This is my first horse, so I hope you enjoy. This Demona is (C) me, 2000.\n

Image: cleo.jpg   442x435 36741 bytes 2000.01.27

here's the third and final of my 'bust' series: Cleo! She's also one of my characters on the Redwall MUCK. She looks demonic. *cackle* (C) me, 2000.\n

Image: Demona.jpg   467x565 54198 bytes 2000.01.26

This is Demona of the Redwall MUCK. She's a sad, depressed little thing, but that's why we love her, ain't it? :) (C) Melissa Cruz, 2000\n

Image: Dewfur.jpg   385x650 66867 bytes 2000.01.26

Dewfur Coleridge is a little mouseymaid. Not one of my fave drawings, but my friends all love it. "The eyes," they say. ^_^ Perhaps you like it as well? Feedback, feedback I say! :P (C) Melissa Cruz, 2000\n

Image: dog11.jpg   302x605 109022 bytes 2001.10.14

Well... I haven't updated in at least a year, but the events of September 11 have forced me to truly think about my life and the way I live it. I had to get my emotions out on paper, once I rediscovered Velar. I haven't drawn much lately, and I haven't drawn a furr in almost a year, so please bear with me if you're disappointed. ((Plus, I have a really crummy scanner)). My father is a firefighter for LA county, AND on the USAR teams ((the rescue workers))- - aka the US nation's primary, initial, and main defence in the event of attack. No on-duty soldiers had buildings collapse atop them, firefighters did. This is a very rough sketch I completed in honour of the firefighters and rescue teams, not much at all. Just a dog, standing slowly as she prepares to stop mourning and start fighting for her country. Our country. God Bless America, and expect more from me soon. :)\r\n\r\nRandom dog girl is (C) to Melissa Cruz, 2001

Image: dontaur.jpg   547x661 76325 bytes 2000.07.16

Okay. So I made a mistake. A donket centaur is called an ONOCENTAUR> There. Is everyone happy now? Good. So I learned something new and was wrong. I don't wanna admit it. Mlaaaa. ^_^;;; Well, atleast I know people are looking at my art, or I wouldn't get five emails telling me what a donkey centaur was technically called. ^^ Thanks very much-o, everybody! Now.... does anyone wanna help me come up with a name for this girl? (C) Melissa Cruz\n

Image: dragoni.jpg   500x434 49022 bytes 2000.07.16

I deleted the original desc for THIS too. Yucky. I don't like this thing. It confuses me. But I love the fact that I can share my artwork with all you fine people. ^_^ This is a dragoni (dra-go-NAI), which can be explained as a drake without a pair of legs. Special, huh? Hope you like. 'Cause I do. :) Ciao everypeeps. (C) Melissa Cruz, 2000\n

Image: foxgurl2.jpg   687x712 129324 bytes 2002.02.12

What a crummy scan!\r\n\r\nI'll either PhotoShop this or color it wiv Prismacolors or COpics this weekend, but for now, here's the inked copy. :P I hope the scan is good enough that the VCL won't stick it in my sketches section.

Image: grace.jpg   332x863 66790 bytes 2000.06.10

Hello again every people, for my second upload in months. |_^ . o 0 (That doesn't make sense....) This was my very first ever drawing of a furry person. It was of my second character on Redwall MUCK, named Grace... whom I purged far before I was indefinitely grounded from the internet. Dumb parents. But she's pretty, especially for a first one, even though she is a little slutty. Gracie-boo is (C) to me, in the year '98-'00. (Wow... I was <B>12</B> when I drew this.. the memories...) *waves out*\n

Image: hhreindeer.jpg   428x340 71671 bytes 2001.12.15

Another one of my cards from last year. I made three, but the other one was human. Gosh, how long has it been since I've seen a reindeer furr??

Image: kittycat.jpg   238x261 39548 bytes 2001.10.14

Just a cat. I like cats. :) Do cats count as furry art? @_@; Oh, it's been so loooong. >_<

Image: kittykaki.png   200x400 10210 bytes 2002.01.19

Another oekaki... hopefully if I have time this weekend, I'll scan in the actual sketch on paper I have of this.

