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Image: chiczum_beta_2.jpg   808x1074 86054 bytes 2009.01.02

New Chiczum betaV2

Anoter beta version. Some minor changes will happen.

Image: chiczum_complete.jpg   825x1479 163703 bytes 2009.03.15

Chiczum Complete

Redesigning Chiczum is complete. For now no changes are planned.\r\n\r\nAltho I need to find a way to faster working with Inkscape...

Image: chocolate_bunny.jpg   496x808 95828 bytes 2009.02.01

Chocolate bunny

Still playing with Inkscape.

Image: Falco_and_Chiczum.jpg   726x908 168086 bytes 2009.04.04

Falco and Chiczum

or Chiczum and Falco.\r\nTried to tweak a bit things or two to, be able working more effectively in Inkscape.

Image: new_chiczum_beta1.jpg   814x1235 96258 bytes 2008.12.22

New Chiczum betaV1

Since its around 4th Chiczum's birthday, I've decide to do some small redesign. Changes not big, but visible. Anyway, more to come.\r\n\r\nAs for this pic, it was pencilled, then scanned. Linework and color was done in Inkscape, without using tablet. Not sure if this one shouldn't be qualified as vector... \r\nAnyway, the more I work with Inkscape, the more I prefer it to Photoshop or GIMP.

Tags: Mic micu ruu chiczum catgirl  
Image: scouting.jpg   927x1077 157072 bytes 2010.03.13

Scouting C

Colored :]

Image: workworkcolor.jpg   600x830 79406 bytes 2008.12.26

Work Work

Continuing playing with Inkscape.

Tags: micu ruu kittygirl work work  

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