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Image: whyrl4.jpg   593x900 121534 bytes 2006.11.01

A gryphon tf for Whyrl, who is a fellow Australian. This picture really gave me trouble, but it somehow turned out all right in the end. Hooray for salvage work!

Image: Delwanchanges3.jpg   900x675 91494 bytes 2006.08.24

Delwan hides herself away as she changes form involuntarily. Someone is tampering with her form slides and she had better find out who it is before she finds herself no longer in control of her body! Longer description at DA (corvox).

Image: mixedmessages3.jpg   800x677 83970 bytes 2006.02.22

Rowr! Do you jump on her and have your way with her or run away? Sometimes girls send mixed messages.

Image: snowlep3.jpg   900x694 145271 bytes 2005.11.18

A pic for my snow leopard buddy that I spent ages on. But the more I look at it the less I like it. The fur is dodgy, the anatomy is slightly whack and the head is misshapen. Guess I should do him another sometime. Or motivate myself to fix this one. Not until after Chrissie, though!

Image: shark2.jpg   1000x695 107783 bytes 2005.10.17

A few people have suggested I draw a shark. I quite like the sleek, streamlined reef sharks and somehow when drawing one it ended up being a latex fetish pic. It also ended up falling quite a bit short of my expectations for it. Blerk. :P

Image: magpie2.jpg   1000x750 100887 bytes 2005.10.17

Australian magpies do this thing called a copulatory solicitation display. Well, a lot of birds do it, but Australian magpies seem to do it conspicuously and for a long time. Someone once told me they saw a female doing it for an hour or more. So here's a rather frisky anthro version of a magpie copulatory solicitation display.

Image: aggression5.JPG   1000x780 178945 bytes 2005.09.07

A harmless display of ritualised aggression. Boys will be boys. And wolves will be wolves, I guess. I spent a lot of time tediously drawing in wolf fur and am feeling like I won't be doing any more wolves for a while. I'm just too lazy an artist.

Image: threatdisplay5.jpg   750x1000 106880 bytes 2005.08.10

A cobra lass makes it clear the bed belongs to her. Beware inexplicable explicit nippleness.

Image: inquisitive3.jpg   500x667 109081 bytes 2005.08.10

An inquisitive lynx in the snow. Such huge floofy paws!

Image: selkie2.jpg   1000x568 50768 bytes 2005.07.31

A selkie starts to shed her seal skin to reveal the woman underneath. Oooo, look, I painted skin tones. :)

Image: blacktigress3.jpg   800x867 153469 bytes 2005.07.31

A psuedo-melanistic tigress tests the water before taking a dip.

Image: thechase.jpg   800x909 196847 bytes 2005.07.31

This was mostly an experiment in a number of things. Two brothers turn into leopards to chase down a woman turning into a gazelle.

Image: Dash2.jpg   800x958 140683 bytes 2005.07.31

For my favourite spotty bird, Dash. What a cute beak!\r\n\r\nDash is copywrite himself.

Image: vulture2.jpg   800x580 55416 bytes 2005.07.31

In a sudden wild rebellion against popular animals, I bring you the werevulture. Just a quickie.

Image: Asai3.jpg   800x691 113161 bytes 2005.07.31

Another experiment with fluffiness. Asai the snow leopard taur gives a "what the hell did I just step in" look as she plants her foot in something sticky on the floor of a spaceport lounge. Spaceports! Not only do they rarely have facilities for taurs, but they're never clean, either. \r\n\r\nAsai is copywrite herself.

Image: greyfox3.jpg   1000x750 202919 bytes 2005.07.31

A grey fox lass. I was trying to get the grizzled look to her fur, but I think I was only semi-successful. There are little star flowers in the grass!

Image: forkemono2.jpg   1306x430 66549 bytes 2005.07.06

Kemono Inukai drew my character, Delwan, so I drew him this sexy, shiney okapi lass in return. T'was a quicky, but I'm reasonably happy with it.

Image: shinyfossa2.jpg   1048x786 80814 bytes 2005.07.06

Some fetish art for Gryf. T'is a snarly, shiney fossa. I dunno what happened to the lower legs. I murdered 'em or something.

Image: jagsmall.jpg   700x525 96318 bytes 2005.07.01

I completely forgot I hadn't uploaded this. One of my most elaborate pics to date. A jaguar relaxes on a log in the jungle and thinks about what to do for the day. I like her curves. And look, a background!

Image: spotlightsmall.jpg   1048x786 104257 bytes 2005.07.01

A banded palm civet caught in the spotlight. I finally managed a half-decent civet anthro! I'm proud of myself. Those things have weird proportions.

Image: marten.jpg   800x600 91248 bytes 2005.03.29

A cuddly marten lass I whipped up in a more expressive style. She's kinda cute.

Image: tigress.jpg   800x600 91580 bytes 2005.02.07

A quicky of a golden tabby tigress sitting in the grass at night. Don't ask me what she's up to.

Image: stag.jpg   700x490 109406 bytes 2005.02.07

Eeek, traditional media! Fear the deer hands of death!

Image: wolfbyrdchange2.jpg   1000x702 99227 bytes 2005.01.13

A wolf goes through some unexpected changes.

Image: drink.jpg   941x580 140801 bytes 2004.12.31

A tiger taking a drink around dawn or something. Mostly just an experiment with painting water and stuff. I'm a bit meh about how it turned out, but can't think of any way to fix it without redoing it.

Image: fossadoodle.jpg   491x701 77358 bytes 2004.11.19

Light-fingered fossa caught in the act. Doodled over a period of about 3 weeks.

Image: snow_leopardess.jpg   412x600 95019 bytes 2004.11.19

Tidied snow leopardess greeting a sunny morning in the mountains.

Image: Corvus2.jpg   730x700 111103 bytes 2004.11.19

The new and improved Corvus with no difference clouds! Yes, it was embarrassing when people kept pointing them out with winces.

Image: caracal2.jpg   573x800 109131 bytes 2004.11.19

A caracal that was meant to look less cuddly and more of a trickster than that. I spent ages on that fur. Photoshop.

Image: serval.jpg   579x810 107560 bytes 2004.09.22

A serval leaps out of the grass after a bird and narrowly misses it. This pic is a bit on the messy side, but I liked the doodley, spontaneous feel to it. And I was playing with colouring methods.

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