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Image: jenovanyte.jpg   322x500 51999 bytes 2005.09.26

Gift art for Jenova Silver, who is to her player.

Image: kittylove.jpg   391x386 80965 bytes 2005.02.14

Happy Valentine's, everyone!

Image: solemngoat.jpg   331x241 23280 bytes 2003.02.09


Image: goodnightnyte.jpg   340x396 32130 bytes 2003.02.09

Random stupidness. I.need.sleep.

Image: bouncingnyte.jpg   420x570 61935 bytes 2002.11.19

Joy in a bounce.

Image: nytedance.jpg   427x570 53915 bytes 2002.11.19

I wanna dance. To forget. To remember. To lose myself. To find myself. I wanna dance.

Image: fallingangel.jpg   462x599 58993 bytes 2002.11.19

Second in my angel collection. Falling is a lot easier than flying.

Image: babynyte.jpg   627x423 56197 bytes 2002.11.19

In celebration of 2 friends' new baby.

Image: nyteangel.jpg   450x537 61591 bytes 2002.11.19

I tried to find solace in my art after my heart was wrenched out. This is what I want for myself: to be free from all these earthly things... including pain.

Image: spacestaff.jpg   565x794 85550 bytes 2002.06.07

It's not complete for the AXN anime competition, but I haven't the time to design the vehicle she's supposed to be leaning against.

Image: disconyte.jpg   445x542 48223 bytes 2002.05.29

Disco fever! Very 80s, neh? If only Rainbow Brite & My Little Ponies were back in fashion. =^_^=

Image: laidback.jpg   406x441 40528 bytes 2002.05.29

Boredom does strange things to your mind. Done in Prismas & Faber Castelle.

Image: peacocknyte.jpg   661x821 132409 bytes 2002.05.05

A dream inspired this picture of Nyte (too many Brothers Grimm fairy tales). The autumn background came from Kawasaki Photographs [], which has some magnificient photographs of Japanese scenery. \r\n

Image: haileysara.jpg   584x766 101200 bytes 2002.05.02

A commission piece for Sara Howard of her snow leopard character, Hailey. Hailey Sara Howard

Image: nyterelax.jpg   333x400 42528 bytes 2002.03.13

Just a doodle of Nyte relaxing. Might use this for my LJ icon. We'll see...

Image: irongripdomestic.jpg   454x763 81027 bytes 2002.02.27

Irongrip being domestic in boxers. It's every girl's dream to have a partner who can do housework as well! =^_^= Irongrip to Kelvin Tan

Image: smoke.jpg   283x586 27939 bytes 2001.11.23

More CG work. Love Linkin' Park. Anyone wanna buy me the album? Bwahahahaha...

Image: snownyte.JPG   591x725 69491 bytes 2001.11.01

We have snow in Oulu (Finland)! And I need to bundle up. =^_^= Tropical Nyte in winter gear.

Image: irongripnnyte.jpg   386x478 50277 bytes 2001.10.13

I'm gonna so miss Kel while I'm away, so I have to give him an extra tight hug.

Image: nytebyebye.jpg   372x418 39658 bytes 2001.10.13

4 more days before I leave for my internship in Finland, so Nyte is saying her 'bye bye's to everyone online.

Image: pegauni.jpg   813x539 52734 bytes 2001.09.29

In an equine phase. Must stop colouring pastel equines. *dies from excessive sweetness*

Image: uni.jpg   818x610 58856 bytes 2001.09.11

I'll probably give this to Tanamin Wingate, but I've fallen in love with this piece.

Image: familyport.jpg   983x681 177342 bytes 2001.09.02

Commission by Sean McDonough ( I took forever to finish this & I'm so sorry, Sean! I hope you like it!

Image: nytepencil.jpg   300x450 30507 bytes 2001.08.23

For fun with a pencil: draw!

Image: disco.jpg   487x980 135286 bytes 2001.08.19

Disco fever! OK, so the latest fashion isn't kerchief tops or tartan print pants, but I saw this really groovy chick at Zouk (local discotheque) wearing the combo & dancing. Saturday night fever, baby!

Image: dnightfairy.jpg   343x504 42656 bytes 2001.07.02

When I was a part of the Site Fights as a fairy (a post where we go around signing guestbooks to cheer people up), we were allowed to make banners & buttons for our guestbook dustings/signatures. I decided to make a button of my fairy character & drew out a beager (bear+tiger). Done with Paintshop Pro 4. D'Night Fairy is to Melissa Loh 2000.

Image: ginger.jpg   160x431 15437 bytes 2001.07.02

Old piece from 2000. Ginger is my ex-classmate who eats more than any other girl I know and yet is the skinnest girl alive. Everytime we go shopping, she'll be ramanging through the kids' section, because adult sized clothes don't fit her. Of course that means she never looks her age, but she saves a ton of money. =^_^=

Image: lilith.jpg   350x488 43500 bytes 2001.07.02

Old piece from 2000. Lilith was drawn after I got pissed with my mum over some trivial matter. I usually bite down hard on Pocky sticks whenever I get pissed. She was my first completely computer coloured graphic with Paintshop Pro 6. And I obviously still need to practise with the smudge tool.\r\n

Image: fender.jpg   400x555 64514 bytes 2001.07.02

This is an old piece from last year (2000), which I found while cleaning up my website. This picture was my first commission & I'd like to thank Fender for giving me the opporunity to do this for him. *hugs* I like how the frayed-edge denim shorts turned out. Done in Faber Castell watercolor pencils & Zip markers. Fender is himself & the pic is done by me.

Image: compass.jpg   438x570 76392 bytes 2001.06.26

Something I might use when I update my Furnation website, if I ever find enough time & don't feel too lazy. Hee hee... A compass to guide me on my journey, but what is my destination?

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