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Image: smugglingbust.jpg   800x536 85022 bytes 2005.10.26

This be the finished inspiration of a request made by WolfyWetFur. Wolfy, the one doing the kick, and Cameron, fox with the weapons, beating up a couple of goons attempting to sumggle something. It's got a few goofs in it but those are mostly inking errors. Overall it turned out better than I thought it would. I'll eventually draw more fight scenes now that I know I can pull them off.\r\n\r\nWolfy WolfyWetFur\r\nCameron Foxton, nameless thugs, and art Michael Arctic

Image: stolen_heart.jpg   1031x780 113628 bytes 2006.08.12

Neece Pryce in a Full Phoenix form gets attacked by an Anubial being. It tries to take his crystal heart and source of his Phoenix abilities by force.\r\n\r\nNeece is actually only half phoenix and can only maintain that form for a short time. This is actually connected to a story I'm working on.\r\n\r\nCharacters and Michael Arctic

Image: tearful_return.gif   953x800 39162 bytes 2006.09.30

Raldin Skye returns to his beloved Renae after the final duel against his father. Raldin's victory came at a price, however.\r\n\r\nCharacters and art Michael Arctic

Image: TubeSurf.jpg   1235x883 195624 bytes 2006.08.16

Drew this from something I actually did while at Fun Plex. Probably will be the closest thing to actual surf ing I will ever do.\r\n\r\nCharacter and art Michael Arctic

Image: VivNLee.gif   794x950 31648 bytes 2006.11.12

Twins? Not these two. Vivica is a kind, sweet rabbit while Leandra is a demoness with an attitude and heavy lust. The both inhabit the same body. Leandra, however, has control of all the powers. If you ever see her arguing with herself, she's probably fighting with Leandra.\r\n\r\nVivica, Leandra, and art Michael Arctic

Image: wanderingmice.jpg   712x930 139625 bytes 2006.01.05

Two mice characters who generally wander from town to town offering their fighting skills to local authorities for fod, money, and temporary shelter.\r\nKira Bluemoon (left) is a brooder who sometimes works as a vigilante. He often stays within the mainland and larger cities.\r\nKeith Longstripe (right) is lighthearted and adventerous with an attraction to the seas. Many times he visits port towns and shipping cities. Often he stows away or works security on ships to get to the next city.\r\n\r\nCharacters and art Michael Arctic

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