Image: Missy.jpg   212x420 13411 bytes 2000.01.26

Here is Missy, also widely known as Marvella. It's a long story why she's two people. Check out my web site to see why. Anyways... she's a bitchy, senile little witch, and she's (C) me, 2000\n

Image: mystique.jpg   250x413 26243 bytes 2000.04.25

This is he re-upload of my picture, Mystique, that I posted before, earlier this year. I drew it in 1999, but here it is in 2000 for you to love and enjoy. :P Isn't her face much better in this picture, everybody? The lips aren't so... scary. ^_^;;; Mystique is (C) to me, 1999,2000.\n

Image: pixel.jpg   291x433 31200 bytes 2000.04.24

This is my first-ever Pokemorph!! Gag me if I say I'll ever do another one again, because I've even scared myself. :P Naw, just kiddin'. This is Pixel and she's a Butterfree Pokemorph with a Vulpix's hair. ^_^ it's sooooo kyuuute, methinks anyways. :P I hope you guys like it. Feedback is always embraced and loved. n.n Pixel is (C) me, 2000\n

Image: prepsuperstar.jpg   495x617 53846 bytes 2000.06.10

Wow. wouldve thunk. me of all people... dissing the preps? Mwua. Naw, I'm not really dissin' 'em. I just wanted to draw a adorable super heroine that was a cheerleader that shops at Abercrombie & Fitch when she's not saving the world from aliens. Reminds me of Sailor Moon in the year 2000. Hee. ^_^;; The name of Prep SuperStar is (C) to my bestest friend in the whole world, <A HREF="">Aly Ben-Yehuda.</A> But the art is (C) to me. :)\n

Image: purplehair.jpg   453x868 174053 bytes 2001.12.15

Well, this is an older piece, and that's not even my email anymore. Hasn't been for a year, but I found it, and I thought I should upload it. I think it's peachy. :)\r\n\r\nThis picture helped me a lot with proportion on breasts and such. I think they're a little more real here... But I'm just rambling. Enjoy!!

Image: Ricochet.jpg   429x524 68893 bytes 2000.01.26

This here's Ricochet Landrilina or the Northern Landrilina's. She's a flirt, goiven to giggle fits and blushing spasms, but she has her downsides too. Watch out boys, she castrates for free fun. >.< The prissy, cuddly, but dangerous noblecat is (C) me, 2000.\n

Image: skinnyuni.jpg   487x697 77884 bytes 2000.07.19

This is my newest piece, of a rilly skinny unicorn by the name of Rhiannhon. This is the centaur form of my character on Nameless MUCK called... Rhiannhon. She's half unicorn, half human here.... the pic of her full human form is forthcoming. Ciao and talk soon everyone. Comments and suggestion are always accepted. :) (C) Melissa Cruz 2000.\n

Image: tanya.jpg   383x363 35763 bytes 2000.04.24

This is a totally cool picture of a fox that I drew earlier this year. It's a vixen with an attitude named Tanya. n.n She's a badass of a fox, and I'm gonna dedicate it to one of my friends, Celina, because it reminds me of her. This one's for you! Viri Viri Vien, eh? (C) Melissa Cruz, 2000.\n

Image: templetina.jpg   258x651 110531 bytes 2002.04.01

Templeton, of Charlotte's Web fame, as a morph, as a girl. I'm playing Templeton in our school's traveling show of such. But I thought it would be cool to make Templeton French and female and beatnik. :) So it's become Templetina. Bonsoir!

Image: unicorn1.gif   580x429 9032 bytes 2000.03.07

This is my first-ever drawing of a unicorn. I like it. :) Unicorn person is (C) me, 2000.\n

Image: unicorn3.gif   580x430 14059 bytes 2000.03.07

This is what the colered version of my unicorn looks like. Only on the original, it's metallic silver at the grey parts, and metallic gold at the yellow parts. Pritty, ne? (C) me, 2000.\n

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