Greetings! I thought it was time to re-write my page, and give it a new look. The difficult part has been choosing between the "tacky, yet stylish" look, and a more old-fashioned one where all the fiddley bits actually matched. ...I decided this look would do. ;) Anyhow, here's the stuff (hopefully) you actually came here to see:

.......FURRY ART! (Done by myself. woowoo.)

.......Misc. artwork. (Also done by myself. Sensing a theme, here? ;)

.......LINKS! including my other page, and some other peoples' nifty furryart pages, and all manner of stuff! NEW!

......... ........

Well, that's it for now, I think. I'd like to thank Brian Antoine again for providing me the space for this page, and Pelzig for printing my stuff (be sure and check out these guys' links!)

And, since some folks have asked, yes, I do take commisions...write me for details. =)


© MelodyLee, 1997