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Image: angelina.jpg   559x814 95028 bytes 2000.10.11

My half of an art trade with Angelina Starseed. This is my Halloween holiday contribution too, since I won't be able to produce any new pieces till after my exams (which is 3rd of Nov). \n

Image: angeltigeress.jpg   537x561 80243 bytes 2000.08.31

A miscellaneous furry female. Was trying out a new technique I saw in the color pencil art book my dearie gave me for our 2nd year anniversary. *grin* Might submit this for the furry art contest, but we'll see about it.... =^_^=\n

Image: angiengreg.jpg   728x566 84387 bytes 2000.12.25

A commission piece for Sean McDonough for his story 'Greg & Angie'. One of my most challenging pieces yet! Copyrights to Sean McDonough of Lone Coon Publishing and the drawing by me.\n

Image: athie.jpg   497x833 97953 bytes 2001.03.11

The character Athie belongs to Athena of Axetron and it's a request piece, which took me nearly forever to complete. RL does that to you sometimes. Athie is not too happy dressed up in a sarong kebaya, but it looks nice enough. =^_^= Art by me & Athie to Athena.

Image: babynyte.jpg   627x423 56197 bytes 2002.11.19

In celebration of 2 friends' new baby.

Image: bedtimenyte.jpg   496x666 65025 bytes 2001.03.17

Gosh, I love delia*s stuff! Sometimes I just wish I lived in the US & I could order as much stuff from catalogues as I want, without having to worry about extortion-like shipping rates. The next best thing? Give Nyte the pillow & jammies I've always wanted instead & how some kind soul will give me jammies like those someday. Hee...

Image: betweenlines.jpg   350x709 89905 bytes 2000.09.28

Kiddies, don't do this at home! =^_^'= Back when I was in secondary school, this was pretty much the way we told people what we REALLY think about them (who says convent girls are innocent?!). Done in Zig markers, color pencils & Paintshop Pro. Don't forget she's mine!\n

Image: birthdaywish.jpg   640x840 102799 bytes 2001.05.07

It's my 21st birthday today (8th May) & while I haven't had my birthday cake yet, I have had a great time celebrating it with my family, boyfriend & friends, that my only birthday wish this year is for everyone to enjoy the same amount of love & happiness I have in my life.

Image: blueangelbookmark.jpg   240x706 44745 bytes 2001.03.10

Something I did a little while ago. I'll be using this picture as a bookmark and it spawned 3 others, following a colour scheme of angel furries. This one is blue and has much more detail than the others.

Image: bouncingnyte.jpg   420x570 61935 bytes 2002.11.19

Joy in a bounce.

Image: card.jpg   305x425 37305 bytes 2000.09.24

Here's a card I made back in June to cover up this ugly background on the back of my bus card (I take the public bus to school, so the bus company issued this card to make it cheaper for students). As you can see it was a sloppy job, but it looks a damn lot better than what they had.\n

Image: chucky.jpg   321x427 40472 bytes 2000.08.29

This one is especially for my friend from school, Chucky (no, she's not the psycho killer doll). She insisted on being a mutt & since the first thing she does when she wants to 'stone', out pops her cigs. *cough cough* Done with Zig markers, water-color pencils & Paintshop Pro.\n

Image: compass.jpg   438x570 76392 bytes 2001.06.26

Something I might use when I update my Furnation website, if I ever find enough time & don't feel too lazy. Hee hee... A compass to guide me on my journey, but what is my destination?

Image: couple.jpg   717x942 150997 bytes 2000.10.08

Another couple pic for my lover boy. I wish we could spend more time with each other, but work for him & school for me has been a drag. Of course my mum doesn't make things any better, but that's life. Grey kitty is to me & Irongrip is to my boy. Done in Zig markers & Faber Casell pencils.\n

Image: darkangel.jpg   463x478 57778 bytes 2000.08.31

It was just one of those days when you wanna just curl up & fry in your own emotions. \n

Image: disco.jpg   487x980 135286 bytes 2001.08.19

Disco fever! OK, so the latest fashion isn't kerchief tops or tartan print pants, but I saw this really groovy chick at Zouk (local discotheque) wearing the combo & dancing. Saturday night fever, baby!

