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Image: fangelcat.jpg   536x691 84975 bytes 2000.09.04

Added a cosmic background for atmosphere & the world now belongs to Angelcat of the phuture! =^_^= Absolutely love the way the wings & costume turned out. Done in Zig markers, watercolor pencils & Paintshop Pro 6. Angelcat is to me. \n

Image: werenight.jpg   675x912 85240 bytes 2000.08.31

Bought a sheet of black paper from the school bookshop & thought I might experiment with it. It didn't turn out as badly as I initially thought it might, but it definately needs more work. I like how his fur still manages to look so soft. =^_~= Done in Faber Castelle water-soluble colour pencils. \n

Image: darkangel.jpg   463x478 57778 bytes 2000.08.31

It was just one of those days when you wanna just curl up & fry in your own emotions. \n

Image: angeltigeress.jpg   537x561 80243 bytes 2000.08.31

A miscellaneous furry female. Was trying out a new technique I saw in the color pencil art book my dearie gave me for our 2nd year anniversary. *grin* Might submit this for the furry art contest, but we'll see about it.... =^_^=\n

Image: shuying.jpg   410x443 44224 bytes 2000.08.29

Shuying is based on one of the girls I went on a French study trip with in June '00. We all had the initial impression that she was a mousey person, but during the course of the 17 day trip, we all learnt that she could really stand her ground. She is also an excellent bargain hunter. =^_~= Comments anyone? Shuying is to herself.\n

Image: chucky.jpg   321x427 40472 bytes 2000.08.29

This one is especially for my friend from school, Chucky (no, she's not the psycho killer doll). She insisted on being a mutt & since the first thing she does when she wants to 'stone', out pops her cigs. *cough cough* Done with Zig markers, water-color pencils & Paintshop Pro.\n

Image: lovers.jpg   563x706 93865 bytes 2000.08.29

My best pic yet! Or at least in my opinion...=^_~=... The background was painstakingly added with Paintshop Pro from a photograph I took of a church in Lausanne (Switzerland). It really gave the entire scene the atmosphere it needed to be complete. *romantic swoon* Lady Erminia & Sir Browen are to me & are part of a comic I'm working on. \n

Image: mylove.jpg   400x500 47107 bytes 2000.08.29

My birthday present for my lover boy's 23rd birthday! We actually like sitting like that: when we go out to my class outings & BBQs, when we watch tv... *dreamy sigh* I just can't help myself! =^_^'= Done with Zig markers & Derwent colour pencils. Characters are as usual to us both. Comments welcome!\n

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