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Image: Panda_Delight_FW.JPG   445x710 87320 bytes 2008.07.30

Panda Delight

I wonder what she has in mind? Michael Angel Peña(AKA Sparrow...A Rabbit).

Tags: female panda  
Image: Poppy_The_Skunk_VCL_JPEG.jpg   1112x1280 306470 bytes 2019.07.09

Poppy The Skunk

Poppy, the spotted skunk, enjoys wearing her namesake.\r\nHere is my artwork titled, Poppy The Skunk, which was published in the interior of Rowrbrazzle #141. This is the art print version of the art I created for the front cover for Rowrbrazzle #141. Here it is presented without the additional text that was later added for the cover version.

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Image: PrettyKittyAdvert.JPG   450x640 106534 bytes 2003.02.26

Darn, those shoulder straps are so hard to keep in place. They just slip so easily off a cat's sleak fur.

Image: Retained_Innocence_FW.JPG   445x710 96892 bytes 2008.07.30

Retained Innocence

She likes nice conversations over coffee. Copyright Michael Angel Peña(AKA Sparrow...A Rabbit)

Tags: feline cat female  
Image: Rowbrazzle_Cover_141__VCL_JPEG.jpg   1029x1280 290674 bytes 2019.07.08

Cover Art: Rowrbrazzle #141

Cover Art! I was honored when Edd Vick asked me to contribute the front cover for issue #141 of the great APA Rowrbrazzle back in October of 2018. Here is the cover I created for Rowrbrazzle issue #141, that was published in April of 2019. This uses my artwork titled, Poppy The Skunk. I wanted a bold look that used lots of black to pop off the page at the viewer. To help with creating thick lines I used Sharpie markers(which I normally avoid) while working quickly on tracing paper overlaid on my pencil sketch on a light table. To add depth I added a half-tone screen in Serif PhotoPlus X. In order to make it it into the Rowrbrazzle cover, I then added the text and the border in Serif PhotoPlus X5. I am very happy with how this came out!

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Image: SandrawithCurtainsAdvert.JPG   450x640 104144 bytes 2003.02.26

Sandra would love to have some company tonight. The bed will be a nice, warm, and intimate setting when the curtains are pulled in.

Image: SheilaInArmorAdvert.JPG   450x640 84101 bytes 2003.02.26

Sheila looks to the sky to confront the enemy, which has just turned her village into an inferno. The cries of her dying family members only reinforce her desire to punish the guilty.

Image: Skunk_Loves_Her_Sword_WWW.jpg   844x1080 269313 bytes 2015.06.04

Skunk Loves Her Sword

Greeting Furries!\r\nHere is a little sketch I did while at the local Wing Night gathering. I simply call it, "Skunk Loves Her Sword". She also loves her privacy, which is the reason for all the punji sticks on top of the stone wall.\r\nI have never seen punji sticks used in this way in real life. However, broken glass bottles embedded on the top of stone walls I have seen in real life. Have you seen any other interesting wall toppings?\r\nI really like how her skirt worked out.

Tags: skunk sword  
Image: SpaceBunniesAKACatherineAndBiancaAdvert.JPG   450x640 104314 bytes 2003.02.26

A tense Catherine, on board the starship Rozarka, trustingly submits to a massage from her friend, Bianca.

Image: Strange_Rider_WWW_JPEG.jpg   1025x1080 343998 bytes 2014.05.31

Strange Rider

Greetings Furries!\r\n\r\nI named this piece, "Strange Rider" as a bit of joke as the Jackalope's mount on this alien world is an even stranger creature than she is.\r\n\r\nThe piece was inked with a brush and Speedball Super Black India ink on Strathmore 500 series bristol board. It was then photographed using a digital camera and colored on the computer using Serif Photoplus X5. I used a lot of under painting and partially transparent layers.\r\n\r\nI hope you enjoy it :)\r\n\r\nSincerely,\r\nMichael Angel Pea(AKA Sparrow...A Rabbit)

Tags: jackalope rabbit strange weird alien  
Image: The_Blade_Doe_With_Skirt_VCL_JPEG.jpg   860x1280 299141 bytes 2019.07.14