Image: disconyte.jpg   445x542 48223 bytes 2002.05.29

Disco fever! Very 80s, neh? If only Rainbow Brite & My Little Ponies were back in fashion. =^_^=

Image: dnightfairy.jpg   343x504 42656 bytes 2001.07.02

When I was a part of the Site Fights as a fairy (a post where we go around signing guestbooks to cheer people up), we were allowed to make banners & buttons for our guestbook dustings/signatures. I decided to make a button of my fairy character & drew out a beager (bear+tiger). Done with Paintshop Pro 4. D'Night Fairy is to Melissa Loh 2000.

Image: fallingangel.jpg   462x599 58993 bytes 2002.11.19

Second in my angel collection. Falling is a lot easier than flying.

Image: familyport.jpg   983x681 177342 bytes 2001.09.02

Commission by Sean McDonough ( I took forever to finish this & I'm so sorry, Sean! I hope you like it!

Image: fangelcat.jpg   536x691 84975 bytes 2000.09.04

Added a cosmic background for atmosphere & the world now belongs to Angelcat of the phuture! =^_^= Absolutely love the way the wings & costume turned out. Done in Zig markers, watercolor pencils & Paintshop Pro 6. Angelcat is to me. \n

Image: fangelcatwstaff.jpg   599x773 84111 bytes 2001.03.16

This is a real old piece, but I think I revived it...somewhat. =^_^= This is Angelcat of the Phuture with a mouth & her very own staff/glaive. I killed the wings with markers, but the hair turned out surprisingly alright. Copyrights as usual.

Image: fender.jpg   400x555 64514 bytes 2001.07.02

This is an old piece from last year (2000), which I found while cleaning up my website. This picture was my first commission & I'd like to thank Fender for giving me the opporunity to do this for him. *hugs* I like how the frayed-edge denim shorts turned out. Done in Faber Castell watercolor pencils & Zip markers. Fender is himself & the pic is done by me.

Image: finalbearlogo.jpg   676x774 74865 bytes 2001.03.23

The final product of the piece commissioned by Atos Consumer Products by me. I had to CG it & do this at 300 dpi with Paintshop Pro 6 before their printer would accept it. *sigh* But it looks great and to think they send these out as flyers. *grin*

Image: ginger.jpg   160x431 15437 bytes 2001.07.02

Old piece from 2000. Ginger is my ex-classmate who eats more than any other girl I know and yet is the skinnest girl alive. Everytime we go shopping, she'll be ramanging through the kids' section, because adult sized clothes don't fit her. Of course that means she never looks her age, but she saves a ton of money. =^_^=

Image: goodnightnyte.jpg   340x396 32130 bytes 2003.02.09

Random stupidness. I.need.sleep.

Image: greenangelbookmark.jpg   274x720 44385 bytes 2001.03.10

This one is another bookmark I've made and the furry is the first one I've ever done with fizzy hair. I quite like how it turned out, but it lacks detail. I wasn't sure whether to put a planet up there for her to gaze. Oh well...

Image: haileysara.jpg   584x766 101200 bytes 2002.05.02

A commission piece for Sara Howard of her snow leopard character, Hailey. Hailey Sara Howard

Image: hulijing.jpg   270x488 22935 bytes 2000.09.04

Inspired by a Taiwanese drama serial the local TV station has been broadcasting: 'My Princess'. Huli-Jing means 'Fox Spirit' in Mandarin, which is precisely what she is! She's royalty too. =^_^= Done in watercolor pencils & Paintshop Pro 6. Huli-Jing is to me. \n

Image: indiandancer.jpg   538x792 127962 bytes 2000.11.08

Gayathri was inspired by the many local Indian dancers we have here in Singapore who get so little credit for their art. Her costume is more simple than the conventional Indian dance costume (they usually wear more flowers & jewellery), but I think the essence is still there.\n

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