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Image: The_Prepared_Doe_FW.JPG   445x710 98433 bytes 2008.07.30

The Prepared Doe

Ask her out to dinner. Michael Angel Peña(AKA Sparrow...A Rabbit).

Tags: bunny rabbit doe female  
Image: Am_I_Pretty_FW.JPG   445x710 97770 bytes 2008.07.30

Am I Pretty?

She already knows the answer to her question. Michael Angel Peña(AKA Sparrow...A Rabbit)

Tags: bunny rabbit doe female  
Image: Panda_Delight_FW.JPG   445x710 87320 bytes 2008.07.30

Panda Delight

I wonder what she has in mind? Michael Angel Peña(AKA Sparrow...A Rabbit).

Tags: female panda  
Image: I_Love_Rabbits_FW.JPG   445x710 96593 bytes 2008.07.30

I Love Rabbits

This lady wolf really, really loves rabbits. What a dream that was! Michael Angel Peña(AKA Sparrow...A Rabbit).

Tags: female wolf  
Image: A_Fine_Day_FW.JPG   445x710 88383 bytes 2008.07.30

A Fine Day

Life is nice for this lady today. Michael Angel Peña(AKA Sparrow...A Rabbit)

Tags: female  
Image: Days_Lighter_Than_Air_FW.JPG   1024x716 200460 bytes 2008.07.30

Days Lighter Than Air

A fanciful piece about days long past. Copyright Michael Angel Peña(AKA Sparrow...A Rabbit).

Image: Flexible_Desire_FW.JPG   445x710 105365 bytes 2008.07.30

Flexible Desire

A ferret lass just having a nice day. Copyright Michael Angel Peña(AKA Sparrow...A Rabbit).

Image: A_Different_Existence_FW.JPG   445x710 98902 bytes 2008.07.30

A Different Existence

This kitty lives a different life than most of us. Copyright Michael Angel Peña(AKA Sparrow...A Rabbit).

Image: Vixen_In_Suspense_FW.JPG   445x700 96830 bytes 2008.07.30

Vixen in Suspense

A pretty vixen is waiting for someone to keep her warm. Copyright Michael Angel Peña(AKA Sparrow...A Rabbit)

Tags: fox vixen female  
Image: Have_A_Drink_Advert.JPG   540x768 153879 bytes 2003.07.15

A anthropomorphic fantasy piece celebrating life's pleasures.

Image: SpaceBunniesAKACatherineAndBiancaAdvert.JPG   450x640 104314 bytes 2003.02.26

A tense Catherine, on board the starship Rozarka, trustingly submits to a massage from her friend, Bianca.

Image: SheilaInArmorAdvert.JPG   450x640 84101 bytes 2003.02.26

Sheila looks to the sky to confront the enemy, which has just turned her village into an inferno. The cries of her dying family members only reinforce her desire to punish the guilty.

Image: SandrawithCurtainsAdvert.JPG   450x640 104144 bytes 2003.02.26

Sandra would love to have some company tonight. The bed will be a nice, warm, and intimate setting when the curtains are pulled in.

Image: PrettyKittyAdvert.JPG   450x640 106534 bytes 2003.02.26

Darn, those shoulder straps are so hard to keep in place. They just slip so easily off a cat's sleak fur.

Image: LovelyArcherAdvert.JPG   450x640 67603 bytes 2003.02.26

A well equipped doe pauses in her hunt for food. Perhaps she is not a vegetarian. One does not need a bow to hunt carrots.

Image: Krystal's_Perch_Advert.JPG   450x640 71970 bytes 2003.02.26

She hopes the fishing will be good today. Maybe you can give her some of your fish and invite her home for dinner.

Image: Flame_Rider_Advert.JPG   450x640 70167 bytes 2003.02.26

A bear warrioress rides her faithful stead in his favorite bathing spot. Some like it hot!

Image: Combing_Cat_Advert.JPG   450x640 49105 bytes 2003.02.26

A lady cat combing her lovely, long, luxurious, soft fur.

Image: CeleenOnSafariAdvert.JPG   540x550 113886 bytes 2003.02.26

Celeen, a bold explorer Cheetah, while on Safari spots an interesting leaf. Isn't it a beautiful sight?

Image: Black_Skunk_Advert.JPG   450x640 59613 bytes 2003.02.26

A young lady skunk curiously looks you over from behind a tree.

Image: Banteng_In_Need_Advert.JPG   450x640 46848 bytes 2003.02.26

A lovely Banteng cow is ready for her morning milking.

Image: AnUnusualDinnerGuestAdvert.JPG   450x640 79664 bytes 2003.02.26

The things I find in the backyard of my imagination. Don't you have some food to spare for her?

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