The Blade Doe

This doe likes her walls and will defend herself from those that manage to climb over them.\r\nThe wall in this piece, The Blade Doe, was inspired by the broken glass bottle embedded stone walls protecting the yards of of Juarez, Mexico that I observed looking over the border from El Paso, Texas when I was a child. They are very beautiful with the sun shining on the them in the distance, but present a serious source of pain to those that would climb them. All the stippling in this piece was done by hand, I did not use any half-tone screens. There are two versions of this piece, one where she is wearing a skirt over her tights and another where she has the tights, but not skirt. The skirted version presented here was published in the April 2019 issue #141 of Rowrbrazzle

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Image: The_Ceremony_FW.JPG   1024x715 213327 bytes 2008.07.30

The Ceremony

Another dream piece. Copyright Michael Angel Peña(AKA Sparrow...A Rabbit)

Tags: female skunk  
Image: The_Comix_Mouse_VCLJPEG.jpg   939x1280 221001 bytes 2019.03.26

The Comix Mouse

This artwork of mine titled, "The Comix Mouse" started as a sketch I spontaneously created at a Furry Fiesta while sitting across from one my favorite Furry vendors in the dealers den. The lady that inspired the piece is a comix publisher and a Beatrix Potter fan. Can you guess who? Can you tell me the Beatrix Potter fanzine she once published? This piece was published in Rowrbrazzle issue 140.

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Image: The_Dragon's_Suggestion_FW.JPG   445x710 103875 bytes 2008.07.30

The Dragon's Suggestion

He did not just invite her over for tea. Michael Angel Peña(AKA Sparrow...A Rabbit).

Tags: dragon bunny rabbit doe female  
Image: The_Prepared_Doe_FW.JPG   445x710 98433 bytes 2008.07.30

The Prepared Doe

Ask her out to dinner. Michael Angel Peña(AKA Sparrow...A Rabbit).

Tags: bunny rabbit doe female  
Image: The_Sunflower_Thief.jpg   820x1080 177518 bytes 2016.06.27

The Sunflower Thief

Greetings Furries!\r\n\r\nI drew this picture as a gift for Megan Giles after she informed me that squirrels are always stealing and devouring the sunflowers in her garden. Thanks to Megan for providing an excellent scan of the drawing. Enjoy!\r\n\r\nSincerely,\r\nMichael Angel Pea(AKA Sparrow...A Rabbit)

Tags: squirrel thief sunflower  
Image: The_Sunflower_Thief_Web.jpg   717x1080 420980 bytes 2016.11.24

The Sunflower Thief

Greetings Furries!\r\nI finally got around to coloring the sketch I did as a gift for my friend Megan Giles. \r\nI used Caran D'Ache Neocolor II water soluble crayons to color it in a dry fashion(no water used).\r\nI did not ink the drawing as I normally do, but instead colored over a laser print of a scan of the pencil sketch. I am quite pleased with outcome, especially so, because these very soft water soluble crayons are difficult to control. The appearance reminds of the old lithograph prints that were used in books from the late 1800's through the early 1900's.\r\nI hope you enjoy it.\r\nSincerely,\r\nMichael Angel Pea(AKA Sparrow...A Rabbit)

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Image: The_Water_Is_Fine_FW.JPG   1024x724 215557 bytes 2008.07.30

The Water Is Fine

It is not just the water my dear. Copyright Michael Angel Peña(AKA Sparrow...A Rabbit)

Tags: bunny female doe rabbit  
Image: The_Wolf's_Proposition_FW.JPG   445x710 101478 bytes 2008.07.30

The Wolf's Proposition

Oh my! What a dream I had that night. Copyright Michael Angel Peña(AKA Sparrow...A Rabbit)

Tags: wolf female  
Image: This_I_Offer_You_FW.JPG   445x710 90049 bytes 2008.07.30

This I Offer You

Some things are better said without words. Copyright Michael Angel Peña(AKA Sparrow...A Rabbit).

Tags: female  
Image: Vixen_In_Suspense_FW.JPG   445x700 96830 bytes 2008.07.30

Vixen in Suspense

A pretty vixen is waiting for someone to keep her warm. Copyright Michael Angel Peña(AKA Sparrow...A Rabbit)

Tags: fox vixen female  
Image: What_Lurks_Behind_Web.jpg   772x1080 321848 bytes 2016.09.10

What Lurks Behind?

Greetings Furries!\r\nWhile at Mephit Furmeet 2016 I became nostalgic and I decided to color some of my older black and white prints with my 36 color set of Derwent Watercolour Pencils. It was fun to do as I am much faster using colored pencils then I am with the computer. This piece I originally called, "Tunnel Trouble", but I have renamed it, "What Lurks Behind?" I hope you enjoy it.

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