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Image: nyao.png   300x300 4313 bytes 2002.01.05

Oekaki!! This is my second-ever oekaki, an' I'm proud of it. ^_^ Especially since I don't have a graphics tablet.. c_c Must buy Wacom... @_@

Image: rhiannon.jpg   375x829 61583 bytes 2000.08.20

Image: nagamono.jpg   544x813 120208 bytes 2000.07.16

I'm pushing the limits on this "Mainly furry content" thing. :P I'm putting up too many anime pics. I hope not, though, because anime's so fun. A new Lilith, Lei-Lei, and Sylph pic are forthcoming. Well, Naga is (C) to me, in the year 2000. :)\n

Image: sdurd.jpg   345x618 182340 bytes 2000.07.16

This is my absolutely favorite character from "Aaa!Megami-sama". Her name is Urd. My nickname from the show is her. She's special. Special's the word of the hour, everybody. ^_^ This Urd is actually from the Adventures of the Mini-Goddesses, without her overcoat on. So it's Mini-Urd. Urd is (C) to Kousuke Fujishima. The art is (C) to me. ^_^\n

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