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Image: Missy.jpg   212x420 13411 bytes 2000.01.26

Here is Missy, also widely known as Marvella. It's a long story why she's two people. Check out my web site to see why. Anyways... she's a bitchy, senile little witch, and she's (C) me, 2000\n

Image: Dewfur.jpg   385x650 66867 bytes 2000.01.26

Dewfur Coleridge is a little mouseymaid. Not one of my fave drawings, but my friends all love it. "The eyes," they say. ^_^ Perhaps you like it as well? Feedback, feedback I say! :P (C) Melissa Cruz, 2000\n

Image: Demona.jpg   467x565 54198 bytes 2000.01.26

This is Demona of the Redwall MUCK. She's a sad, depressed little thing, but that's why we love her, ain't it? :) (C) Melissa Cruz, 2000\n

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